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April 25 2006

Slayage Volume 20: "Beyond Slayer Slang" now online. A very special edition of the extremely readable Buffyverse academic essay series. Topics include Willow, language and Slayer slang, fan fiction and Television Without Pity.

I've just spent (wasted?) an hour trawling through a Worst. Thing. Ever. thread on TWoP that was linked through one of the essays. Oh man this stuff is priceless :)

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Finally! Very happy to see this special issue!
Oh of course, this is the Slayer Slang issue that we've been promised for a while. I'll highlight that on the subject line. always!
Hi all. First post here, so if I sound like a newbie, it's just because I'm young and impressionable!

I did want to say a few things. First, Grounded, I am TWWGUY over at TWOP and if you read the WTE thread, you have probably seen me over there. Second, Ill actually be presenting a paper at the Slayage Conference in May, so if anyone will be there, please feel free to say hello. Finally, I loved the article about TWOP, and really, I think it reflects the lingo that the show itself adopted over those early years. "Lets motorvate", for instance, is reflected over at TWOP, and in that, the article above is very nicely done.
Welcome jerryst3161. I won't be at the Slayage bash, but I direct your attention to our conventions thread, where you'll find this discussion between some of our members who will be attending.

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