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April 27 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg parties with US Weekly and Perez Hilton. Apparently the necklace she is wearing is her own design and she is about to launch a range of jewelry.

I've never heard of it. Should I have?
That's just what I was thinking, Simon.
Well even so, Michelle looks absolutely lovely and a new jewellery line? Very cool.
One Night in...... Perez?
I also saw Michelle in a Kohls commercial the other day...she's making herself seen!
She looked AMAZING in that commercial. I just saw it this morning.
I was that intrigued, I went to the Kohl's site to have a look see. Is it the Candie's commercial?
I thought that was MT in that commercial! The weird thing was, I couldn't believe it was Hilary Duff. She looks different somehow. I kept thinking it was Haley Duff (spelling?), or else Hilary has had some total makeover. But MT did look great! :-)
I know of Perez because I read GoFugYourself and TheSuperficial and I think he was linked at one of those two at one point.
I guess I'm the only one that is disgusted by this crowd. I like MT but the rest of these trust fund babies and gossip column wanna-be's make me ill. They listed a ton of great folks but didn't show any pictures...Piven, Harry Hamlin, Gabrielle Union, all great. But we get pictures of Rob Stewarts kids grabbing each other's nethers? Yuck.

(And is Perez Hilton the guy badly needing a shave looking out of the corner of his eye slits?)
I thought that was MT in that commercial! I just caught a second of it, so I wasn't positive.
billz, Hilary Duff did something to her teeth, I believe, (I forget what) and that's slightly changed the shape of her face, which is probably why she looked a bit different.
yeah, Hillary got her teeth capped but went a size to large for her face shape/mouth. And ummm... Michelle has her own line of jewelry? oy. Between that and her references in the Awful Truth at eonline (no sorry no link) I do think she's looking to join the teen-queen gossip column crowd.
Wow. Just... wow. Did anyone happen to catch the awful catty comments on that page? Thank god Michelle escaped it, but if she keeps hanging with this crowd, it wont be for long.
Thanks, Emma Frost. That must be it; it was driving me crazy trying to figure out exactly what changed. Now I see it. Hilary used to have more of an overbite, which I think made her look really girl-next-door-attractive, but now she just looks -- different. More generic. Oh, well. :-(

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