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April 29 2006

(SPOILER) Tonight on BBC 1 - Tony Head stars in 'Doctor Who'. The Radio Times website reviews the episode and says Tony gives "a lip-smacking performance".

Obviously this is the discussion thread for tonight's episode so feel free to chip with your reviews and comments.

And if you like Doctor Who and want to chat about it with your fellow Whedonesque posters, we do have a forum for the show over at

Aaargh, missed it. Watching 'Doctor Who Confidential' now on 3. They're heaping praise on Tony.
Great fun. Not the best episode they've done by a long shot, but enjoyable.
Ohhh, I loved it. It was so good to see Sarah Jane again. Elisabeth Sladen looks great. And K-9! K-9 looks as crap as ever. Bless him.

Tony was (of course) fab. All slick and screechy and weevil. But, come on, SARAH JANE and K-9 were there! I nearly cried. About 3 times. And I'm not even the hugest Doctor Who fan...
I loved the scene in the swimming pool. Tony was on top form.
He was indeed. That was the finest scenery chewing I've seen for quite some time, and thoroughly enjoyable too.
I thought it was great, possibly better than last week (only partly because it had frikkin K9 ! ;). Nice bits between Rose and Sarah Jane and real emotional resonance. ASH was brilliantly slimy but not totally one note (the bit in the swimming pool was indeed excellent) and totally evil to K9 which is how you tell whether anyone's truly bad in Doctor Who.

So far in the new episodes we haven't seen him in any real quandaries (like his soul searching in 'Genesis of the Daleks' for example) so it was good to see The Doctor actually being tempted and having his resolve tested.

A couple of laugh out loud moments too, pretty good effects, most enjoyable.

(and did I mention K9 was in it ! Good, good dog ;)
'Poor, thin, child.'

Bwah, awesome. And that was just the teaser.
''You bad dog''!

Love Tony in this, infact I think he dominated every scene he was in with an air of controlled menace.

Ripper eat your heart out!
I am only grateful that I can still see this episode in the U-S next week thanks to YouTube. 20 years ago, I'd have to wait nine months to catch up to the UK run. But from what I saw from the clip with Tony, Billie and Elizabeth, this should be one interesting episode. Heck, seeing Diabolical Giles makes the episode right there.

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Yay, excellent episode. I enjoyed it more than last weeks though that may well be due to the cast/characters we were blessed with this week.
Yay! K9 was awesome. Tony was superbly creepy. It's nearly time for lunch. Yay.
Ahhh, I missed this because I was out watching Slither. Anyone know when its repeated?
Just finished watching it, thought it was absolutely bloody fantastic, loved it.

Definitely the best so far this season, and possibly my 4th favorite of the new series (after the Dalek ones).

Tony was brilliant, hoping we see him again, before that explosion I was sure we would, the krillitane oil didn't seem to be doing much to him like it was the others. And I still believe the character was open enough for them to revisit and make it so that even if he isn't The Master himself, there is a part of him in there, but that's possibly just my wanting Tony Head to play a recurring character.

Was just, great, gonna have to watch it again so I can see just what exactly was great about it, 'cos I had a huge grin on my face throughout.
Jona, it's repeated tomorrow (Sunday) on BBC3 at 7pm.
This page has got to have the creepiest pic of Tony I have ever seen, even more so than that episode of Little Britain.
Oh man, I am so with you on that, Ghost Spike. The "Are You Smart Enough?" link also has some game thing where Tony does a voiceover for some sound clips, and man does that give me the creeps... He was fabulous in tonight's ep, though, no doubt about that.
Oh, that was totally brilliant. Can't say enough. Fabulous. And I can see a distinct Buffy influence on this episode beyond ASH's presence. Deffry Vale High? Sarah coming in through the window reminded me of the very first scene in Buffy. Excellent all round.
Tony's comment on Dr Who Confidential "Krillitane....sounds like a hair-care product" Great fun.
Absolutely wonderful. Too little screen time for ASH though :(

You can hear his voice again in the online game they made:

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It's a shame we never got a full-on Evil Giles episode... till now, obviously.
Yep, ASH was fantastic in this. I like Tennant a lot, but ASH was the best thing in this episode by far. I've not been a huge fan of Dr. Who (only started watching this season. I saw 27x01, thought it was mind numbingly bad and gave up. Saw 'The Christmas Invasion', actually liked that, and gave it a second chance with S28 - which I am enjoying so far), so I didn't have the whole 'feast of recognition' thing with old characters popping up again.

So, yep, I enjoyed it, but Who'll never be top-of-the-line television for me. It's campy fun (with added emotion, this time 'round), but it lacks the depth and complexity (and, sometimes, the acting) I look for in quality tv. It's fine 'fluff' viewing though. And despite the lacking dramatic intensity, you've gotta love the humor :-).
Squeeeee factor 5! (out of 5!)
Buffy homages that I spotted.

Blowing up the high school.

The Doctor giving Rose almost exactly the same speech about growing old that Angel gave Buffy.

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