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April 26 2006

Jane Espenson signs 2-year deal with NBC.

Congrats to Jane. Couldn't happen to a lovelier person.
Congrats! It will be intresting to see what kind of shows she puts out.
Fantastic news! I look forward to much more of Jane on television, even if it is NBC. Besides her blog being mandatory reading, Jane has consistently been the best ammunition against my non-Buffy/Angel/Firefly friends/family. For instance, just recently, we were watching one of Jane’s “Gilmore Girls.” Everyone was laughing and having a good time and I pulled out a “Buffy writer!” They are all taken off guard and unable to counteract. You’ve been lawyered!
Get her to do one of their comedies like My Name is Earl or Scrubs. ER could use her help too.
Did Jane not have some sort of deal with NBC a while back? Something to do with a pilot.
I'd love to see her write for Las Vegas. :)
Good for her :). I love it when Buffyverse scripters do well. She sure is going places.
Her list of credits is impressive really - so many different genres and styles of show. It's hard to imagine what she might come up with, though I suspect a highly literate sitcom would be right up her alley.
Yay for her, if they produce something she creates herself then she has better odds of the show lasting since NBC is a bit more desperate.

It would be wonderful to see her paired with Scrubs or The Office though. She's done the more memorable straight-forward comedy episodes of Buffy even if she does dabble in the drama.
Good on her. Anything new would be great but she'd also be good on 'My Name is Earl'.

Also, it was great to see Buffy mentioned in the full story (not jumping through the registration hoops) ? Or does the only show she's been on that's lasted 7 years not count because it was on the WB ?

Edit ? What edit ? Dunno what you mean. Lalala.

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Uh, Saje, the opening line reads:

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" veteran Jane Espenson has inked a two-year overall deal with NBC Universal Television.

It mentions Buffy before it even mentions Jane herself :-)
Hey, look over there, free gold !

Oops. Thanks for reminding me that I just shouldn't post in a pre-caffeinated state Keith G cos, really, who gains ? * shuffles off to slam head in door a couple of times * ;-)
Yay Congrats to Jane! Honestly I hope she invents her own shown, I´m sure it will be very interesting.
Yay Jane! Now, will she have to write an action show with an episode where someone pretends on the phone to be "David Fury" from some other department? ;-)
Congratulations, JE. I look forward to lots of good television coming from her
I personally wish she'd take over Gilmore Girls since the Palladinos won't be involved next year...*sniff*.
Mybe she can improve NBC's sitcom block.
Yes, Rogue, Jane would be the perfect showrunner for Gilmore Girls. Especially since I read that the new guy has a somewhat dubious past.
Great news. I'm dying to see what she will do. I hope she can create her own show, like her last attempt, "Utopia". Too bad it wasn't picked up.
Congrats to her! She's a wonderful writer, and I am enthusiastic about whatever she's going to be doing. Yes, that's right, I don't even know what she's doing, and I am already enthusiastic. Gotta love that kind of immediate built-in audience. :-D

orangewaxlion, I concur! The first thing I thought was, "Gee, I hope she writes for The Office!"
Jane as the Gilmore Girls showrunner? If that happened, I would be a virtual lock for GG S7, even with the departure of Los Palladinos. (But with Jane's new deal, that seems unlikely.)
It would be cool if she were allowed to revive "Utopia" for NBC. She seemed very high on the show concept at the time. Or maybe she could do ashow about the further adventures of Ethan Rayne? Considering where Ethan's story left off, the first episode might resemble "Prison Break" with evil added.
Hmmmmm. does this mean that SNL will get better? But anways... Yay Jane! You go girl!
Couldn't happen to a nicer person. I've been quite enjoying her blog. And I like that story idea jaynelovesvera!
Espenson will join an existing NBC Uni TV series

Universal series for NBC are: Law and Order:No More Please (all franchises), Crossing Jordan, Las Vegas, and The Office. Or could this mean one of the Universal pilots for NBC? Or does it mean any NBC series from Universal or not? Or any Universal series for any network (includes House, Monk and BSG)? Fun to speculate! ;-)

My personal hope: House. I know many people here love it, but I am bothered by the concept of a doctor who makes so many misdiagnoses and still doesn't get sued. The nastiness and even the occasional inappropriate dating of co-workers works just fine, but, dude, you can't keep treating the wrong disease all the time, if you ask me! (And I know no one did!) Monk could use some help, too; IMO, it hasn't been snarky enough since Sharona left, and the "mysteries" since about a quarter- or half-way through S2 have been too easy to figure out. ;-)
In my dream, she would be writing for Sorkin's new show "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip"
If she might be working on any Universal show, does that mean she might work on the newly announced Battlestar spinoff, Caprica? Because that would be awesome. Or on the original BSG, for that matter. She did mention on her blog that she was catching up on it, didn't she?
OMIGOD! Just saw the spin-off news! WOW!

I could so see Jane writing that Simon!
Simon, that was exactly what I was thinking when I looked up the link to the NBC pilots! ;-) Unfortunately, "Studio 60" is from Warner Bros., so unless the announcement meant she'd be on *any* NBC show, I don't think our dream is coming true. :-(

If they go ahead with it, Caprica would totally *rock*! (The link said these are all just proposals, and could go nowhere -- good warning!) I notice on that list there is also a possible show from SMG's husband, Freddie Prinze Jr. Yay SMG's husband! Good link, gilraen! ;-)
I'll be happy to see Jane Espenson work long as it's quality. I thought "Jake in Progress" was way, way beneath her.
I'm interested in the BSG spin-off in the 'can they make it work ?' sense but the premise doesn't immediately inspire and 'family drama' always makes me think 'soap by another name'. Given Ron Moore's past record though (DS9, Carnivale, BSG etc.) i'll definitely give it a chance.

Also, on the same page 'Persons Unknown' is mentioned. Did Patrick McGoohan die ? Or is there some other reason they can, ahem, 'pay homage to' The Prisoner and get away with it ?
Saje, I think you are right in saying blatant rip-off "pay homage." It's about 1% Lost without a plane, and 99% The Prisoner with a few pals.

I'm pretty sure Mr. McGoohan is still alive, although reading about this blatant rip-off "homage" may give him a heart attack -- it would certainly make me lose my s*** if it was me! ;-)
Great news. I love Jane and am happy for her.
It would be great if she ends up getting to show-run her own project. Congrats, Jane!

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