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April 27 2006

Mammoth on SciFi Tonight. Summer Glau's SciFi channel original movie Mammoth is being shown again tonight in the US.

I know I missed it the first time around, and was bummed. I figured that it would be good to give everyone a reminder!

This movie is good, silly, silly fun, with our Ms. Glau playing the daughter of an absent-minded scientist. Remember it's a comedy, and you'll have a great time -- I sure enjoyed it! :-)
Summer is much too talented for this.
I liked the movie. It was more or less funny; you can certainly do worse with one of those "Sci-Fi Original" movies.
Actually, this is pretty above par for a Sci-Fi Channel flick. Which is sad.
I thought it was a hoot! I like a good campy film once in awhile and this certainly was that. They didn't seem to take themselves too seriously and seemed to have a lot of fun with it.
Did anybody work out what the Gorilla Man was about?
Think he was a singing happy birthday telegram gorilla. It was Summer's character's birthday remember

Oh, Tom's face when the mask fell off. HA!

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Rivergirl, please check your posts for grammar and punctuation in future.
I hope Mammoth gets picked up by the Canadian "Space" channel. I would really like to see the movie!
Yep, I still very much want to see this too. It sounds like a lot of fun.
Well, I watched last night with my wife. We enjoyed it well enough. It was very campy and it made fun of itself a lot, which was good. And hey, you can't beat a movie that has a giant, alien, undead, ninja mammoth hunting Summer, can you? Well, I guess a movie about a giant, bumbling government hunting Summer was a little better. *Ducks for flying spears*
I'll be happier with Summer working again on The 4400.
That mammoth sure could neak around a lot for such a big and noisy fella. Silly fun on this movie, and Summer was a hoot. She even gave a few River looks, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.
I'll be happier with Summer working again on The 4400.

Which she's doing, by the way - she's returning this season I heard. I don't know if it's made Whedonesque yet or not.
gossi: it was reported here, that's how I first heard about it.

As for The 4400, I thought the first, short (5 episodes?) season was quite good, and set up some intrigue and an interesting premise. Unfortunately I thought season 2 sucked majorly (despite a Summer guest spot), and I had decided I wouldn't watch it anymore. Now Summer 's going to be in it for more episodes in season 3 I think I'll have to watch it again, but only for her.
Huh, always good to see differeing opinions on the black. I thought the mini season was so so but the 2nd season excellent and I can't wait for s3.

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