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April 25 2006

Serenity DVD released today in France. It's ranking 18 at, and it is the "semi-complete" version, i.e. the one DVD version with all the extras (but not the Q&A of course).

It has to be noticed that, last week, its rank was 37...

On another (but related) subject, Slither is in french theaters since last wednesday. Unfortunately, only two theaters (both in Paris) have an original version of the movie so unless it stays more than three weeks (really not sure, the original version of Serenity only stayed three weeks), I won't see it until the DVD release.

La date de dégagement est aujourd'hui? Pourquoi? C'est très tard.

Sorry about that.

We have French Browncoats? Wow. Thats cool! Of course, given the cheese factor...I don't know why I'm suprised.
Uhm, yes. There are many french people who follow Joss Whedon's work, BrightShiner :)
BrightShiner: In future, tone down comments such as the above as some of our posters may find them offensive. We are an international community here.
No offense taken, as far as I'm concerned.

And, to answer Simon: I don't know (btw, the "release" of a movie/DVD/etc... is "sortie", not "degagement" ("degagement" is the action which consists in moving something that is in the way, that hinders)). This is all the more strange as the movie has been released the 19th of october (so only 20 days after the US release).

Anyhow, I bought my copy nearly two months ago from to have the 2 DVD version. And this is also the version I bought some friends a few weeks later, for a birthday present.

Right now, I am more pissed off by the fact that I probably won't be able to see Slither until the DVD release. 'cos, you know, I tried the dubbed version of Serenity in theater, and it nearly destroyed my love for firefly (I think I talked about it here enough last year).
They're selling in a special offer along with the Dukes of Hazzard?

It's not the most Serenity-like film they could have picked.
That's strange, because the Sydney Q+A had French subtitles avaliable. Why would they go to the trouble of having the Sydney Q+A translated if they were not going to release it in France?
As for the french release date being late, Simon, the Dutch release date will only be May 11. It will be a (the) two disc version, though (and as far as I can tell with new art-work, but I have not found a picture on a reliable site yet).

I think this is also the Belgium version, and they will need the French translation of the Q&A, since some of them speak French, so maybe this clears up that mystery.
Yep, Celebithil and Crypto: the french subtitles for the Q+A was always for the benelux, since french (along dutch I guess, but I'm not sure) is one of the two official languages of belgium.

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