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April 30 2006

DST Vamp Buffy, Chosen Buffy and Dawn early review. Michael Crawford's review on the new Dawn and Buffy figures.

I agree with him that the Vamp Buffy sculpt is good but she looks like she has a "I smell something bad" expression on her face. I have the Sideshow figure and prefer that over this one but I do think it's a great sculpt. I actually like the hair sculpt on this figure better than Sideshows. And I agree about the Chosen Buffy, another great sculpt but the eyes do look rather zombie like. I think they should have had her looking straight ahead with that confident "I'm going to kick your ass!" look on her face! I don't think the Dawn figure looks that great. And that last shot of the two Buffys, Dawn and Wesley together show that they need to work on their scale between their own designs. Dawn's head looks enormous compared to everyone elses and she's too tall. I know she's taller than Buffy but she wasn't that much taller. And from when that episode is used I believe she was still shorter than SMG at that point.

Yeah, you don't really wield that axe with a "yawn, is coffee ready yet?" look.

I just want to buy the axe separately. pout
LOL - I just said to my daughter that Buffy needs some coffee! Maybe you can buy her and pry the scythe out of her hands!
Bit sad that Dawn looks like such a spaz. It does sort of look like her, but it's strange they would use that expression. Who makes these decisions? I like figures, but they often don't seem to have much logic to them (major height differences etc.).
Not the greatest but not the worst I've ever seen.
I'd love to someday see a Buffy action figure that isnt suicidal.
Dawn sure looks happy enough. *g*
I have to say I like the dawn figure, although she is VERY happy!
She looks like a Dawny-bot. What have the boys been up to? ;-)
Is it just me, or does the Vamp Buffy look a bit like Drusilla?
I think I have the solution - just get them to swap meds. Buffy's downers will wipe the manic grin off Dawn and Dawn's uppers will keeep Buffy away from the sharp knives. Then, maybe just then, they will bear some faint resemblance to the characters!
LOL, I think that would work nicely.
Did anyone else notice that Vamp Buffy is shorter than Chosen Buffy? You could almost say "Hey! That's not right!" But really, it makes sense.

Huh. That's kinda funny.

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