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April 29 2006

Joss draws Emily the Strange in Dark Horse's "Twenty Years 25 Cent Issue".

Wizard magazine #176 which has a preview of Joss' contribution, describes the motto of the book: Comics celebrities provide art but "they'll be drawing characters they're normally not associated with! For example, 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' creator Joss Whedon, [...] known for his writing, riffs on Steve Ditko, with a pin-up featuring Emily the Strange". Wizard mentions July 20-23 (San Diego Comic-Con) as debut of the anniversary issue while Dark Horse's page (see above link) announces that it's going to be released on July 5th.

We don't link to scans. Sorry.
I adore Emily the Strange. :)
Should I then edit the entry - which I'm happy to do if it's preferred - instead refering to, say, a DH or a Wizard page?

I deliberately didn't use a direct link to the scan to give the source credit (and because of a "legal hunch").
Tell you what, rewrite it and point the link to the Wizard website and say the sketch is in the latest issue. I think that would be the best thing.
Okay. Forget asking what Joss can do. What CAN'T Joss do? This looks nicely done to my eye. Good job Joss.
Hm, Whedon's a better artist than I expected. I'm used to writers not particularly being drawers too but I realy like that eyeball wielding the sword, and he's even got some of the same visual style, even if she does come off looking a little like Dr. Strange (given the hand gestures and the cape, but I assume that's intentional).
Cheers for that FFuchs. Much appreciated.
Here is a link we can all agree on.
Still not finding the copy of Joss' art. Where is this thing?
Hm, hopefully I can find this here in Germany aswell.
I'm confused. Where does it say JW drew Emily the Strange? He isn't even mentioned in the Emily article. He co-wrote the Serenity comic, but can't find where it says he drew anything.

What am I missing?
keedoh, the scan of the article has been removed... But Joss has drawn Emily The Strange.
Thanks gossi. Now I don't feel like such a 'tard for not seeing it.
"even if she does come off looking a little like Dr. Strange (given the hand gestures and the cape, but I assume that's intentional).
orangewaxlion | April 30, 01:20 CET"

Actually I thought it was not just intentional, but the whole point. Wasn't it labeled Emily the Strange as Dr. Strange or something to that effect?
Hey, didn't Joss draw all the pictures of the demons on the "Demons, Demons, Demons!" website that Cordy went to on Angel? And I also believe that he drew all of Angel's sketches of Buffy. Whedon's a very talented man.

He draws, he writes, he can do music, is there anything he can't do?
Any chance that Joss shows up to comic con to discuss this 25 cent issue like he did at WWLA for the Sam Loeb book?
The man can draw as well as compose music and write screenplays? Dayum!
Color me very impressed...

(hey you can pre-order 153 of them and get free shipping for $35, or 73 with bag&board, lol, give to everyone for winter holiday season)

[ edited by TaraLivesOn on 2006-04-30 07:35 ]
Hard to say now because the scan's gone but the guy who drew that Emily Strange picture didn't seem to be the same guy that drew Angel's beautiful sketches (unless Joss was going for deliberately crude in the Strange drawing - not dissing his effort, it's way better than I could do and great as a fan thank-you and anniversary celebration but let's just say Cassaday probably doesn't have too much to worry about ;).

And let's not forget dance as one of his many talents ('Numfar, do the dance of art' ;).

What can't he do ? I'd bet algebra's not too high on his list of talents since, by his own admission, not really maths/science guy. I knew there had to be something I was better at (and to think I didn't believe Mrs Evans when she told me it'd come in useful one day ;-).
Oh, the Doctor Strange thing is intentional--anyone spot that cat as the dread Dormammu?

Do you think anyone will draw Buffy for the Anniversary book? It's been a significant franchise for Dark Horse, so hopefully... (I'd suggest Mignola for it, but he's already done at least one Angel cover, so maybe someone else.)
And of course Joss drew the "Grr Argh" demon for the Mutant Enemy Logo, and did the vocalisation for it ("I need a hug", the singing version etc), but I can't remember who moved it along the screen. Solomon I think.
Hmm... Lookin' at all this Dark Horse stuff just makes me wish for a Buffy/Hellboy crossover all the more...
I LOVE Emily the Strange. It so figures Joss would be in on such a project.
Is there anything this man can't do? WOW. Looks great.

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