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April 30 2006

Wiccan Reverend Interview with Brief Mention of Buffy. While discussing the acceptance of Wicca, Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are referenced as bringing out the underlying morality of Wicca.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone use "Bewitched" as an example of making Wicca acceptable to the general population. I waht to ask him what he thinks of "The Craft."
(warning, rare rant mode following)
Except real wicca doesn't have reverends. His use of it is a christian bastardization of a pagan religion and he (and others) just use the title to try to make people recoignize their pseudo importantace.

Hollywood magic and wicca magick are two entirely different things. I'll resist going overboard but that "witchschool" site is rather offensive - $50 membership, "selling spells", ha! If you are remotely interested in what real wicca and wiccan morality is about, try browsing around which is completely free (and ad free) and is user driven with essays, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I love how the writers in Buffy tried to use the concept and there were some real beautiful moments but remember it was just to enrich the characters and they strayed far, far away from reality. I'm not even going to comment on Charmed and "The Craft" ;-) The "Bewitched" reference is stupifying, have you read about how "TV Land" put up a statue in Salem to market the series? *shudder*

I can summerize real wiccan morality in a single phrase: "as it harm none, do what ye will"

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Right on Tara!!! I was thinking the same things. Not to mention the fact that he never mentions that what witches will be celebrating is the Wiccan holiday, Beltane.

You are correct. There ae no reverands in any of the pagan traditions I have ever heard of (apart from maybe the Unitarian Curch) but that is really just an attempt to "fit in" with more traditional reliigions.

If he really wanted to educate people about pagan traditions and beliefs he should have referred to himself as a high priest or a member of a coven or a solitary practitioner. In additon, he should have mentioned Beltane and there should definitely be no profit taking to join his "wutch school"

I personally despise Charmed and The Craft because they depict witchcraft in its most crass and hollywood way. I always admired how Joss made it clear that there are consequences for using our own personal power. Yes, witchcraft can be used for good. But with all personal power, there is a responsibility that should not be overlooked.

For anyone really interested in learning the truth, I highly recommend a book by Scott Cunningham entitled "The Truth About Witchcraft". Stay away from crap like The Craft and Charmed. They just keep the stereotypes alive that led to millions of deaths aroud the world.
Good points and to continue a thought there, season seven had alot of potential with Willow learning "everything is connected" and going to see the coven. I just wish it had been more than two episodes. Apparently Joss was going to shoot more but weather and some other issue I can't recall right now made them cut it short. *sigh* oh well.
*cough* I liked The Craft.
eddy, I liked The Craft, too. Beltane is not just Wiccan. Reverend is an honorary title. Some people get so hung up on the trees, that they never see the forest.

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