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May 01 2006

'How I Met Your Mother' UK Date Change. Despite what was posted a few weeks ago, it seems 'How I Met Your Mother' won't be starting in the UK until the end of this week, not today.

A few weeks ago it was posted that 'How I Met Your Mother' would begin showing in the UK on May 1st, but that is not the case it seems.

The first episode will be shown on BBC2 on Sunday 7th May at 7.30pm, and then repeated on BBC3 on Monday 8th May at 10.30pm. Presumably this will be the same every week, so people without BBC3 will still get a chance to view the show thankfully.

I've changed your URL to the relevant BBC 2 link.
Oh my. They've moved it to BBC2 at prime time? That's a bold move. It takes about 3 or 4 episodes to get going, so will be interesting to see if it lasts.
Can't remember the last time the Beeb pulled a show before its entire run (they've already paid for it after all) so I reckon it'll last but whether they buy the second season is another matter of course.

(and if you mean they might move it to a less favourable slot then I guess that's entirely possible though, again, the BBC tradition is to give something every chance to succeed so I doubt it)
Wow, that's a pretty decent timeslot. I might rewatch the season on the beeb at that time. I agree with gossi, the season takes about 3 or 4 episodes before it really finds its stride. Before that it's fun, but it doesn't seem like anything really memorable. After that, it slowly turns into the best sitcom I've seen for quite some time. Here's hoping it does well.
Cheers Simon.
The original news item on the BBC website had them showing it tonight on BBC3 and then repeating it Sundays on BBC 2 - so they were always going to show it on BBC2, Obviously they are now doing it the other way around.

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