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April 27 2006

Adidas to debut limited edition jackets featuring Dark Horse characters. Joss is mentioned as one of the creators whose characters will be on the jackets.

Fray is the largest character on the front of the jackets.

Wow, that's an incredibly cool looking jacket - especially with Fray front-and-centre! It's almost worth just getting for her.
Ooh, very cool jacket. I like most of the artists and characters they have chosen, too.
I am very interested in this, where (does any one know) are the selected retailers?
Maybe it's just me, but I think it's kind of ugly. Of course, I do own a pair of Jim Lee Batman Converse All Stars, so don't listen to me.
I agree, Keith G. Kinda' fixes to the 'T' note. 'Course, I'm still waiting to hear a 'T' note so I could be bias on this opinion. :)
omg! I'm torn on this. The style is sort of horrid, but WOW to Fray. Wow.
That is just awesome.

And speaking of Melaka...we kinda sorta need to see more of her. Y'know, when Joss gets done from his whole "collapsing from exhaustion" thing.
Luckily I have a friend who works for Adidas...
Stuff like this tends to be ridiculously priced beyond my means, but damn, that's cool. It really demonstrates how comics and graphic novels have come into their own and permeated the American mainstream. A pop culture investment piece if there ever was one....

And yeah, Melaka Fray is sorely missed. What's she up to these days, I wonder? And when is she (portrayed by Kristen Bell, if there's any justice in this world) going to make her big screen debut?
Wow that jacket isn't for the likes of shy and retiring people like me. I wonder how much it is?
I adore Adidas *lovingly strokes her Stan Smiths*, but this ain't pretty.
Yep, like the idea but that is one ugly ass jacket (IMO). Red's not really my colour either. Plus, it'll probably cost about, oh, the national debt of a small country.

So why do I still want one ? ;-)
The jacket is a bit loud... but I am with Saje on the "why do I still want one" front. :)

But, I really like the shoes.
Yeah I think it's more than a bit ugly myself... and I've never owned any Jim Lee shoes.
Hmmm, I like the pictures on the jacket, but the design of the jacket itself it terrible! There is no shape to it or anything. Maybe I would have to see it on someone first.
That's what 80s Adidas track suits looked like.
It's really COOOOOL. I just don't know how to buy mine from here in Spain... Maybe Internet sale from Dark Horse website?
Yikes. I'd very much not wear that. I'm imagining walking around in that jacket and it's just a world of no ;-). I do, however, like the shoes.

But at least it's cool that Melaka got a prime spot on the jacket. Fray's obviously not forgotten.
If I wear this jacket will I bust out into a spontaneous dance number with a bunch of zombies that is narrated by Vincent Price? Of course if this jacket eventually leads to me becoming Captain Eo, I'm all for that. Just as long as my evolution into Michael stops there.
Well, the truth is I don't like it. But the front with Fray is awesome!
Wiseblood, I love your idea. Hope Joss is reading...
To chime in again...

I really like the design. Then again, I own like, two or three shirts that don't have pictures on them.
Wow that jacket isn't for the likes of shy and retiring people like me.

Yeah, I'm not big on outfits that can be spotted a mile away either Simon.
So....start saving up loads of money then.

Yes, it's quite horrid looking...but I'm pretty sure I can make that jacket work.
Well, I don't know how it could be in America, but I swear you that wearing it around Madrid or Barcelona streets would be not Captain Eo's style but really fashionable. We're becoming a little bit retro here, you know :) (and by the way, Fray's not too known here to call people's attention)

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