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April 25 2006

Mercedes McNab Interview on She talks about her new movie Hatchet and opines on the state of the Spike movie.

Hmm looks like the Spike Movie ain't happening.
Not thinking she would know anyway. Only people who will are Joss and Fox.

Now ,I do think that a movie is not very likely or the dvds, BUT, since Joss has not even talked to Jm in a year or so, I am doubting he would talk to her.

I think Dru would be more likely then Harm.
Let's see, Wonder Woman is about to go into production (my fingers are crossed) which will tie up Joss for the next year and half easy, and Tim is busily working on his new show that starts filming in June. I think Mercedes has it right.
"It's not a remake. It's not a sequel. And it's not based on a Japanese one."

If nothing else, Hatchet has a timely, killer (IMO) tagline going for it. As original as it may end up being, I bet some of the comedy Mercedes described is comprised of pop culture jokes, including horror film references, so it might not distance itself from some of the current styles of horror flick to the degree that that tagline seems to imply.

I wonder if Harmony may've been in the Spike film, or if McNab knows about its status due to being in contact with Whedon and the other actors.

Not too broken up about it. Would've been cool to get another piece of Buffyverse canon, but we've still got "Season 8" in comic book form coming from Joss. And I'd much rather hear Serenity news, or see some new stuff from the guy. The closer it gets, the more curious I am about Wonder Woman and without spoiling it too much, would love to know more about Goners.

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I can't wait for Wondy( selfishly hope it does better then Superman and Batman)and yes,Tim's new show looks very good.

And yes, great reminder in that we get the canon season 8 comic from Joss later this year. Least that is a done deal. I know I am looking forward to seeing Buffy and her Scoobies again, no mater what form. And maybe Faith=)
Didn't Joss post a thread on here a couple months back saying he was on the verge of being able to announce some really big news that "when we hear it, we will tremble?" or something of the like. And if I remember right it was in reference to buffyverse spin offs. And no it was not about the comic book because he mentioned it in that post.

I have been checking here five times a day for him to break that news. Whats going on Joss???
November 9th post by Joss...
See, the Buffyverse glows in my brain with a new, overreaching arc that will include the comics, Spike, and more. It's taking shape and soon you will know its name. And you will tremble.

I am still waiting...
Last time Joss talked about the dvd movies, he still had no news. He said recently he was now trying to see if it was financially feasible to do them.

That was when he was announcing the comics? He said he had hopes to tie them all together. That may not happen. But no matter what we will have the comics!

The rest is Joss and his wicked sense of humor.

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This is sad, sad news.
What's Jane Espensen up to these days? Or Marti Noxon? Goddard? Fury? Joss has numerous people he could hand off a Spike project to. Plus, he's super human and could oversee the script progress of such a project from the set of Wonder Woman.
It's not about who Joss hands it off too. It is about many other people and finacial situations. MN and JE both have just signed major deals to work on new shows and develope other projects. Fury and Goodard are working on shows too.Same with Deknight.

TM has been the one given the project, but until TPTB okay it, Joss can't do anything more. No one can.
Fury is contracted to Fox with 24, Goddard just signed with ABC for Lost (whilst those creators and show runners go to Star Trek for Paramount). Tim has Drive, Jane just signed for NBC, Marti just signed and is show running (hopefully) an ABC show.

And, by the way, this is good. Virtually every single Buffy/Angel/Firefly writer has moved on to cool things - and they deserve it. A lot of the actors in the shows have also done well for themselves. Which I also likes.

The biggest 'problem' facing anything like a live action show in the Buffyverse is actually getting the financing for it. Then the writers and directors follow - but only if somebody will pay for it to be made.
Hear, hear, gossi! It's a whole lot of televisiony (and filmy) goodness when all the fine folk who've entertained us get new gigs. The better they do, the more likelihood that they will be able to walk into a studio or network and say, "Hey, guess what other project idea I've got that you should pay for?" And that's very, very good. :-)
Joss has been saying that he is trying to get a Spike movie made, so I am going with the idea that Joss knows what he is up to and MM is not in the loop. We know Joss has contacted people he felt were crucial to making a Spike movie, JM and a writer who could handle it, TM . If it gets the green light, and they are ready to write it, he can probably then see if others are available that he or TM want to put in the story. MM may or may not be one of those people.

I just don't think that this means anything one way or the other.
I'm with you newcj...there have been all kind of conflicting reports on this effort almost monthly. I think the only ones who really know for sure are Joss and whoever he's approached for funding. I do wish JM knew...but oh well. I just kinda doubt that MM is in the 'know'.

I do hope the movie happens as well as several others, because I think FOX would profit big time from more of the Buffy/Angel Verse...but then again, I have no idea what they are thinking. To me it makes more sense to put out some new DVDs instead of repackaging and milking the franchise.

That said though, my Spike and Spuffy heart will buy anything they want to offer me.....but I still would love to see some NEW Spike stuff!!!!!
I don't read this as being news that the Spike movie not happening, she's talking about the Spike TV movie, which we've known for a long time isn't happening, and that the Spike movie would be headed to DVD.

I don't really reckon she'd be the person to go to to find out if it was happening anyway.
Maybe Mercedes was approached to be in the Spike movie at some point like Amy was asked to reprise Illyria? She could of heard something from Joss or heard some insider industry buzz/gossip.It takes a lot of factors for all the elements to come together to make this happen Everything from financing, story,to scheduling of the key participants.All those element weren't able to come together for the Ripper BBC series,the Faith spin-off series and Buffy The Animated Series.

The biggest 'problem' facing anything like a live action show in the Buffyverse is actually getting the financing for it. Then the writers and directors follow - but only if somebody will pay for it to be made.
gossi | April 26, 12:17 CET

Joss indicated in his most recent interviews and comments,that was the big issue he was dealing with right now.That they were trying to determine how financially feasible it was to do a Spike movie.He already has some verbal commitments from a few of the actors and Tim Minear to write and direct it.But nothing can be done with anybody until they have someone to pay for it and things might not be working out on that front.

It sounded like to me that a network T.V. movie was the first choice but that didn't work out.The DVD movie is the second plan.The financial factors might prevent that from happening though as well.Joss said a month or two back that he would know soon,one way or the other,about the Spike movie.Joss is aware of JM's time limit and I get the feeling that if it can't get a green-light by the end of the year,then that will be it.

It's possible MM has heard something on that front.I'm sure Joss will give the final word though at some point on whether things worked out or not finacially to move forward.
Well, I've been extremely skeptical about the Spike movie, and this pretty much just confirms my fears. Not to say that Mercedes' word is final word; no, of course, that very last word belongs to Joss.

But then again, all of these rampant rumors and bits of can we really know what the hell is going on? I shall continue to hope for the best--even though I am dying to be pessimistic--but I take solace in knowing that Buffy S8 is going to be a reality, even if it's only in the four-color realm.

And hey, do you think any of the actors are gonna be reading these comics? 'Cuz that'd be just way too cool to imagine them saying the dialogue out loud.
Well, Mercedes seems to confirm what JM seems to think himself. JM has often said that though he'd be willing to do a Spike movie, he hasn't seen or heard of anything happening - indicating only that Joss has asked him if he's interested "in case". So I wouldn't be terribly shocked if this is correct.

Though if there was a Spike movie, how fun would it be to have Harmony there as well? Blondie Bear? Oh yeah...
Harmony, Dru and Illyria....that would be enough for Spike to want to run like hell.

And wickedly funny! I would watch just for the conversations between those three and Spike's facial expressions.
Hey, I think someone should maybe add "spike movie" to the list of tags up top. Poor Mercedes, she finally gets a thread at Whedonesque and it's all about Spike.

The thing that struck me most about Devin's interview is that he apparently doesn't find Mercedes attractive. He has a pattern of lauding the hotness of female interview subjects early and often, yet never mentions her considerable charms. Don't worry Mercedes, I still love you, and will see "Hatchet" just cause you're in it!
I keep wanting to believe that Joss is really interested in a Spike movie. However, when I hear that James Marsters hasn't even heard from Joss in a long time, my scepticism grows.
I'm with you, annieb. Regarding Joss commenting that he wants to do a Spike film: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I'd so like to be wrong about this.
I don't think Joss is trying deliberately to fool anyone by expressing his interest in making a Spike movie. The man is busy - he has numerous active projects on his plate, not to mention ideas, schemes, hypotheses etc. clamoring for attention. Not to mention the demands of such as us for new new new Spike/Angel/Buffy/Firefly/X-Men et al. Potential projects require a certain synchronicity and alignment of the stars - and it's a little harsh to assign a duplicitous purpose to someone who has never given us any cause to be ungrateful. IMHO.

And, yep, definitely hard on Mercedes - but the members get to choose (within reason) what topics to talk about. But I'm a fan of hers too!
Me, too, SNT. Loved Harm. Thought MM had great comedic chops. Soooo--hope MM is wrong. I'd love to see her in anything Spikey. Also AD, AA et al. I miss them all so very much. Especially, of course, JM. And Spike's, um, shorts? *Nods at MissKittysMom* And no, MKM, I really was not thinking about sniffing anything! . . . . But I'll always remember your riff on that! Sorry if a little OT.
Horror movies are not my thing so it is hard to get excited at the prospect of seeing this, because I won't. I am happy for MM though and I guess saying so would be appropriate. I guess I just skipped past the, "Good for her." to the content that might affect me...'cause, you know...its all about me. ;-)

I have never understood the being suspicious about Joss stringing fans along thing. I have never seen any evidence that Joss plays those games. Quite the opposite. He has always seemed like a very honest guy who tells the truth as he knows it and as he is able at the time. He cannot tell us what is going on in the business workings of his life most of the time or he would have no business workings.

The only thing I can figure is that because there is a sense that in Joss's work, nobody, especially the audience, is safe and that Joss leads you down a path tat you think you understand only to throw you into something totally different, that he would do the same thing in life. But one is a story and the other is life. JOss has seemed very honest in what he is trying to do in life, some things have just not worked out...yet.

And that is the thing. It seems like Joss is just a whole lot more persistent than some of us. He started talking again about getting this movie thing going less than a year ago, and we have slowly gotten more and more little bits about what he is trying to do. Funny thing. It is shaping up to look a lot like what he said he was going to try to do right after Angel got cancelled. It also looks like it might include something Joss has said he wanted to do from way back, Ripper.

So the picture I get is that we clamor for news. Joss does his best to tell us what he can, when he can, but TTT (things take time) and Joss just keeps plugging away at it while we all get fatally discouraged.

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