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April 27 2006

Find Buffy on the Beeb. The BBC has put its entire 'infax' programme catalogue online and it's searchable.

The catalogue, which - for the techies among us - runs on Ruby on Rails, gives you all the broadcast dates and details (about every single BBC programme, ever, dating back 75 years) and it's awesomely geeky. It isn't perfect, but keep in mind it's a beta, sorry: prototype.

Look, here's Joss.

One of its creators, Matt Biddulph, has more details on his weblog, There's also a dedicated catalogue blog.

Looking at those airdates for season one brings back a lot of memories. I was never too sure when I first started watching the show but now I am :).

And does anyone remember watching Bite Nite back in 1999? I must have missed that celebrating Buffy evening.
Uh, there's RSS feeds on this. It's pretty awesomely nerdy!
Bite Nite?

Me want.
That's confusing, I'm sure I know where I was when they 1st aired WttH but if they aired it on 30th Dec I would've been at home for Christmas. Damn memory.
Yeah, I also thought it was earlier in the year than that Paul_Rocks (I remember watching the pilot round at a friends house because, of the group, I was the only one who enjoyed it - I think I said 'It's got potential', boy, can I call 'em ;) - and was intending to watch the following week). Definitely BBC2 cos at the time I didn't know anyone with satellite or cable.

Glitchy machine the old Mark 1 human brain, I reckon the sooner the upgrades arrive the better (anyone know when the 'tolerance for others' module comes out of beta ? ;)
Now I'm confused. I thought that the Beeb skipped over the re-transmission of Restless in 2001 before starting on season 1 again.
"Glitchy machine the old Mark 1 human brain, I reckon the sooner the upgrades arrive the better (anyone know when the 'tolerance for others' module comes out of beta ? ;)
Saje | April 27, 13:40 CET"

I think that is one of those things that everybody says they are working on, but somehow will never actually come to market unless all the most intolerant people can figure out how to only make other people take the upgrade. ;-)
Damned vapourware !

(only on Whedonesque could we come to the conclusion that tolerance = Duke Nukem Forever and still have it make perfect sense ;-)
Well there was an early test version in the 60's but it ran on marijuana fumes and wasn't very practical.
But, wow, did your mileage ever vary on that one! ;-)

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