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April 27 2006

GeekIntertainment's Buffy Season 5: part 1 BuffCast is now Online. "An overly optimistic look at Season 5. We discuss the first 12 episodes of season 5, complete with a breakdown of how the characters progressed, and which episodes we thought were the best (No Brainer: Fool for Love!)"

I just love to hear people talk about Buffy, period! I started listening to the BuffCast with their Season 4 two parter. Although they said some things i disagreed with, missed a few really important things and missed the mark on a couple of theories (which i emailed them about and they thanked me and were glad for the feedback), overall it fed that need i have to either be thinking about buffy, talking about buffy, watching buffy, reading buffy related articles/essays, or listening to others talk about buffy! And I think that's the point of these shows...having a chat about something they feel is worth chatting about. Thanks GeekShow, and thanks for posting the reminder SpikeBad.

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I don't think there can be an "overly optimistic look" at Season 5 - given that it was the series' best year :-)
I agree. Season 5 is the bomb.
And "Fool for Love" is bombiest of the bombs.
Of the first half of the season, yes :-)

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