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April 26 2006

Interview with Katee Sackhoff on White Noise 2 (co-starring Nathan Fillion). "I loved Firefly, I loved Serenity." I think I love her.

I love Katee. Her Starbuck reminds me of a cross between Buffy and Faith. Kick-ass all the way!

This movie looks creepy. But after seeing Slither, I have need to see NF again.
I was watching BSG last night, and I have to admit, I actually like the Starbuck character now.
Were you watching the current season? I can say the reason I started watching the new BSG was Starbuck. There just is something about a woman who can kick asss and look good smoking a cigar!=)

Starbuck is great. Apollo, so far is nothing more then nice, nice eye candy.But I also love Adama.
Current season, yes. Apollo has a complete lack of character development. However, they are setting him up for a fall or two, I suspect.
Get to the finale yet???

I look forward to the new season, in hopes that Apollo will be getting direction and yes even a fall. We have seen poor Starbuck get her fair share of bad days.

I have to say the old cylons never scared me, bu these ones with their claws are freaky....
Hee. 3 eps behind.
Have fun.

It is "quite a ride"=P

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Battlestar Galactica is an absolutely scorching show. Really something special in my opinion.

And you gotta love Serenity's cameo in the BSG pilot.
I was watching BSG last night, and I have to admit, I actually like the Starbuck character now.

Which episode was that? I'm just wondering if maybe I missed something because I still don't like the character. But at least I don't hate her like I used to.
I really like Starbuck, in fact I'd go as far as to say she may be my favourite character on the show.

I was a late convert to Galactica (still haven't seen season one yet) but it didn't take very many episodes of the second season to make me realise that I'd been missing out. I've seen the mini series now and I plan on getting the first season on DVD just as soon as I get through the latest boxset I'm watching, the third season of 24 (another show I didn't discover until well into it's run).
Love BSG. Love Starbuck. Love Katee Sackhoff. Obviously love Capt. Tightpants, so this movie will be a treat. It will definitely be strange to see her as a "damsel in distress," though. From what I've read, I believe these roles will be quite a departure for both actors.
I've been meaning to get to the new Battlestar Galactica for a long time; hell, I haven't even seen the old Battlestar Galactica (though from what I've heard, I'm not sure I'm missing much on that one). After I finish the current TV series I'm getting from Netflix in between all of my movies--which, yes, I will admit is the newer Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles's not great, but I can't help it...they're like, turtles who kick ass, how can anyone pass that up? Don't judge me!--I will check out Galactica.

This was a pretty nice interview, so I'm wondering:

Could this film, possibly, not suck?

(And, yeah, sorry for getting all defensive. Liking the TMNT has proven to be pretty snicker-worthy in most areas of life.)
Heh, that's the second interview I've seen where Katee gripes about her hair cut in the next season of BSG. All I can say is that if she looks even half as hot as Natalie Portman did with her head shaved in V for Vendetta then I will be very pleased to see the new hair cut. Not that Katee doesn't look hot anyway. And I love the new Starbuck.
When she talks about how hard it was to act defenseless after playing a kick butt type character, I flashed back to SMG saying the same thing about some of her movie roles. It's a nice position for women to be in. And thanks are due to our own JW for that.
Aha, I knew that was a swimmer's build!

I'm not emotionally invested in the original series, so I don't get the "Katee as Starbuck" hate. I think she does a great job and makes the character a memorable one.
Her Starbuck reminds me of a cross between Buffy and Faith. Kick-ass all the way!

Eh, I'd say more like a cross between BtVS 7 Faith and AtS 5 Spike, with a little of "Into the Woods" Riley thrown in for good measure. Faith/Buffy mix doesn't capture the depth of her dysfunctionality and rebellion, in my mind.
I only comment because I'm crazy about Katee Sackhoff. Wonderful actress and keeping us on our toes into the opening of BSG season three. What's going to happen next?
Aw man. Maybe I guess I'm a little bit of a movie snob, but White Noise #1 was mediocre, so I don't hve much hope for a sequel. This is really bugging me though. Katee Sackhoff is utterly amazing as Starbuck and NF is just plain amazing. Both of them deserve substantial roles in better movies, dangit! I want to see them in something worthy of their talent! (Same thing goes for James Marsters. I'm feeling a little frustrated/bummed at the kind of movies he's getting. He's worthy of so much better!)
I have heard very good things about this movie. Sometimes sequels can be better then the original. The first one was boring. I have yet to see anything with either of these two actors that was boring.

But both are in demand. NF is a rising star and seems to have movie after movie. Katee has already one movie done, besides this and working on another one. And most important they sound like they are having fun and enjoying themselves.

Plus with her Starbuck role, I am not sure you can find anything out there with more sunbstance.

Hmmm. Maybe season 3 Faith, Season 6 Buffy, with a dash of Ripper. Wild, angry, depressed, and reckless.

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gossi and Zip-Ity-Do-Da, where are you in watching BSG? Because I felt the same about Apollo as you until I reached a certain point in S2 (the one that ended a few weeks ago in the US), when I just went, "OK, now I get it!" The ep title was "Captain's Hand" -- seen it yet?

About White Noise 1: Darker and Quieter ;-), Nathan has said in several interviews that this film (WN2: Paler and Louder) is very different, so anyone who didn't like the first one might like this. (Actually, I did think the first one was scary, not because of the EVP stuff, but just because of the creepy, "sneak up on you invisibly" evil ghosts.) Besides, it's Mal and Starbuck -- you can't go wrong! ;-)

BTW, quick OT: Stephen Colbert did a skit on EVP last night on The Colbert Report (which Comedy Central will rerun again this afternoon and this evening around 7 or 8PM, depending on your time zone). He was "interviewing" John Lennon (Stephen's voice on tape) on a detuned radio. The funniest part of the skit was when . Not much to do with EVP, but I did think of White Noise anway. /OT

Funny to read that Ms. Sackhoff has to watch a cartoon (it's probably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, UnpluggedCrazy ;-)) after a scary movie. Nathan said almost the same thing a few interviews ago! They must be having a blast working together. Great link (and name!), Fear the Puppet! :-)
I just think the need to have him make a stand and then stick to it. When the needed Apollo ep comes up, you never know what side he will take or what Apollo they will write.

I loved Captain's Hand. More for the Starbuck/Apollo scenes, but also overall too. This season got better and better. The finale blew me away and I still am on the fence about it. I will have to see how the new season starts.

Though with her new hair cut and whom I believe her quickie boy-toy will be, it makes me very intrested.

The director and Gold Circle have both come out and said this film is nothing like the first one. So since the first one was really boring, this has got to be the oppisite of it. That equals fun!
Quick OT about the BSG season finale: As much as the finale made me go "Wha...?!," I couldn't help a bit of smirking, too. ;-) /OT
Starbuck is a great character, but I don't think they've gone as in-depth as they're going to yet. I just saw "Scar" which was probably 'the' character episode for her this season, and I have to say I was fairly impressed. Its easy for character episodes to be really cliched, even on good shows (Lost, anyone?), but I thought it was suitably unpredictable, especially the outcome of the final Starbuck/Scar/Kat dogfight.

Having said that, I don't understand you people saying Apollo has been a dull character in S2. Have you seen "Blackmarket" yet? That ep blew my socks clean off in every respect.
Billz, that line reminded me more of 'The Message' than Pinkie and the Brain...
Oh, good point, jclemens! I guess it was Ms. Sackhoff's intonation that sounded so Brain-like to me, a combination of matter-of-fact and slightly-exasperated -- a tone that said "Well, duh, what else would we do?" I'll try to think about The Message when the BSG rerun comes around. :-)
Here in Canada, we're still a couple weeks from the S2 finale, but I keep hearing how mind-blowing it is. Should I be scared? Should I be ready for people to die? Or is it another "He/She's a cylon!" Revelation?
Resolute: la la la la la la ;-)
Got to agree with the Starbuck love. Although I had watched the original series, the new BSG is such a darker, better show in so many respects that it did not take me much to let go of the old and accept the new.

Katee brings 'visceral' acting to Starbuck (from the gut - hmmm) which is great to watch. As for Apollo ... not so much - yet? Baring "Black Market" I have to admit that it seems the writers are favoring Starbuck in terms of development... or is it Katee who brings in the nuances herself? (Scar being the last episode I saw in S2 - we are behind in Canada).

At any rate you may be interested to note that Ronald D. Moore puts out a podcast for every episode of BSG - I find quite entertaining to hear his comments and thoughts on each of the episodes. I tape the episode and download podcast; so I rewatch and listen simultaneously.

As for WN 2 - I am looking forward to watch both Nathan and Katee interacting... it does seem to be a departure for both and they might elevate the writing if it is lacking.
She's an Oregonian, amazing as Starbuck, and a flan. Could she get any cooler?
billz...of course she watches TMNT!

^Totally speculative^

And dude, that bit on The Colbert Report last night was hilarious. I love that a totally hetero, platonic way.
As funny as Mr. Colbert was on The Daily Show, he just *rocks* on his own show! Yep, UnpluggedCrazy, it's manly Stephen love here, too -- of course, 'cos our twinning strikes again. ;-)
Should I be scared? Should I be ready for people to die? Or is it another "He/She's a cylon!" Revelation?


Yes, sort of. But in a way you're almost certainly not expecting.
Yeah, billz, our universal twindomination knows no bounds.

I'm constantly wrestling between which I like best: The Daily Show or The Colbert Report?
Jeez, UnpluggedCrazy, don't even think about which one you like best. That would be like parents choosing their favorite twin -- never gonna happen! ;-)
Oh god. I love the Daily Show, but I have to say that the Colbert Report is my favorite. Its just such brute force sarcasm that it just doubles me over every night. Especially last night, which was the first time I've ever seen him break character for more than an instant (on the Jimmy-Smitsocrasy line). Hilarious.

In other BSG news, SciFi channel just announced they're making a prequel series, set 50 years before the current series. Supposedly its about the original creation of the cylons and whathaveyou.

I dunno. I think its a little early for spinoffs. And its not like BSG has been destroying the ratings this year, either.

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Resolute...when he said that line (or tried to) last night, I cracked up. Great stuff.
It has for SCI-FI. And Cable.
UnpluggedCrazy and Resolute, I'm starting to think that The Colbert Report is great, but the screw-ups are legendary! (And don't forget that when you have a hydrogen bomb, you have to plug it in so it will work! ;-))

And yay for Comedy Central, where you can say the f-bomb and just get bleeped, not cancelled & chased out of town with pitchforks and torches! ;-)

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Yeah, I would literally give up my firstborn -- granted, I don't have one yet so I don't really know if that's an option, but I would love to do that.

she would love to give up her firstborn? what kind of people are we letting nathan work with here?
People who spend most of their time hanging out on the wrong side of the tracks.

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