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April 30 2006

Visit the Deffry Vale High School Web Site. The Headmaster of the school bears a striking resemblance to a certain Sunnydale High School librarian (contains spoilers for the current season of Doctor Who in the UK).

This is, of course, a mock web site for the Dr Who episode that just aired in Britain with Anthony Stewart Head. If you click on "Are you smart enough" there is a game you can play with Anthony giving the instructions. He really does look kind of creepy almost like a cross between Giles and a Gentleman from Hush.

Yes, very creepy
That site is cool! Thx for the link :-)
It's also a pretty tricky test, too. Even Daleks may have a tough time with it.
Yay 3 marks. Go me. That test was just odd. And Tony Head looked ever creepier than he was in last night's episode.
Ah, Simon you beat me. I only got 2 on each test and totally had to see the headmaster after school. Darn, I mean if I have to stay behind with him I suppose I will. Hee. ;0)
Spoiler tags should be added to this. Those of us in the US who haven't seen Doctor Who season 1 in its entirety are getting all sorts of spoilers about this season 2 character whether we want to or not.
OK. Wish I had the power to put spoiler tags on! Where are the spoiler-tag nazis when you need them? Is there no consideration for those of us who don't want to be spoiled for Doctor Who?
What are the rules concerning spoilers, anyhow?
Technically, I think if it hasn't been broadcast in North America then details about the episode can be considered spoilers so this may qualify.

Still a nice link though. Great creepy dialogue.
Very creepy..

And I liked this episode for more than ASH. The little exchange between the Doctor and Rose about how he doesn't age yet everyone else gets old and dies is the first DW scene I've seen that compares to BtVS, almost alongside Buffys "I'm sixteen years old" line.
Rarely do we have a situation where we discuss a show that aired outside the US first. I'll add a bit to the subject line about it containing spoilers for the current season of Doctor Who in the UK.

ETA: And in deference to our North American chums, I used the term season not series (which is like so wrong when talking about a British show).
The spoiler rules are on the About page at the top. Since, technically, this hasn't been broadcast in North America yet it should probably be considered a spoiler. That said, the show is not US produced, in contrast to Mutant Enemys former works, so it might change the rules a bit.
I almost posted a similar request this morning. I do know that keeping away from spoilers is impossible, and I don't expect every little detail to be spoilered. But, much like I try to not spoil, say, Lost, for my UK on-line friends, I appreciate it when folks do their best not to spoil "Who" for us.

With such an international community here, it's definitely hard.

And, Simon, I always use "season" when talking about every show except "Who." It does seem wrong, doesn't it?

So, thanks for the effort in spoiler-ing this. Much appreciated.
I just want to applaud the continued pimping of this Doctor Who episode :-)
It was particularly splendid! I think it's generated more feedback that anything I have ever seen across various forums. Many people don't realize how strong of a performance ASH gave and there is a slight chance (I hope) that we might see him again...
I can't wait to see this season of the Doctor. I'm so enjoying being able to see last year's. And I don't give a whit about being spoiled;)

I agree about ASH looking creepy. He reminds me of Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs.
Sorry about the lack of spoiler tags folks. thanks for adding them Simon.
I am actually starting to enjoy Dr Who and appreciate it for what it is. I don't expect too much so I'm usually entertained even if I'm not expecting anything of Jossian quality.

I liked Tony's episode though. He was great as the creepy, cold headmaster, and that screaming thing he did was quite scary and reminded me of Dark Willow's scream in "Two To Go".
I've amended the spoiler rules to cover shows made outside of North America.

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