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May 01 2006

The Final Season - the movie. A new movie with Eliza Dushku, Sean Astin, Powers Boothe, Tom Arnold....and others.

Olivia: Sorry I'm so late. The flight was a horror.
GILES: Bad weather?
Olivia: Baseball movie.
Giles: Oh.. so sorry.
With that title, I was idly hoping for a documentary about actors' thoughts on the ending of long-running TV series...
Nice apt quote dreamlogic, still good to see Eliza getting work.
You're kidding me....

Eliza's role is the role that Amy Acker had before she dropped out!

That's a coincidence!
It should be interesting if Eliza can pull off a role where her character is not as tough than in her previous movies.
The movie sounds like it should be on ESPN rather than regular theaters.
"POLLY HUDSON, 25, tough, by-the-book, attractive lawyer representing the Stateís side in the reorganization process. She does it because itís her job, but soon begins to see Kentís side of the argument, and, in so doing, falls for him."

Hmm. Doesn't sound like anything Eliza has done before, so we'll get to see her range. Not a great fan of baseball movies, but I'll give it the proverbial go on ED's account - assuming that it makes it through to production and release and all.

I note that product placement opportunities are still available . . . any appropriate 1990-91 Whedonverse suggestions - an advance poster of the BtVS movie hanging in the club room, perhaps?
Good for her. It's always nice to see the BTVS actors branch out and take risks.
Very cool news.
Hey, Dushku and Astin! I'll buy a ticket. Especially if they don't mention Tom Arnold again.
Did you notice that it's being made by PMS Productions?

What a wonderful name...
When I saw the title of the film I thought it would be a film about a show's finale season, maybe a critique of being cancelled and stuff. That I would have watched.
ED will be great. I predict she will hit it out of the park.

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