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April 26 2006

Scripts and correct viewing order for Tim Minear's The Inside. Most (nine of thirteen) of the scripts for the show's run are posted in .pdf format for folks to check out. Note: These are drafts, not shooting scripts.

I'm guessing since I just found out about these that there might be others of you who would be in the same boat.

Which one was the on with Amber Benson in it?
That would be "The Perfect Couple."

Sorry, zeitgeist, couldn't let that one go. Mod typos are so rare around here that they have to get a mention. :D
Also one of my least favourite episodes, unfortunately.

Thanks to those involved putting the scripts online!
Typo now fixed.
Surprised we don't have a dvd of this yet...
I missed the start of the show on UK TV and don't want to jump in the middle.
Grounded, it started again on ITV4 from the beginning last night at 10pm so you've only missed one episode.
Primeval - Ha! Must have happened when I edited it in a hurry after deciding I didn't like the sentence I originally wrote. Good catch :D - and thanks, Simon, for batting cleanup :)

Dno't maek mee kcick you ;)
I heard the US un-aired episodes are available for download but I haven't been able to find it. Any ideas or am I completly off-base with this?
Jackal- Well, that figures- it is one that does not have a pdf. :-) I will never find out how that episode went.
Unitas (and anyone else who wants to know), if you email me using the address in my profile I'll get back to you ASAP about finding the episodes.
I can help in finding The Inside as well if anyone is looking.
Great link, zeitgeist! Thanks! :-)
Grounded, it started again on ITV4 from the beginning last night at 10pm so you've only missed one episode.

You're kidding me?! Would you believe I looked at it in the listings and just assumed it was still running...didn't think to check if it was a repeat. Have to check the schedule and see if it'll be repeated again this week...
I want to see Little Girl Lost! Stupid Fox!
Not sure but I don't think it is Grounded. Just to rub salt in the wound, I watched it and it was pretty good ;-) (i'd also missed the start before so skipped the whole thing). Adam Baldwin's character seems sort of Jayne-ish but Peter Coyote's 'Webs' is a really interesting character and I liked Lock (she had a - hopefully deliberate - slightly mechanical delivery in places which made her seem vulnerable and damaged but competent and slightly obsessive at the same time). The whole feel is moody, like a cross between Se7en and X-Files with some Angel-ish scene transitions. Looking forward to next week.

Without spoiling can someone tell me if the episodes being shown have a resolution (like Wonderfalls) or do they just leave us hanging (a la Firefly) ?
To second a call earlier, where the hell is the DVD set? I missed a couple of episodes during the run due to my DVR going belly up on me and have been waiting for the DVDs.
Saje, Tim said that he designed the first 13 episodes to be a complete arc in the event that they were cancelled. They were cancelled, so 13 doesn't end with a cliffhanger. I've actually only seen to 11 myself... The other two are waiting at home on my computer...

There is, however, something revealed in "Little Girl Lost" that makes me wish the series had continued - beyond the fact I really like Locke and Webs and the other characters had potential.

ETA: I've now seen the series' finale and can safely say there is no cliffhanger ending - though that dangling thread from "Little Girl Lost" remains dangling. But the thirteenth episode wraps up the show and Rebecca's arc nicely... to the point where I'm satisfied but disappointed this is the last we'll ever see of these characters.

Well done, Tim!

Damn you, Fox!

[ edited by Keith G on 2006-04-27 13:18 ]
I think The Inside wraps up well, as not everything is resolved (in fact, there's a great big arc for season 2 hanging around...) -- but enough is resolved so you can feel some peace in the end.

It's a story about moving to LA, barfing over dead bodies, and finding your place in the world. Your world. I found it compelling.

Where is the DVD? Fox don't want to release it, put simply.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-04-27 22:15 ]
I have to admit, even reading these scripts gave me the wiggins, yo. I think I'd better order that Tim Minear script writing DVD to find out more about how this crazy, brilliant, talented man thinks. ;-)

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