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May 01 2006

Buffy's mom appears at Chiller Theatre Jun 2-4. Kristine Sutherland (Joyce/Buffy) and Tamara Gorski (Rebecca/Angel) will be at the expo in Secaucus, New Jersey. Nathan's co-star in 'Slither' Michael Rooker will also be there.

First! Wow, that really isn't as thrilling as everybody made it out to be. I'm just taking a little tea break and posting 'cause it's been on my mind lately what an absolute dream Kristine Sutherland is. Sweet, erudite, professional and swell-lookin'. That's pretty much all I ask, and Kristine always delivered all. She was an unsung hero on the show, bedrock, in an odd way kind of "Buffy"'s Kaylee -- nothin' but decency and hope, and those are tough things to play. And so fun to work with. I do miss Kris, so this is a little webby shout out. Plus, seriously, who else can play a corpse for six days and not get a LITTLE grouchy?

Back to the pun-mines! xoxo -j.

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Second! Um, yeah.

I always missed Kristine Sutherland in the later BUFFY seasons. She brought so much grounding to the show, and kept Buffy so very human. Buffy might have had a calling, but she still had to answer to mom. And can I just say, that the fact that she had her eyes open in The Body was both creepy and sad?

(And thanks for spending your tea break with us, Joss. And at the mere mention of tea, I now crave an oh-so-trendy, yet oh-so-yummy chai latte. Hardly even counts as tea.)

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Third! Not as good as second or first but still the last of the medals and so the last of the non-losers ;) Thanks for sharing that shout-out to Kristine Joss, she was brilliant through Buffy and truely outstanding in The Body. It'd be good to see her in a new role sometime soon.

Edit because everyone else is doing it, oh and all the mistakes.

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Seventeenth! (Darn computer clock thingy . . .)

Thank you for the shout-out to Ms. Sutherland, Joss. She's brilliant. And my mum thinks so too.

And, while you're here, thank you for AXM 14. Excellent stuff.
Oh, my. Same weekend as Moonlight Rising. We rarely have anything like this in this region of the country, and finally we do and they both have to take place on the same weekend.

Fifth. Is there any significance to being fifth?

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I also missed Joyce greatly, although I still find "The Body" stunning in its greatness. Speaking of greatness, Joss, (hmmm--two synonyms, separated by a comma) it's very classy of you to come on and give Joyce a shoutout.

Can you tell us if Joel Silver and/or the studio have volunteered any feedback on the Wonder Woman script yet? "Cause if they're holding you up I'd be glad to look it over for you, or I could just sharpen your pencils, wash your car, or whatever. Seriously, I need a job and all your ex-staffers speak highly of you so you must be a decent boss...No?..OK...I'll just watch "Our Mrs. Reynolds" for the sixth time today.
"Gingerbread" was on today, and it really made me see that she was such a strong presence from "Beginning" until "The Body." Here's to mother's day, which is coming up *hint-hint kids and fathers*.
She was great in Buffy. Her role evolved with such wonderful sympathy. It was a joy to see her change from paranoid, worried mother to: "You look the same to me".

And you killed her Whedon! Damn you to the pit-fires of hell, evil puppet master! Or some such.

Wow, that's enough coffee for now I think.

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