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April 26 2006

(SPOILER) Morena Baccarin to guest in Stargate SG-1. It looks like she'll be playing a recurring character next season. This carries on the merry tradition of Firefly cast members appearing in the Stargate franchise.

Sounds like fridays nights and SCI-fi just got better. Between this show and BSG, it is one of the best nights on TV now.
How fabulous! More Morena is a great thing!
It's going be so much fun seeing Morena playing Claudia Black's daughter.
This carries on the merry tradition of Firefly cast members appearing in the Stargate franchise.

Aside Jewel (which episode was broadcasted last saturday in france - anyhow, she was impossible to recognize, and since the episode was dubbed...), which other Firefly character appeard in SG?
Adam Baldwin in SG 1 season 7, 8? So many I lose track, longtime lurker, first time poster etc etc etc...
Yup, Adam was in it, but I believe he was in a two-parter ,and Jewel just in one ep, so this would be the first major role for a BDH.

First Farscape, now Firefly... SciFi really likes to pilfer actors from beloved but cancelled shows they aired and put them on Stargate.

But Morena as big bad? I believe that shall be the very definition of Shiny.
oh God. I love Morena, but... I don't know if I can watch SG-1 for her.
Jewel was great in Stargate Atlantis and Adam's character was so well written and rounded, I did wonder at the time whether he was going to be a recurring cast member.
There was talk at the time of Adam possibly going over to Atlantis as a recurring character (or even regular) but it didn't materialise (so he had to settle for just being in a couple of the best episodes the series has produced ;). BSG is great drama but, IMO, the Stargates are great sci-fi with a wonderful cast chemistry, witty but good natured pokes at other shows and some great little character moments, sometimes in the most unexpected places.

Really looking forward to seeing Morena in one of my favourite 'fluff' shows.
Stargate is a show I've never seen. I've heard so many opposing views that I don't know what to think. Is it actually worth checking out?

I'm trying to decide whether to start watching this or Babylon 5 on my next break from uni.

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Stargate has a very rich mythology and some great characters. It is a lot of fun, doesn't take itself that seriously and had some great episode concepts that would have worked amazingly well on Buffy. It's not high brow sci-fi but I enjoy it.
My opinion on SG: it is watchable, sometimes enjoyable, but in no way comparable to some other great shows on TV.

In particular, it desperately lacks character evolution... that doesn't mean that nothing happens in the life of the characters, but it does not last: no matter what they go through, they end up being nearly the same as in season 1. Spoilers: End of spoilers.

Don't mistake me: the characters are interesting (especially O'Neil, but the season now broadcast in france is the one without him...), but they do not evolve and after 8 seasons or so, it is beginning to become boring. SG is too much on the adventure and the action rather than the character in my opinion; hence a "good but not great" show.

As for Atlantis, that's harder to say (much less seasons), but on the overall I find it weaker than SG1. And that's a shame since I really enjoy David Hewlett which is a terrific actor (but, you know, quite monodimensional in Atlantis... as are the others, in fact).

I'm trying to decide whether to start watching this or Babylon 5 on my next break from uni.

Then you no longer need to wonder: watch Babylon 5, that's much better...

Two months ago or so, I was listening to The Signal and they had a feature concerning the comparison between Firefly and Babylon 5. That made me have memories of Bab5 (which I watched when it aired), and that enticed me to buy the whole series: I did not regret it, and watched it in a row as I do with Buffy/Angel/Firefly series.
SG1 just isnt the same without Richard Dean Anderson but I will watch for Morena
Yep, i'd probably second that B5 (after the first season anyway) is a better show than the Stargates in almost every way so given a pure choice i'd go with that.

I think most of Le Comite's criticisms of SG-1 are fair (there was a bit of character development in the first season though they've been pretty static since then) but I still really enjoy the show. They've used just about every sci-fi idea (often more than once) and usually brought something new to the mix each time. Sure, the characters don't change much but I personally like some of the shows I watch to be like that (as with old friends, new interests etc. are fine but fundamental changes to the person you've grown to like can be downright unsettling). It's a sort of TV comfort food for me, not challenging, not pushing any boundaries, just great entertainment ;).

(I do miss RDA though )

I also enjoy SG: Atlantis for a lot of the same reasons even though it is a bit Stargate: Rodney Mackay at times (but then he's my favourite character so even that's a plus to me ;).
Hey, great news! Hmmm, TV science fiction on Friday night with Morena Baccarin in it -- there's some happy deja vu! ;-)
Gotta say that I've never been able to get into SG-1 or Atlantis. I've watched several episodes of each, and neither does much for me. I did think AB was great in the 2-parter, though, and Jewel did fine in her guest role. But, as others have said, with Morena in it, I'll have to give SG-1 another chance.
I feel that both the Stargates have produced some truly excellent edge-of-the-seat type episodes. The trouble is they seem all too happy to just coast along with filler eps or re-use old plot devices that have been seen a half-dozen times before in the Sci-fi genre (probably next to impossible not to do when you have 11 seasons of the stuff to write...).

That said - when it does shine, it is really good TV and I've not missed an episode yet. Even the filler eps have value because of the effortless humour that the writers inject. Ironically this tongue-in-cheekness is probably one of the reasons I think that some people do not get on with the show.

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The thing about the two Stargate shows that needs to be understood before even attempting to watch them is that they are not even trying to be the next big thing, in the sense that Buffy and Angel once were, or Lost and Galactica currently are. The people behind Stargate have always just tried to create an enjoyable and addictive little science fiction universe of their own and in that respect they have succeeded tremendously. In this day and age, any series going into it's tenth season, with a successful spinoff show into the bargain, has got to be doing something right.

You might have guessed but I'm a big fan of SG-1 and Atlantis. Like Buffy and Angel before, I was fortunate enough to catch this show right from the start, seeing the premiere episode on the night it was first broadcast on Sky One. Unlike Buffy and Angel, however, it didn't hook me staight away. In fact it wasn't until well into the second season (an episode called 'The Fifth Race') that I realised I was a real fan of the show.

Basically, Stargate does not have the "wow factor" of a Whedon show but it is good, solid science fiction and, most importantly, it knows what it's own strengths are and doesn't try to be more than it is. I'd recommend Stargate to anyone with a taste for enjoyable sci-fi stories. It is well worth your time.

As for the Firefly connections, Adam was absolutely brilliant in the first part of 'Heroes'. I didn't know that he had been considered for a part in Atlantis but if so then it's a great shame that it didn't come to pass. His character was very likeable and immediately interesting in the space of a single episode. He would have been fantastic, given a longterm role to develop into. As for Morena, I've known about the character of Adria for some time but it never occured to me that such a familiar face would be in the role. Should be great fun seeing her lead the Ori forces.
If you're still debating whether or not you should check out Stargate, just watch the season 4 episode called Window of Opportunity. If you don't like that one episode then there is no hope for you at all.
SpikeBad, good call. Such a funny episode.
Can I just say that Citizen Joe from Season 8, is quite possibly the greatest nod to any fandom I have ever seen. It so clever and funny, it blew me away. I would loved to have seen Buffy do something like that.
Not to mention that it was a fantastic nod to the Simpsons as well. Given O'Neill's (and Anderson's) affection for the show, it was only a matter of time before they got Dan Castellaneta onboard for a guest appearance. Definately an episode that has to be seen to be believed.
"It's the perfect analogy. Burns as Goa'uld."

Citizen Joe was a good episode. I just knew that Homer would find his way on that show sooner or later.
Totally agree Primeval (except that I was hooked earlier, probably by 'Thor's Hammer' definitely by 'Solitudes' in the first season where a badly injured O'Neill and Carter get trapped on the 'ice planet').

The shows are Whedonish in one respect in that they use their history to tell better stories and make you care more about the characters but the Stargates are all about fun and dealing with sometimes quite serious ideas with the lightest of touches. Of all the shows I watch I think SG-1 (and to a lesser extent Atlantis) have the best 'funny' episodes e.g. as Spikebad mentions 'Window of Opportunity' or 'Wormhole Extreme' but almost all of them will have a few chuckles in and this refusal to be solemn is one of the most endearing qualities of the show IMO.

And Simon 'Citizen Joe' was just brilliant. Funny and poignant and just about the best thank-you to its fans that any show could possibly produce and an excellent indication of the feel of the show. Compare it to 'Normal Again' which is arguably the closest Buffy came to the same idea and you see the complete difference in approach (not that I don't love 'Normal Again' but it certainly didn't leave me with a big stupid grin all over my face ;).

BTW, I don't know how close AB came to getting a part in Atlantis but here's a Sci-fi wire article about it .
I came late to the Stargate SG-1 party, caught up on the early seasons, and then left after RDA left the show. So, a loyal watcher for about two seasons. It wasn't just that he left, but life got in the way, and I found it hard to dedicate Friday nights to sci-fi.

But I will so totally come back to see Morena. Perhaps this will be good to see if she can do "tough" for a potental Wonder Woman role?
It would be nice to see Morena again... I tried to watch her on the OC but I just couldn't suffer through an hour of that show just to see 5 minutes of her >_<
I'm really excited that she got this role.... Not just because I love her work and that Stargate SG1 is one of my currently-produced favorites, but because I'm planning on going out to BC this summer to do some acting work (likely as an extra but I'll not object at ALL if it's a speaking role!!!), and that's one of the shows I've already contacted the casting directors for to hopefully be considered for a role! And hey, if I did get the chance to act with her, that would be super-cool!

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Usually I avod anything with a "Spoiler" warning but I had to at least read the comments so I did get spoiled but I don't care because I'm so happy about this! The show hasn't been the same without RDA but it's still finding it's footing since his departure (and to be honest, the last couple of seasons prior to his leaving he was barely there as well).

But I think Browder's character was much more interesting at the end of the season and any episode that Claudia Black was in was a great one and she'll be full time next season and now with Morena as a recurring?! Well, I'm thrilled with this development!

And Stargate does seem to gather up all the actors from cancelled shows and give them guest spots. Many Star Trek actors have guested or become recurring characters as well as a couple of X-Files stars too.
I'm going to try to catch this to see MB. I just have to look up when it is on.

I watched SG1 on and off over the years. It was another one, like BtVS, that started just about the time my son was born. Regular watching...or sometimes any watching...was not possible, therefore. Once my son got older, I started to catch up with BtVS reruns and got totally hooked. Then I discovered SG1 reruns were on all evening on Mondays and got hooked...for a few weeks. I suddenly realized I had lost interest, so I stopped watching. Now if it is on, I'll sometimes watch it. I never bothered with Atlantis.

For me, that is the difference I am seeing between BtVS and some other good shows. I can watch BtVS DVD's and not want to stop, even though I have seen them multiple times before. That is not the case with other shows.

I was recently watching Cracker DVD's, and was pretty hooked. Then I realized that I had gone from NEEDING to get the next DVD to not being bothered that I was not going to be able to see the one sitting on my coffee table for a few days. It was excellent, I was glad that I was getting a chance to see it, but to an extent, it had lost me. I was not compelled to see more, ASAP. I finished watching what my library had and was fine with that.

I am not sure how many shows can stand up to seeing multiple episodes per night, night after night.
What I loved about SG-1 in the earlier days was it was a science fiction show set in the present using current technology to combat a vastly technologically superior enemy which had control over thousands of worlds. As time went on, and they gained more and more technology it skewed away from that. I originally got into the show because I liked the movie and I loved MacGyver so when RDA left a lot of my enthusiam for the show ended as well.

I am sure a lot of Farscape fans get a kick out of Claudia Black and Ben Browder being on SG-1, but I am not, so I found the Vala character pretty annoying.

Anyway, back to the news at hand :). Good for her, it's nice that Morena is going for a different kind of role.
Yes, woot! Morena - now we just need a series where her character is trying to seduce the new doctor - hehe *g*

Briefly off-topic, but in reference to an article on the same site (this one): Dat's my roommate! BRAG! We're all very proud of her and can't believe her luck!!

Ahem. Carry on.
I'm obsessed with the connections between Stargate and Firefly, I love it! Adam on SG-1 is my wallpaper.
Hey good for your room mate, I look forward to seeing her on the telly next season.
human_loser, your roomie is David Hewlett's sister? How cool is that?!? Along with Chloe from 24, that guy is the coolest geek on television, hehe.

Wish Kate the best of luck for her time on Atlantis. Hopefully they will make her a recurring character. From what I've read the Stargate sets are really great places to work. :)
Primeval...will do. It's exciting to be around all this excitement. I hear it's a pretty laid-back and fun environment, so I'm sure she'll have a blast.

Anyway this is miles off-topic...
Topic schmopic, is there anyway she could 'reallocate some resources' in my direction ? Nothing big, just, oh, say, a puddlejumper ? Or maybe Amanda Tapping ? I'm willing to pay postage and packaging ;-).

(seriously, very cool, wish her all the best and if we see her do any strange, semi-inobtrusive gestures on screen we'll know it's probably code that only human_loser and fellow roomies will understand ;)
Great idea, Saje. If she could just pop over to the SG-1 set and pick me up a Dial-Home Device too, that would be great. It would make a really fantastic feature for in the back garden. Definately a talking point for the next BBQ we have, hehe.

I'd agree with the Amanda Tapping thing too, but my girlfriend checks this site out now and again and I don't want to get myself into trouble.

Honest, sweetheart. If Amanda Tapping arrived in the post tomorrow, I'd send her right back ... or maybe to Saje. Promise! :P

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