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"Miss Rosenberg. How lovely to see you again. Have you done something with your hair?"
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April 30 2006

20 questions with Charisma Carpenter in K9 Magazine. If you ever wanted to read what she thinks about dogs, well now's your chance.

I like dogs but I'm more a cat person.

I'm the same way, Simon (I'm typing this with my cat Roseygirl on my lap).

But I do love animals in general and my favorite thing to learn about celebrities is what kind of animals they have and how they decorate their homes.
Aw, she had a dog named Buffy, hehe.
Thanks, Simon. Alway good to hear from Charisma, wonderful lady :)
Hee! I have that same refrigerator magnet! (only one of the many similarities between CC and me, I'm sure ...)

Also, for the good of the collective, you should know that my new dog is named Riley.

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Hands down, my favorite CC interview to date.

I love dogs, we had my dog Jack since he was 5 months old and he died of cancer exactly 3 months after his 9th birthday last year. I can only hope Lucy can stay healthy for a long time.
CC has so much class. Nice interview.
Love dogs and cats alike (two of each live with us, enrich our lives immeasurably.)

Great interview, it'll get sent many places.
As my sweet Isis is curled up sleeping by me, it makes me happy that CC loves animals. So do I! It's like we're the same person. ahem......almost :)

I had fun checking her out on
I wonder if she had a Buffy dog before or after she started working on the show. It was probably after, but how funny would it be if she had a Buffy dog when she was six, or something like that?
If that's actually CC's myspace, I'll buy a hat and eat it. She links to "Sarah Michelle Gellar" and from there "Amy Acker"; both profiles are rife with misspellings and overly concerned about "posers". In my experience, if you're that desperate to convince someone that you're not a fake, you probably are.

It is a good interview, though.
She looks so adorable with her dogs. Really lovely pictures and interview. The Buffy dog is just too...gah! Love it.
What a classy lady. I have always loved CC. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She says her mind even if it bothers her fans or whoever else.

Very nice interview.
yep, janeway216. That's why I had so much fun. It is so obviously not her myspace. I had a good time checking out all her friends. It seems all their profiles were all written by the same person. ha ha.

I bet her dog was Buffy after Buffy. She's so cute.

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Nice interview. I like dogs and cats but i'm probably more a dog person. Cats are possibly better at being animals but I think dogs are better at being companions (if you're attacked for example a dog wants to help, it feels a connection with you. Cats, not so much).

Course, as a species, we've been with dogs a lot longer so it stands to reason.
Off topic, a bit, but we have a dog named Nellie and a cat named Clarence, both have lived in our house since 1998. In 2002, I started work at a job where I had two colleagues named...Nellie and Clarence.

What are the odds?

I love that David got the Angel audition (and his date with immortality) because the Buffy casting director's friend saw him walking his dog and thought he might be suitable. A better story than Lana Turner at Schwab's Drugstore!
Very nice interview and beautiful pictures of her! I think she looks so much prettier with a big grin on her face. I'd love her to get her own series where she isn't playing the bitca!!!

And I'm a dog person. Absolutely adore my dog and we spoil him rotten. I love cats too and will probably get another kitty when my dog's time comes but hopefully that's a long time away!
Well as I much as I love cats, you can't really take one for a walk on the beach. There's something to be said for walking with your dog early morning on a beach and enjoying the breeze coming in from the Atlantic Ocean.

However is there anything cuter than a cat trying to get your attention by walking over the computer keyboard and nuzzling your face?
Indeed, Simon. Our Rosalind (an 8 lb. midnight black cat) likes to watch baseball games with me, hanging over my crossed knees like a ship's prow. Nellie (78 lbs.) or Macduff (88 lbs.) won't be doing that any time soon!
Just for a moment there I was like, wait, K-9 on Doctor Who has it's own magazine? LOL!
I'm so much more of a dog person. They're so loving and friendly. My Staffy - Lurcher always comes up and gives me a cuddle when I get in.

I love cats too, but theres just something about a dog that is special.

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