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April 26 2006

David Boreanaz on Ellen Degeneres Show Today. He'll be talking about his show "Bones." Check local listings.

His interviews are always so funny.

If you watch the video clip, toward the end you see puppets talking and David on the screen in the background. Is this a reference to "Smile Time," I wonder?
The puppet thing looks interesting, but "Smile Time" would seem to be a very inside reference that the vast majority of Ellen's audience wouldn't get. Then again maybe Ellen was a fan of Angel... We'll find out soon.
It has to be a "Smile Time" reference - it's too big of a coincidence.
Yeah, it looks as though the puppets are running the show- behind the camera, etc. Just as they did in Smile Time. Too bad I have to miss it. Darn work.
Just hope DB gets more than 3 minutes of airtime after following the Muppets and Roseanne...Not a Vampire Muppet in sight just yet.
Or, in actuality, he'll be talking about his son's birthday party the whole time.

It was completely adorable when all of a sudden he stopped talking about his son and read Ellen's que card promoting his show and then saying time was up. He was such a good sport considering she couldn't even say his name correctly introducing him. And he looked great in that T-shirt and jacket!
I have seen db on three talk shows and felt he was short-changed on all. Regis and Kelly had a fair conversation with db but Regis called him "Bones" Boreanaz. He's not "Bones". Today's Ellen referred to "Bones" as being scary. It's not a scary show. It's as if these talk shows have zero time to research anything about their guest, like how to pronounce his name...big oops. I thought db was great on Ellen with that last minute plug...he was quick, cool, and confident. The way we like to see him.
They don't do their homework regarding their guests and they often don't know the shows. Just remember all the useless Angel questions when DB was on talkshows during that time. And when Kiefer Sutherland goes to a talkshow he can be sure they'll ask about Bauer not going to the bathroom even though the show's been on the air for years and nobody cares anymore.
The puppets were all due to this past weekend's Emmy Awards (Creative Craft Daytime Emmy Awards) , where the Ellen Degeneres Show won 4 Emmys, but Sesame Street won 7. One of the awards Sesame Street received was for Best Wardrobe, so Ellen has been referencing puppets in general, and dressing like a puppet next season since returning to air after Saturday's awards. I'm 99.999999% positive that this had nothing whatsoever to do with Smile Time...merely a coincidence to continue her post Emmy "we need more puppets" theme.

And in regards to pronouncing his name incorrectly, that didn't surpise me. She has trouble with words, which seems ironic considering her career choice. Not a day goes by that she doesn't mispronounce somebody's name (weather it's a guest or a letter from a viewer) or the name of a city. Someone in the crew is always shouting out the correct way to say names/cities for her. She really does mean well, but seems to have a mental block when it comes to word pronunciation. You should hear her try a foreign's cringeworthy to say the least. Just a sheltered little Southern girl, she is!
I actually thought maybe David was really nervous during the interview and that's why he couldn't stop talking. I got that impression immediately when he kept talking about Ellen's set looking like a hip wedding cake. I've never seen him as himself before, so possibly he's always like that. I've never seen Bones either, but certainly DB in real life is a stark contrast from Angel. Almost as unsettling as the first time I saw JM interviewed years ago and I about fell over in shock. It reminds you of how easy it is to view people as the characters you love (or hate). It took me a couple of Firefly eps before I stopped seeing The First and started seeing Captain Mal, and now its strange to see Mal as The First!

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