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"Vampire cowboy? Vampire fireman? Oh! Vampire ballerina!"
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April 29 2006

I prefer shopping to football. Anthony Stewart Head is the subject of a very cute profile by

Oh! I love it! That's great how he doesn't take himself seriously. And I'm really impressed by his devotion to his family.

It was really fun just reading so much about him personally. Usually interviews with him are all about what he's working on at the time.

I really hope his show is picked up. I'd love to be able to see more of him.
Oh, he had me at how he stopped asking his partner to marry him because everytime he did, she'd tell him to "f--- off" and go throw up; I adore Giles (he's possibly my favorite character in the entire Buffyverse), I quite think ASH is funny and candid and wonderful, but his partner! Now she sounds like someone I could be friends with.

ASH: what strikes me is not just how unpretensious he is, but how openly happy and dorkish he is. Some people open their hearts to you, and you're disturbed by the darkness they have inside. Him? he's all sunlight and flowers, no ill intent whatsoever. Fascinating. I can't imagine anyone not liking him.
Prefers shopping to football ...

Prefers shopping to football ...

Prefers shopping to football ...

Nope, no matter how many times I repeat that to myself it still doesn't make any sense. Maybe he was talking in one of those demonic languages he had to learn whilst working in Sunnydale and the translation just got a little screwed. :)
I hate shopping and football - but if I had to choose I'd go with shopping - as long as it was Internet shopping and not going into actual shops.
Heh. I'm a chick, and sometimes I like shopping (especially at the vintage and interesting stores in the Haight Ashbury or Japantown, flea markets and garage sales, never the mall -- retail is scary) and sometimes I like football (American football, not soccer, and only when the 49ers are doing well or it's a tight, well-battled game).
What an absolute doll! I agree with dottikin, I want to meet his partner. She sounds like so much fun! I do hope the ABC pilot works out. I need my ASH weekly fix.
From all the interviews I've seen & read and the acting jobs he takes (gets), I think our Ripper is really a bad-ass actor who does what he does because he loves the work and maybe the challenge too.

I think its a testament to his mad skills that ASH, the man, is so very different from Giles. Can you see Giles asking Buffy to run to the mall or do her makeup???!!!

(IMO, anyone that can get up in front of people wearing those outfits from Rocky Horror has got guts.)
I like shopping for footballs. Does that count ?

As usual ASH comes across as down to Earth, genuine and self-deprecatingly funny. Luckily he's as ugly as sin or he'd put the rest of us in the shade.

Wait a minute... ah, shit.
I've read interviews with him that hinted at a much darker side - I think when he was living alone in L.A., away from his family. Sounds like he needs them to keep his sanity.
My old girlfriend, who was for years incredibly dismissive and dersive about Buffy, will love this interview. At one point when she was first burning her way through the DVDs I sent her, she wrote to me, saying, "Is that really Giles' singing voice? God, I have to f--- that man!"

She will just love this interview!

(By the way, midway through Season Six she wrote, "Spike! Spike!!! Giles 'who?'")

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Ack! Doctor Who spoilers for 'Mericans in the last couple of paragraphs! I managed to stop reading before I saw anything damaging to my psyche!

I love this interview, though. How cute is ASH?
I love how ASH defended SMG's "supposed" diva personality too!! It's nice to hear that.
I love how ASH defended SMG's "supposed" diva personality too!! It's nice to hear that.

Oh I totally agree WheelsOfJoy. Honestly, Im pretty new to BTVS (I finally started watching it this August--sorry guys, but hey I did finally come around to Buffy's brilliance!) and what turned Buffy from simple teen fare that I sought to avoid, like Dawson's Creek for instance, to completely brilliant piece of literature was Prophecy Girl. Simple teen fare does not bring about such emotionally powerful moments like "Im 16 years old, I dont want to die". ASH and SMG were simply incredible in that scene, and as the series went on, SMG gave incredible performance after incredible performance. After that, I simply became a fan.
Very entertaining read...he's a doll.

"I've never cheated on Sarah. If you met her you'd understand why". That just makes him more attractive, that he's a good man and a faithful partner. Bravo Tony!

I'm sorry to say I missed ASH in a thong last night on BBC America's Little Britain...or possibly I'm glad I missed it? Yeah, I think that's for the best.
Shopping sucks, I agree, but football is even worse. At least with shopping, afterwards, you've got new, cool stuff! :D

And a splendid interview, as you say, nice to get to read one going more in depth on the person behind the characters he play instead of just asking him about his work. :D
There was always something about this guy that I liked. This interview confirms a lot of reasons for that.

Disagree though. I hate shopping more than soccer, even though I am not a soccer fan either. Maybe if I had to watch soccer as often as I am forced by circumstance to go shopping I would hate them equally. ;-)
Great interview. What a sweetie.

I'm not a football fan (either American or soccer) but I love baseball and definitely would prefer to watch a game rather than shop.

Unless the shop is dusty, quirky antique store.

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