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April 30 2006

The E! True Hollywood Story:American Pie. Learn the true(?) Hollywood story from the people who lived it in this E! TV special. My question is when are they finally going to do one of these for Buffy? Full House got one after all. It's on tonight and repeats at 11 pm and May 3rd at 8 pm.

Having watching the True Hollywood Story about Blossom, I have no desire to see one about Buffy.
The writer says: "In the '90s, that movie was American Pie, the pop-culture phenomenon that introduced Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein, Tara Reid, Seann William Scott, Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth and Natasha Lyonne."

Man, I hate this comment, which I see all the time. It is as if the writer has no idea what any of the actors were doing prior to AP. ALyson, of course, had a superb gig on Buffy, farmore meaningful in acting terms than anything she has done with the AP series, IMHO.

And I have to feel for the writers here. Not all has gone well for all these actors. Natasha Lyonne has been quite ill fighting her personal problems; Tara Reid became a bit of an embarrasment, to the point where even she recognized it. Mena Suvari went on to do good work; Sean William Scott gets tons of work but never in anything that is a serious role. Ah well, there is always Aly.
Sean William Scott is starring alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in Southland Tales this year. If it's a serious role remains to be seen.

I watched one of these 'True Hollywood Tales' on Dawson's Creek once. It was actually reasonably interesting, if only for the fact it kept showing James Van Der Beek complaining about the quality of writing on the show when Kevin Williamson left for movies. "You've been Beek'ed" was apparently a phrase the staff writers had when he'd phone up and moan about the scripts.

Yes, people, I watched Dawson's Creek, and I have no shame in this fact.

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Hehe, I'll back you up there, gossi. I used to watch DC as well. In fact, I've been meaning to buy the last season(s) on DVD. I kinda lost interest in it after a while, but I've been curious about what happened next lately.

As for the True Hollywood Stories...never heard of 'em before today. Is this the kind of programm where they try to dig for dirt or is it more respectable?

Man, I hate this comment, which I see all the time.

I hear you Dana. Then again, apart from the UK, Buffy never was a real mainstream hit anywhere and a lot of people know Aly as 'that band camp girl from AP' instead of Buffy.
I've just finished watching Dawson's Creek season 5, as it happens, and I'm about to move onto season 6. I enjoyed Season 6, but didn't see all the episodes - but I remember it being one of my favourite seasons.

Season 5 has been curious. The dialogue writing was actually really good, on the whole - some great comedy lines between the characters. That said, story wise it started to annoy me. Joey/Dawson. Whatever. Move on, one of you! Also, both Dawson and Jen go missing for half the season -- presumably to shoot movies -- and it becomes The Joey Potter Show. There's even an episode which features only Joey Potter, a mugger and Mercades Mcnab, of all people - the rest of the cast go missing. That said, I'm not regretting watching it - Pacey and Jen are amongst my favourite TV characters, and there's some great episodes mixed in. Dawson, however, does bore me to tears unfortunately. He's occasionally interesting, but mostly acts like he's 79 years old, which isn't interesting TV.
I'm agree with James Van Der Beek, I only enjoyed the first couple of seasons. Really, really enjoyed them. And I will always remember them as one of my favourite tv shows.

Well... is this one a Buffy place? :P
I got addicted to season 2 of DC, but lost interest soon after that (except for the episode with Rachael Leigh Cook in, mmmm) but like GVH wanted to catch up on where things ended so rented the series finale. I'd missed out on most of the Joey/Pacey relationship stuff, so some things seemed a little odd to me, but it was written by Kevin Williamson again and was, IMHO, a great return to form, suitably funny and emotive in the right places. All in all, I'm really glad I watched it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed early creek. Just remember, apparently Pacey and Joey had a lot of togetherness too.

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