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April 28 2006

BBC Radio Five Live Film Reviews pronounces "Slither" Movie of the week , and says Nathan Fillion is a "really really good actor".

Mark Kermode on BBC’s Five Live reviewed Nathan Fillions “Slither”, praising the movie, Nathans acting, mentioning Firefly, Joss and that "terrific" movie "Serenity".
In the broadcast version they played a clip from the movie, but they cut them out of the podcast. So you don't actually hear Nathan (just a reference to the clip), but for those who wish to hear it all, the podcast is available here(for a week). About 27 minuttes in (though they are generally entertaining even though they are easily distracted by other topics - but then thats what the fans love).

Anybody wanting to cost Simon Mayo £10 should email and tell them you watched Society after Mark's recommendation...

A great review.
Seriously, people need to go to this movie. NF is very good. I can't wait to see his new movie..
Nathan was my favorite thing in the movie but I have to say the main actors (and actresses) were all good.

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