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April 28 2006

Buffy and Firefly make it on to a list of shows to watch if "Lost" on a island. The Albuquerque Tribune's most TV-addicted staffers weigh in on what shows they would want to watch if only five shows were available to them while "Lost" on a island.

I get to be first posting my 5:
CSI Las Vegas
Veronica Mars

That was easy! :-)
This is actually fairly difficult. If I bring all three Joss shows, how can I restrict myself to only two other shows? And if I cut out a Joss show, which one? Firefly is the shortest, but it's also my favourite.

I guess I'll go with Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Veronica Mars, and The Simpsons (up to the late nineties), with backups M*A*S*H, Seinfeld, and Monty Python if at all possible.
Buffy, Angel, The Inside, Veronica Mars and House. Five shows is very restrictive so I think that list is subject to change, but the backups would be Firefly, Wonderfalls, Nip/Tuck and Arrested Development.
Buffy, L&O SVU , Medium, BSG, and Bones, with backups being Angel, Desperate Housewives, Scrubs, CSI NY and Crossing Jordan

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You can find my list at

Or just read it here:

1. The West Wing
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
4. Six Feet Under
5. A bit of Fry and Laurie

No room left for Python. I'd smuggle that in too. As well as The Fast Show, Have I got news for you and Stella Street.
Only 5? That's so hard... I'd love to have all three Joss shows, but.. in the interest of getting more variety I'll go:

Firefly, Buffy, Farscape, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Monty Python (gotta have some comedy)

Runner ups include Angel, Wonderfalls, Babylon 5, Black Adder, Red Dwarf, Kino's Journey (anime), Haibane Renmei (also anime), and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Oh, and Lost, once it finishes it's full run and has a conclusion. It would be too frustrating to be on an island with only two seasons and not having any answers ;)

How is there a tv on the island anyway?

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The tv is inside a secret hatch...
That's what I get for reading the Whedonesque thread before the linked article... LOL
Battlestar Galactica
Hill Street Blues

Not quite making the list would be Firefly, Wonderfalls, The West Wing (why would I still be interested in politics?), M*A*S*H (would it really wear well after all these years?), Veronica Mars (jury is still deliberating), and maybe Joan of Arcadia.
Right, and now for the Definitive Redneck-Academic Geek's list:
(insert drumroll here)
4)Blake's 7
5)Doctor Who
This list is, of course, based on the fact that I've allready gleaned all possible coconut uses from years of Gilligan re-re-re-runs
Also... in what Universe did Firefly run until 2004? Can I move to that universe (or the universe where it's still running now?)

Can I include Serenity with Firefly? ;-)
If there is a tv, I am assuming it is plasma, HDTV ready 51 inch????

Just curious.
If there is a tv, I am assuming it is plasma, HDTV ready 51 inch????

Nah. 20-year-old front-projection TV with an old drive-in movie screen, window-mounted car speakers, and a three month supply of popcorn.
Mixed popcorn flavors?
I'd say:
Arrested Development
Invader Zim

Veronica Mars
How I Met Your Mother

That will last me the years until rescue, although theoretically I ought to bring a show that teaches me how to find food
Maybe Good Eats..=)
Buffy and Angel should count as one show, since the crossovers and whatnot make it necessary to have both for full enjoyment!

Cowboy Bebop

If Buffy and Angel can count as one show, then I'd probably throw Supernatural into the newly created slot, seeing as that's what I'm watching currently. :)
Dr Who - all or just the Jon Pertwee era (1970-1974), whichever
My World And Welcome To It
X Files
Point Pleasant
The Simpsons (Seasons 1-8)
The Prisoner
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Xena: Warrior Princess
Arrghh so hard.
Family Guy
Veronica Mars
(had to leave off Wonderfalls and Firefly as they're just too short and I've already watched every episode of them more than any other show, also on the brink are Scrubs, Arrested Development and Spaced)
The Simpsons (greatest TV show ever)
Sex and the City
Black Adder
The Tick, animated version.

Wow, I never realized it, but I really love comedies and humor, don't I?
Gilmore Girls
Sports Night
Arrested Development
West Wing
Firefly season 1
Firefly season 2
Firefly season 3
Firefly season 4

but not Firefly season 5, 'cos it sucks...
Are You Being Served.
Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
West Wing.
Our Friends in the North.
Le Comité, you only think Firefly season 5 sucks because they killed off Kaylee after they discovered she was secretly a sleeperist! Falling asleep at the drop of a hat. And we all know Whedon hates those sleepists, can't have happy sleepers, have to kill them with an axe. With their puppies.

1. X-Files
2. Buffy
3. How I Met Your Mother
4. Twin Peaks
5. Wonderfalls
Yikes, only five...ok:
1) Buffy
2. Angel
3. La Femme Nikita
4. Dead Like Me
5. Firefly
(with a shout-out to Highlander; Homicide, Life on the Streets; and The Prisoner)
(Limiting myself to recent TV):

1. Buffy
2. Firefly
3. Six Feet Under
4. Deadwood
5. Spaced

Honorable mentions to Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, Doctor Who, The Fast Show, My So-Called Life, Wonderfalls, Angel, Battlestar Galactica, Freaks & Geeks, and Twin Peaks.
Five *is* tough.
West Wing
ONLY 5???

1) Buffy
2) Firefly
3) Angel
4) Veronica Mars
5) Gilmore Girls

Back ups: Alias, Freaks and Geeks, Scrubs, BSG
I forgot about Six Feet Under. I'm a bad man.
I found it interesting that one of the writers chose "American Idol". Personally I don't think reality TV ages well, or stands up to multiple viewings (and in many cases, one viewing) so I did find that kind of surprising. Not to mention it would be pretty formulaic to watch pretty much constantly whereas good drama or comedy series can be watched back-to-back.

I would find it extremely difficult to choose just five shows to watch. It would be difficult to say Firefly, for example, because even though I love it as much as any other show, there are only 14 episodes which wouldn't provide as many hours of viewing time as a more long running show. And of course I'd probably want to have a balance of different shows.

Hmm, at the moment I would say-

1. Buffy
2. Angel
3. Alias
4. 24
5. The Simpsons (seasons one to ten; I would rather go fishing or climb palm trees rather than watch any episodes beyond that)

As backups I would probably say Lost, Friends and ER. Lost has only been a couple of seasons and it has been good so far, but I'm not sure how long it will maintain that quality. Also not sure that it would be quite as compelling with many of the mysteries that will hopefully be dispelled by the series' end. I would be tempted to include ER simply because it has so many seasons, and many, particularly the early ones, were very good, although it hasn't been so great lately. Friends also had quite a good run and although it kind of dipped for a few seasons somewhere in the middle, it was very consistently funny and at least they didn't drag it on much further á la The Simpsons.
Well, with The Simpsons motion picture due out next year, I can imagine it cugging to least season 20. In fairness, I think it still has moments of genius -- although, obviously, they are struggling for ideas now (and I think I would be, too).
1. Buffy
2. The Simpsons
3. Firefly
4. Veronica Mars
5. Friends

I would have put 24 on my list instead of Friends but it missed out because even though I much prefer 24, it's not as re-watchable.
1. Six Feet Under
2. Firefly
3. Family Guy
4. Star Trek: Voyager
5. Oz

The list could be sooooooo much longer but I tried to control myself.
5.Tru Calling
....Ummm, I'd put Firefly here, because I imagine I'll like it, but I'm terrible, and haven't actually watched it yet.
1. Buffy
2. Angel
3. Six Feet Under
4. The Simpsons
5. Family Guy
My five:

1. Buffy
2. Looney Tunes (original version, of course! None of that revamped crap :-)
3. Twilight Zone (the original b/w version!)
4. Northern Exposure
5. Gilmore Girls (Seasons 1-3)
Just five? Well, okay...

Knots Landing
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Mystery Science Theater 3000
The Rockford Files
Babylon 5
The Sopranos
South Park
My turn!

1. Buffy
2. Angel
3. Family Guy
4. Lost
5. SpongeBob (yes, I am a dork)
5? I wouldn't survive 10 mins there! Lol.

Then I'd say Nip/Tuck and Scrubs... but slowly go insane from lack of SG1
1. Angel
2. Buffy
3. Firefly
4. Star Trek: Voyager
5. Bones

Not original, but should keep me happy! Hopefully I won't get stranded on this island before they make a few more seasons of Bones. And, I think, Firefly should include Serenity since there are only 14 episodes.
Hmmm.... BTW, my first post. Hi!

I'd say
1. Buffy
2. Angel
3. Friends
4. Lost
5. Father Ted

Ooh this was harder than I thought it would be!
No Moonlighting, Profit or The Fugitive love? I'm feeling kind of listless, myself.
1. Buffy
2. Firefly
3. Angel
4. CSI
5. Northern Exposure (wacky fun)

Also, my first post...:)
Hey! Profit was my next choice! Along with Northern Exposure, and the soapy but cool Kindred: The Embraced.
1. Babylon 5 - No matter how many times you watch the series, you still get something new out of it each time.

2. Firefly - Maybe not the best choice for being stranded on an island, since it's so short and I already have most of the episodes memorized. But it still brings out extreme emotions in me even after seeing it as many times as I can, so it just has to be on the list.

3. Buffy - As much as I love the series, there are still plenty of episodes I haven't seen, since I didn't get TiVo until it was nearly through with its run. So there would be plenty of fond old memories to relive, and still a few surprises along the way.

4. Dark Shadows - There are so many episodes of that series that I probably still wouldn't know how it ends before being rescued - or dying of old age.

5. That History Channel series that shows you how to build all those old-school technologies (catapults, irigation systems, etc), so that I could turn my island home into a Robinson Crusoe paradise.

I would have made sure to have Coupling in the list. But if I were trapped on an island with no romantic prospects, I think it would just be too frustrating.
1. Angel
2. Buffy
3. Prison Break
4. Firefly
5. My So Called Life

Runner Up's: Lost, Veronica Mars, Profit, Wonderfalls, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Invasion.
1. Firefly
2. Star Trek: TNG
3. Veronica Mars
4. Invader Zim
5. Mystery Science Theater 3000

I should probably have included Buffy or Angel or something but I've never watched them. I guess that's a pretty good reason to bring them to the island.
1. Firefly
2. Angel
3. House
4. Battlestar Galactica
5. American Gothic
5 1/2. Buffy
Angel, Buffy, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and most importantly, Lost- not because it's the best show, but because I could see what was going to happen to me on the island.
This is tough. I'll go with Buffy, Davinci's Inquest, Made in Canada, Corner Gas, and Trailer Park Boys. But I'd spend most of the time just replaying Firefly episodes over and over in my head.
Nowhere Man
Red Dwarf
Babylon 5
There are so many great shows to list. I'm glad most shows are on DVD now days.
"I should probably have included Buffy or Angel or something but I've never watched them. I guess that's a pretty good reason to bring them to the island". - TychoCelchuuu

You've never watched Buffy or Angel. *blink*


And you're here?

Child. You have no idea what awaits.
Okay. Since I'm arbitrarily deciding that Buffy & Angel are one (in more ways than one!), here's my list:

1. Buffy/Angel
2. Star Trek TNG
3. X-Files
4. My World & Welcome to It
5. The Simpsons

Five runners up:
1. The Prisoner
2. Secret Agent
3. Black Adder
4. Highlander
5. La Femme Nikita

Then there are a whole bunch of alternates, but I could make these lists all night, so will have mercy on everyone and stop at this point.
I'm assuming that I have lots of time on the island, so I want series that are relatively long and with lots of mythology to think about:

1. Buffy
2. Angel
3. Star Trek: DS9 (although I'll probably go fishing or gathering coconuts during the last season!)
4. The X-Files (more fishing and coconuts during last season)
5. Third Rock from the Sun (hey, gotta laugh on an island!)
and if I can smuggle in one more: Xena (more fishing and coconuts during last season -- I see a pattern forming!)

If I'm on an island where I expect a rapid rescue (not much time for watching multiple seasons' worth of eps):
1. Firefly
2. Black Adder
3. Wonderfalls
4. Six Feet Under
5. Newsradio
1. Buffy
2. Angel
3. Simpsons
4. Scrubs
5. Futurama

I'd love to put Firefly in there, but as mentioned, too short. Other than that, while there were others that came to mind, these are the ones that were really fighting to get on the list.
I tried to choose shows that I love, that were also long.

1. Buffy
2. Farscape
3. Angel
4. X-Files
5. Justice League/Justice League Unlimited (since they are the same show, just rebranded to avoid cancellation)

Backups (and it hurt like hell to pick and choose): Arrested Development, Invader Zim, Malcolm in the Middle, Scrubs Season 1 - 10 Simpsons, Futurama, Batman: The Animated Series/Batman Beyond, Family Guy, Cowboy Bebop, Bubblegum Crisis, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Dragonball/Z, Noir, R.O.D, Ghost in the Shell. Maybe Firefly.

There's others. But, they'd just be what I'd choose from if I weren't allowed any of my first five.
1. Doctor Who - can't mess with over 700 episodes, many of which I haven't seen/can't remember
2. Stargate SG-1 - drama, comedy, sci-fi and again not short
3. MASH - _must_ be the non laugh track version again with the pathos, drama, comedy
4. Buffy/Angel - choosing to see them as one for the purposes of this lie ;)
5. Saje's All Stars - brand new series which many of you won't have heard of yet comprising my favourite single episodes from any TV show i've ever watched

(hey, we're on a desert island with unlimited power and a functioning TV where people imagine polar bears into existance, I for one feel OK taking a few liberties ;-)
I should probably have included Buffy or Angel or something but I've never watched them. I guess that's a pretty good reason to bring them to the island.
I would go to a desert island to be in your shoes and have the opportunity to watch Buffy for the first time!

My list:

Lost (assuming I'll be able to pick up future seasons)
Invasion (not much rewatch value, but I'm dying to know what happens)
Blackadder (I'm going to need some laughs)
Firefly (rather short, but I've only watched it once, and I reckon it can stand a good few watchings)
Oh man...choosing only 5 is just wrong but here goes:

Lost (totally a must, I wish I were one of those unfortunate but genetically blessed castaways!)
Firefly (can't live without it!)
House (bwahaha good times)
24 (Jack Bauer! Need I say more?)
Alias (that was a tough choice between gilmore girls and friends but I totally love me some Alias)
More seriously, I think I'll exchange the space taken by these 5 series on DVD for a satelite phone with additional batteries and a GPS.

What, I don't have the right to be smart?

Btw, gossi, what makes you drop Firefly from your list? And, yes, since I'm in love with Kaylee and I enjoy myself sleeping much, I can't stand season 5 of Firefly and I disavowed Joss.
Buffy absolutely. Its a good long run and extremely rewatchable and if there are no romantic prospects on the island I can have a nice relationship with Spike in my head! Plus I really, really love it. Still.

The Simpsons. Even longer.

Angel. I've hardly rewatched any but Season 5 so it would be almost new to me.

The original Star Trek

Seinfeld or Friends. I don't LOVE either series but they are good long series with lots of laughs and plenty of episodes I haven't seen yet. Just trying to be practical.

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1. Buffy
2. Scrubs
3. 24
4. C.S.I.
5. Sex & the City

Runners Up: Saturday Night Live (tempting cause there'd be 32 years worth to watch), Family Guy, Firefly, Angel, Gilmore Girls, ESPN's College Gameday, Third Rock From the Sun, Dog Whisperer, Arrested Development.
I don't get the premise of this one. If one were trapped on an island in a manner similar to the tv series Lost, one would not have the ability to choose which five tv series to which one had access. That being the case, they would probably be the worst five series ever in the history of mankind:

1. American Idol
2. My Mother The Car
3. The Hudson Brothers Hour
4. Hee Haw
5. Small Wonder

If I COULD choose only five tv series that I could see for the rest of my life, I'd probably just throw away my television and take up fishing or something. What would be the point? If forced at gunpoint, I wouldn't go for just quality. I'd go for quantity, with quality being a secondary consideration.

1. SNL (30 plus years worth of comedy and music)
2. Ed Sullivan Show (23 years of the best talent in the world)
3. Sixty Minutes (over 30 years worth, and educational)
4. Mystery Science Theater 3000 (10 years of talking over bad movies. I'd be in heaven)
5. Perry Mason (only nine years but never ceases to entertain me. not sure why)

Twilight Zone would be a serious consideration, but being stranded on a desert island watching tv shows in an underground bunker? Watching Twilight Zone would probably be too ironic to have any lasting wonder. At first it would be a novelty, but after having watched them all once it would lead to a melancholic reverie followed by random psychotic moments with the realization that I WAS in the Twilight Zone and there's no escape off this island. I'd probably have to say no to Fear Factor for similar reasons.

The longest running series ever include soap operas like Guiding Light, All My Children, and General Hospital. However, I think if I were stuck on a deserted island with only soap operas to watch, I'd kill myself.

My absolute favorite shows rarely last many seasons. I'd consider everything Whedon ever did to be suitable as one slot. Failing that, the only way to win this little game as a Whedon fan, is not to play. =P
However, I think if I were stuck on a deserted island with only soap operas to watch, I'd kill myself.

And this soap fan thanks you for that comment. ;)

Saturday Night Live (tempting cause there'd be 32 years worth to watch)

Better make that thirty-one. You really don't need to see the 1980-81 season. Trust me.
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Gilmore Girls
My list:

Buffy the vampire slayer
Thirty Something
Twin Peaks
My top 5 on an island :

1. Buffy / Angel : The best show, and it's easy to watch and rewatch each episodes.
2. The Shield : To remember why i have quit the civilisation.
3. Veronica Mars : Because i have only see the first season and i want to see the second, third, four, etc.. seasons.
4. Gilmore Girls : Because i love lorelei :)
5. The X-Files : Plenty of good story and characters and for the spooky nights.

Sorry for :
- Firefly, that i like so much... but 14 episodes.. too short.
- Six feet under and The Sopranos : Great shows, better than some in my top, but not rewatchable as needed if i'm lost on an island.

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