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May 01 2006

Alan Tudyk and Ron Glass in Milton Keynes. A summary of the Serenity screening yesterday. Alan mentions he's just got a part in a film called "Death at a Funeral", shooting in London.

We recieved a recording of the Alan/Ron Q&A and will be playing it on the Firefly Talk podcast in the next week or two. The recording we have is a bit rough (recorded on a cell phone) so if anyone has a fairly clean recording please contact me through our web site. Thanks!
erico, I saw a post on Firefly_Serenity_UK (Yahoo group) from somebody saying they recorded it. I'll find out who it was.
I always think if Queen when I hear 'Milton Keynes'. :p
I am excited to see Eliza on the big screen. *Yum*
Sorry for my ignorance--is Milton Keynes a town, a university, or the mashing-point of the economic theories of Milton Friedman and John Maynard Keynes?

I have nothing against Rebecca Gayheart, but I'm so glad Morena got the part.
Good question, jaynelovesvera. Milton Keynes is the most prominent of the so-called "New Towns" designed and built in the UK in the 1960s. Here you can read about its post-modernist designs and grid layout, among other things. MK was always a butt of jokes when I was growing up - a poster-child for planned suburban sterility, - but I'm sure there are many that love and laud it.
Milton Keynes is a town, or rather a sort of urban experiment from the 60s where a whole community was planned around automotive transportation (instead of historic urban centers, NY, london, paris, etc., which were never designed for such use), and I do think its name is supposed to be ironic. The experiment was a colossal failure, as people realized that more cars is not necessarily a good thing.

But then, this begs the question, why the hell does milton keynes get a screening with castmembers, and never Toronto/Mtl/Vancouver/anywhere in Canada?

Sometimes it sucks being Canadian. Then I realize we have the best beer and its okay.
Actually, the name Milton Keynes comes from a preexisting village on the site of the town, not from the economists (as the wikipedia article I linked to previously tells us) - but it's certainly a nice coincidence. And I'm not sure it's correct to say the town is a "colossal failure," given the proposed (and controversial) housing expansion.

But no arguments here that Canada should get its own cast visits, especially in view of the Fillion/Staite connection.
Wow, Ron almost didn't go for the movie because Book died? Damn, I'm glad Nathan got to him! The movie wouldn't have been the same at all.
Ron and Alan were the last to sign for the movie. At the time, the news leaked online, and there was a brief postcard campaign to Universal as the fans were under the impression Universal were having last minute thoughts about backing out (which wasn't the case, as it turned out).

But then, this begs the question, why the hell does milton keynes get a screening with castmembers, and never Toronto/Mtl/Vancouver/anywhere in Canada?

The answer is really simple: a commercial company organised it, and people paid and went. Anybody could do it.
Zol has mentioned that he needs to transfer the talk audio, but I don't know what form it is in at the moment.
I know i'm being too literal... this was just a joke, right?
Joss has already said that if they do more both of them will be in it. They both said they would be there like a shot. Alan said that Joss has brought characters back from the dead before!
In this 'verse, it doesn't make sense coming back from the dead. Which is too bad because it will be hard to see Serenity II without 'em.
No, foofaraw. Joss has stated that they would be back- in particular he said of Alan "And not in some cheesy twin brother kind of way".
Wow, this is news to me (i didn't become a fan until i saw the movie). Any more details?
It's come up a few times, foofaraw, with Alan, Ron and Joss all pitching it. All the actors are contracted (uh, at the moment) for 3 films - although that's a limited time deal. I think flash backs are possibly the likely answer - we've seen them work well in "Out of Gas" before, for example. And we all know Book has some secrets. Joss has said before he wants to avoid prequels, and isn't into 'cheesy twin brother' resurrections.
Thanks, Lioness and gossi. Makes me feel better about sequels. It's only now starting to sink in that there won't ever be a TV show - which would be my preference.

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