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April 28 2006

Let's be bad guys. A new official Serenity shirt from Hot Topic. Stylin' Online have additional official Serenity shirts, which are cheaper, and some qualify for a 2 for $30 offer.

Very nice, but I'm still wishing for the River one I heard they put out a while ago to come back.
So... did anyone else notice that they messed up the punctuation of "Let's"?
That being the case, I don't think I could bring myself to wear it... what a shame.
As much as I love Jayne, I'd definitely buy it if it were just the words. And oh yeah this is my first post ever here. Random...
Inner... Grammar Nazi... trying... not... to be bothered... by... lack of apostrophe... failing...

I'm there with ya, ithilien.
Shiny! Too bad they didn't keep the "shiny", might've made up for the punctuation.
Excellent link, gossi. Thanks!
Wow, I want that so badly. And though they may have forgotten the apostrophe, at least this shirt isn't marred like the River shirt with her truly annoying pose from the international poster.
I think the t-shirt is pretty cool, I might get one. The lack of apostrophe is just typically Jayne so it doesn't bother me much. ;)
T-Shirt is sort of cool, but not my thing. I'd much rather people put some energy into reproducing Jayne's various nifty shirts than a shirt with a picture of Jayne wearing a shirt. Also, line of dialogue, mispunctuated or not? Out of context and without Adam Baldwin's delivery, it only screams 'cool' to those of us who have seen the movie. I don't think it makes a particularly communicative t-shirt logo.
Tshirts like this will only really sell to fans, eliterrell, so I don't see it as a big problem
Tshirts like this will only really sell to fans

At such a price, this is not a mystery!
That its a freaking awesome shirt. End of comment.
I think Jayne sometimes is too good for an apostrophe ^-^
I'm with you guys who are missing that apostrophe! Something like that happened on an officially rleased Goblet of Fire poster and they fixed it because so many fans were upset, but I guess it's different if it's on shirts.

By the way, does anyone know what the characters on the back say?
Those are just the characters for Serenity (on the ship, movie logo, etc.).

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