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April 30 2006

6 May is Ariel Ambulance Day when the ambulance will be purchased and transported to the Minter Field Air Museum for restoration and display and volunteers are needed.

10AM Mojave scrapyard -- purchase and load ambulance
1PM Shafter museum -- unload ambulance

We need volunteers!
1. Large semi-muscular men and warrior women (at least 6 for each location) to walk the large-but-light-weight ambulance prop onto and off of the flatbed.
2. Documenters: folks with digital still- and film-cameras.
3. Bystanders/onlookers/cheering squad
4. Host families for long-distance Browncoats who want to arrive Friday night--why rent a hotel when one can stay with Browncoats?

We need Supplies!
1. Padding--old blankets, foam pads
2. Tie-down straps (25')
3. Short lengths of wood/blocks/wedges to secure the ambulance and support it off the ground at the museum.
4. Tarps and tape/straps/bungee-cords.

If you think you can help please contact Adam via the website.

The Bedlam Bards are also donating all profits from sales made online on 6 May to the Ariel Ambulance Fund. Links to the various sites you can buy their stuff is on the Ariel Ambulance Website.

well done!

I'll be cheerleading from Boston Safe trip!
Oh, how fun! I'll be thinking of you guys here in Illinois. This is just the coolest thing ever! I just looked through Adam's website, and it looks like there is a nice group of Browncoats in in Oregon. That is very cool to see.
Kudos to everyone involved in doing this - this is really cool! Minter Field deserves "props" too, for being willing to house aircraft from the future!
Yay! Seconding the Boston-ness. Good luck, and Godspeed!
Congratulations from Canada, you guys and I wish you all Fair Skies!
Cider, the contacting address?
Follow the main link to this item which takes you to the Ariel Ambulance Website - then click on 'contact'. Sorry if I didn't make that clear in the post.
I live in Bakersfield and would be happy to help out with the unloading.
That sounds perfect GimpyD - could you conact Adam via He is co-rdinating the effort.

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