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April 26 2006

Happy Birthday, Gina! Well, a day late... April 25th was her wonderful day! Blessings to you, Warrior Woman. :D

Happy Birthday Gina!
Happy Birthday and many, many happy returns to my favorite warrior woman, who I think would totally kick a** as Wonder Woman -- you keep rockin', Gina! :-)
Happy belated birthday to Gina, many happy returns.

(hey, billz, where's the Morgan Freeman love gone ? I dunno, you film fans can be so fickle ;)
(Psst, Gina! I think Saje is on to us! GT, you know I love only you as Wondy, but we just can't let Morgan Freeman find out I've been unfaithful, OK?) ;-)
Happy birthday, Gina! Can't wait to see you as the memorable Anna Espinosa tonight.
Feliz Cumpleanos m'hija!

If Gina's not gonna be Wonder Woman, she better be one of the Amazons. One of the lead Amazons, ok?
I'm just saying.
Happy Birthday, Gina :)
Happy belated birthday, Gina!

And, billz, Wonder Twin powers activate: I think she'd rock as Wonder Woman too!
Form of: a casting director, UnpluggedCrazy. ;-)
I guess that this is not a front-page story, but the 25th of april also was the birthday of Loni Peristere.

And one can notice that two more Serenity cast members share a common birthday: Ron Glass and Chewitel Ejiofor (the 10th of July).
Hey, Loni Peristere is The Man! Excellent work, Mr. Peristere, and hope you had a great birthday! :-) (Glad you noticed that, Le Comite [sorry, American computer, can't find the special "e with an accent"]!)
I heard Gina reprised her role on Alias recently. How's she doing with that? I only watched the first half of Season 1 a few years ago and just haven't gotten back around to it yet--has her character, Anna Espinosa, been in every season? All I can recall is an iffy Russian accent, though that didn't have me doubting her abilities as an actor. She was killer as Zoe and Jasmine (can't remember if I've seen her in other prominent roles...didn't make much of an impression in the Matrix sequels).
Happy Birthday, Gina!
Kris, watch tonight's Alias! ;-)
Nooo, can't watch out of continuity. Don't think I can fit in 4 and a half seasons in before then either. I'll catch it all on DVD some day. Maybe.
A very happy birthday to you, oh great Gina.
billz, I totally want the form of Joss Whedon. For many and various nefarious purposes.

And dude, I just said the phrase "various nefarious." That rocks.
Aquarius, my twin, Aquarius. ;-)
My new motto:

"Down with the various nefarious Aquariuses!"

Try saying that five times fast. Just try. A mean tongue twister can I craft.
Word, my twin brother. Really, really hard-to-pronounce-quickly, word. ;-)

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