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April 25 2006

Amber Benson in poll for world's sexiest vegetarian. Vote to crown the veggie king and queen in PETA's sixth annual World's Sexiest Vegetarian poll.

Wow, lots of interesting vegetarians out there -- yay non-cruelty to animals/better health/better use of food resources (I read some of the stuff on this site -- very eye-opening)! Yay Amber! ;-)
Hey look! SERENITY made the list… oh, wait… not our SERENITY. Never mind.
Wow, that's a lot of famous vegetarians. Well, I voted for her but there's some pretty stiff competition.

Got to say though, i'm kind of sceptical about some of their claims. I suspect that it's more the quality of meat (and probably more importantly lifestyle) that's contributing to any current health crisis rather than meat in general. As with a lot of emotive issues I think there's maybe a bit of 'fact blindness' taking place.
Amber and Boy George.
I was glad to see Eric Stoltz there, if only because it made voting for sexiest male real easy.
Boy George? Um....

I vote for Weird Al. :-)
Mulder, baby.
I voted for Amber and Ian McKellen. On a little sidenote: I'm also a vegetarian.
I actually think the whole idea is a joke! What next? The "who's the sexiest meat eater?"

The way humans have evolved means we are supposed to eat meat, those who don't lack several minerals, proteins and vitamins. It can be just about balanced out with supplements but not completely. These set ups are just stupid! Who cares if you are vegetarian? If you want to be veggie then that's fine, your choice and ya de yada. This voting poll is insane!!
It's a clever publicity stunt by PETA, who want to associate themselves with vegetarianism. But you should know that this organization is kind of shady, and sponsors groups which are known to use arson and property destruction, with little respect for human life (especially meat-eaters!). Look here for some info.
Let's just stick with sexy vegetarians for the time being rather than go into the ins and outs of meat eating, vegetable eating and the ethics of PETA.
I will not vote in this poll. I work in a setting that has been the victim of their efforts and where some of my colleagues have received personal threats both at work and at their home, and I am only sorry that people's love for their favorite celebrity blinds them to what the actual intent of this poll is all about, which is getting publicity for a group whose tactics certainly leave much to be desired.
Hmm yeah PETA is a bit of a shady company. But if anyone cares, if I were to vote it would be for Kristen Bell.
If only vegetarianism could increase one's sexiness quotient..'til then, everything in moderation, I say.
I went with Amber and Mulder myself.
Keith Murray (We Are Scientists)/Kristen Bell.
PETA is a large organization and as such is bound to have a radical element. When I was marching through Mississippi in the 60's, I was called many things and, among the vile names, were references to communism, because some folks who supported Dr King were openly of said viewpoint. I wasn't...but it didn't matter to folks who were seeking an excuse to "keep them in their place", for that matter, it didn't matter to them that my parents couldn't possibly have done some of the things they were accused of doing to create a "n"-lover such as me. To paraphrase a song we often sang..."it isn't nice to block the doorway, it isn't nice to go to jail. There are nicer ways to do things but the nice ways always fail". I will never support violence as a solution but I understand that just as some of my friends in SDS took that path, some folks in PETA are likewise persuaded. I've been a PETA member for a long time (alas, my SDS card "expired" 30 some years ago), their tactics are sometimes over the top but their ideology is pure and they speak for those who can't...that, in my opinion, validates their existence!
I votes for Amber, not just because she was Tara. I'm no sheep, ya dig.

And Casey Affleck as well.
And this time, I'll say it plain. Stick to the topic, ethics of Peta are best discussed elsewhere.
Nothing against Amber (well duh!), but Rachael Leigh Cook is without a doubt the sexiest vegetarian in the world. Rather strange award though.
Any idea why they have so many more male candidates listed than female ones? Is there a shortage of women celebrity vegetarians?
I think I'd have to go with Kristen Bell her as well, but y'know... I'd have to actually meet these people to decide who's really sexy. I've met some "hotties" in my time that had all the sexiness of a lamp post.

And hey! Who's this "Serenity" person and why is she masquerading as my favorite ship?
Though it hurt me not to vote for Alicia Silverstone, or Amber, I just HAD to go with Bryce Dallas Howard, given that she's the prettiest girl I've seen in years.

And Joaquin Phoenix.

And strangely enough, The Village wasnt sexy at all...
Except... Amber isn't a vegetarian anymore. :-)
The humour!
I'm curious who the Serenity person is...

[ edited by Caitlyn1701 on 2006-04-25 22:49 ]
Ah, Alison Lohman. And Ian McKellan.
Caitlyn1701, Serenity is an *ahem* adult film actress. See here (pretty safe for work).
Well, doesn't that just make it more difficult for me when I tell my mom I'm going to my room to watch my Serenity DVD on my computer! Thanks a lot, Porn!Serenity! ;-)
JustNick, Amber Benson + Boy George get my vote too. ;D
No offense but a body needs meat; we are not in the Garden anymore. I couldn't justifiably vote because the list was lacking something very sexy on a human figure...muscles!

Sorry all (Herb & vegans especially). ;)
It was meant to be in jest...not as serious as it came out.

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OK Monique, when an admin or a moderator asks to keep the conversation on topic, they are not saying this to watch themselves type. Please keep on topic. Please familiarise yourself with the rules on our about page.
I don't know Monique, Andre 3000 is lean but musculuar.

I voted for Amber and Aussiello.
Amber is so cute in person. I saw her at Comic-con. I was really, really surprised at how small and tiny she was. She looked physically nothing like Tara, body wise.
I was going to vote for Mulder, but then Larry Mullen Jr showed up on the list. Had to vote for him. And Natalie.

Is Peaches Geldof known for anything other than the fact that her dad is Bob?
Kristen Bell!!!
She doesn't "look like Tara" anymore because Amber's been on a bit of a weight crash.
You can see it through her photos over the years. Honestly, I don't like it.
But as long as she's healthy and happy, I guess it's all good.

[ edited by TaraLivesOn on 2006-04-26 05:43 ]
When I saw her it was about 5 years ago.

She is still very sweet and so funny!
Hm, I went with the lead guy from We Are Scientists and Natalie Portman.

Too bad Summer Glau dropped the diet in order to work for Serenity, but then that would have split the Whedon bloc even moreso than our general willingness to stray.
I'm not going to vote, because I don't need more email; but I agree with Calledon. Besides, I couldn't choose. Too many good choices on both lists.

If only vegetarianism could increase one's sexiness quotient..

Hey... It's always worked for me! I've been a vegetarian for over 35 years, and I still have men in their 20s and 30s hitting on me. (Of course men my age want women in their 20's and 30's, so I guess it all evens out!)

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