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March 25 2003

UK Firefly episodes to air in May on the Sci-Fi Channel according to

Finally, we Brits get to see a new Joss show :).

So what happens if Firefly's a big hit on the Sci-Fi Channel?
In my dream world, good ratings and much praise from UK fans causes Fox to re-evaluate Firefly and so the show gets a second season on an American cable channel. But that's just my dream world.
Mine too, (dream world that is).

Although, the actors have kinda moved on to different series, but in said dream world ... the money would be so good that would find a way.

As you may have heard some of the early episodes build ... then the really good ones like "Jaynestown" and my favourite "Out of Gas". Then you get three of the last episodes we did not see. I will be jealous then. That is how it goes if the episodes are shown in order. That is part of how the FOX network sabotaged the series, that preempting it for football, showing the pilot last, cutting advertising spots, and giving it the timeslot of death. UK fans seem to get the Whedonesque stuff better that the US though, so here's hoping.

Maybe you guys can get the "lost episodes" over here by video-file and file-sharing services (for anyone out there listening and able).

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