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April 27 2006

The BBC review Slither. "Imagine for a minute that David Cronenberg, in the days before he got boring and respectable, had made a film with a young Joss Whedon. Between them, they might have come up with something very much like Slither."

My Favourite Review Ever.
I am so excited about this film. I just found out my local cinema is showing it in their biggest screen. I'll deffinatly be at the first showing tomorrow.
I noticed this week when I was in London that unlike here in the U.S., Slither is REALLY being marketed there. I saw posters all over every bus and a lot of tube stops, for example. Just as with Serenity, Universal seems to understand much better how to market stuff in the U.K. and not so much here.
chickenbird: maybe Universal believes that there is more of a market here in the UK than in the US (as a percentage of the population, not in actual number of people). Maybe. If so, I have no idea whether that belief would be true or not. The Serenity posters of River in the London Underground were awesome.
Woo, great review.

Now to go watch the *totally* legal copy I downloaded onto my PC this morning...
It is wrong how many disgusting laughs you get out of this movie. It was so campy and fun. A great popcorn movie.

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Looking forward to hopefully seeing it in the next couple of days. It seems a fairly quiet weekend as far as new releases go so I guess it might do OK (especially with the bank holiday).

(from what i've seen, Serenity had more TV spots but Slither's had more in the way of posters etc.)
Damn it, I really hope it shows up on cinemas here in Sweden.
It opened in France the other day, but did pretty bad.

There's been a fair amount of advertising in the UK for it. The TV adverts also have reviews on them ("4 star - Empire").

Universal aren't releasing it in the UK, which is an exception to the rest of the world. Entertainment have it, and I can personally testify they loved it, and tend to go all out with horror here.

If it sells... Well, we'll know on Monday!
Nice review - I saw it a few weeks ago (Canada) and I really enjoyed it. I say this as one who does not normally watch horror. However, with all the references to humour and Nathan as a lead softened me up ... I am very glad I took the initiative to see it.

So - to all those who do not normally see horror movies - give this one a try - it is well worth it.

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