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April 25 2006

Kaylee's recipes from the 'Verse. Jewel Staite donates some really cool sounding recipes to the Big Damn Chefs cookery book (proceeds from the book sales go to Freedom From Hunger).

Wow. I hadn't even heard of this! How exciting! I'm all about the cookbooks!
Hee! How appropriate..our mechanic's favorite breakfast sandwich is "greasy." Yes, I'm easily amused.
I have recently turned into my mother and now read cookbooks like novels. It is an upsetting development. I've always said that Joss is a gateway drug to many a different world. Now even my sudden obsession with the food network leads back to him!
My sudden obsession with food is entirely Jane Espenson's fault. That bitch! :o)
LOL ... I check out Jane's blog all the time just to see what she had for lunch!
Don't hate, gossi! Food is love ;)
I've been packing my lunch more lately, mostly because of diet,
but partly because I can't snarf down McD's and read about Jane's delicious repasts. She's an inspiration!
lol poor gossi!
Lovella, been there, doing that. Don't fight it. It's all just part of the lifecycle, and it only hurts for a minute.
Fabulous!! :) Glad to see more excitement about the project!

So here I was gonna go try to talk to Jane Espenson about submitting a recipe, but there's no contact info for her other than through snail mail. *sigh*

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