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May 01 2006

A roughcut trailer of the 'Vangelis' fan film. First look at the latest Angel parody.

"Coming soon from Crazy Asian Man".

That music kept making me think The Day Today logos were about to start exploding on to the screen...
Had to watch it without sound here at the university (I'll rewatch tonight), but that looks like fun. Also, the DB likeness is surprising to me. Certain shots in there, you'd almost swear it was actually him.

All in all, this still sounds like a fun project. Something I'll be watching.
Yeah, there is some interesting DB likeness goin' on there. I swear there's a shot near with the end with what looks like Summer, too.

I liked the "Power Walk" shot.
Wow, that is a kick-ass DB fascimile.
I bet it looks so much like DB because he has the Angel Lightingİ. (But yeah, the actor also does seem to bear a striking resemblance to DB).
Huh? I see no resemblance to DB at all.

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