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March 24 2003

(SPOILER) Leoff's Wildfeed Summary for "Lies My Parents Told Me"

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Why didn't you say it wasn't complete yet??? Sure I shouldn't be complaining since it is a spoiler, but still.... It was very shocking. Leoff should write for soaps.
Leoff is having server issues, I think.

Really enjoyed this episode - despite it being all about Spike. It's good to see him out of the basement, unchained and not being a lovelorn sap. Getting a *bit* tired of Buffy's "everything's different, he has a soul!" The Buffy/Giles split is supposed to be painful, but it was so brief it hardly made an impact.

I missed Andrew.
I was all about this ep. Spike's backstory was excellent, as backstories should be, digging out hidden elements of his character that color everything about him we know so far. The thematic intertwining of the Buffy/Giles, Wood/Nikki, and Spike/Mama stories was insanely wonderful. All the acting was top-notch this episode; SMG was in rare form, and Wood channelled rage I wouldn't have thought possible.

The most interesting thing, I think, about this episode, that I'll have to consider further, was all the parallelism between this episode and Becoming, Pt. II, with Spike in the role of Buffy. There's that moment when Spike catches the stake between his hands (like Buffy with the sword in the Angelus fight), and the moment when Spike stakes Mama (like Buffy, also with the sword, also in the Angelus fight). These seemed to very consciously echo those moments from Becoming II. If I think about it, I may find more. Any thoughts on this?
Each man kills the thing he loves...

In a great reversal of themes, Spike will end up having to stake Buffy to close the hellmouth. And then Giles can strangle him. Slowly.

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