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May 01 2006

Pics of Amy Acker and Family at Recent Pet Event. Amy was at Silver Spoon Dog and Baby Buffet 4/29/06 with her husband and her son Jackson.

You can also see how preggers she is with her next! All together now...'AWWW!'

Um, April 29, 2005?

And is there a more newsworthy link mentioning this event? We try not to link to general fansite galleries.
It's Acker. It's news.
I agree with this Joss guy. It's Acker, it's news and I think that is suppose to be 2006, not 2005. Since she is clearly starting to show this time, and Jackson was born in Jan 2005 and he looks older than 3 monthes in that shot.

Oh and Amy's hubby whoa mama he gets better looking everytime.

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Just so I can post here after The Man.. the website says 2006 (so, just a few days ago).. the '05 here is a typo.

And wow, is Ms. Acker and her family just so happy-looking.
Oh my god, I had NO idea she was pregnant again!!!
I will second that awwwwwwww!

You are so wrong, "joss", if that's even your real name - and pshaw for correcting my moddish duties. Ack. Acker. It ain't news - but they are nice pics.

(And typo corrected).

Ah well. I'd still like to see a real link though, if there's one out there. Amy pics + news is double-plus better.
In baby-talky voice: igi-booggo-googoogoo!
I love Amy Acker. Delighted to see how happy she is. Only met her once at a con, but she was just so darn lovely.
At least Joss is willing to say it's news. We're on the same page...

No news, just pictures. Real link? (??) (Blergh.)
Come to think of it maybe we can change this site name to ackeresque. Cause I don't think this Whedon guy is going to be doing much more.
Last time I checked, Joss may be His purpleness, but that doesn't make him a mod here. That actually involves allegiance to the Dutch crown, monthly contributions to the treasury and the wearing of clogs on our national holidays. Not to mention a love of raw salted herring. In other words: please use e-mail for any discussion of our moderation.
joss, you can moderate me anytime :P
Well, I've certainly caused a stir (I thought those vicious lies I wrote about Kristine Sutherland would land me in the soup, not this), so let me put this all to rest:

This isn't my site. I have overstepped. But I still says an Ack pic is news. Hell, I'd run 'em on the front page as often as JJJ runs Spidey (though I would be less likely to brand her as a menace). (Probably.)

This isn't a blog, it's a damn forum already.

And this isn't my nose (say it with me now), it's a false one.


(Anusian, your meaning is clear to me and it's shocking. Except I'm not sure what it means. I lied about that. But I'm pretty sure I oughta be shocked.)
"..It's a FALSE one..."

Oh crap. I'm always a little late.
Just to clarify (or actually add to) any confusion.

Firstly. The pics are actually from 3 days ago.

Secondly. This is a blog. We don't do stickies (which sounds a lot worst than it is).

Thirdly. I'm going to post some really nice links in a minute.

Fourthly. Joss posts here after midnight his time which is damn cool.

Fifthly. Let's stick to commenting how nice Amy looks in those pics.
Aww! Miss Amy is glowing! Such a beautiful family. Seriously, it should be illegal to have a whole family that pretty.
She is cute as a button, Simon. Someone here knows how far along she is... spill, for those of us out of the loop.
keedoh, I read Amy's due in September.
Whilst not wanting to drag the conversation off any more, I'd just like to say since we live in the UK/Ireland, Simon, we should know that if you have a photo that is news! All you need to do is make up a story surrounding it.

Here's my story to go with the photo, written for The Sun newspaper: FUTURE WONDER WOMAN Amy Acker is seen posing on the set with costars BEARDED MAN and CUTE CHILD. Shooting starts 5 days ago, and will be released tomorrow. JOSH WHEDON directs the $4.5 dollar production, which costars KATE BECKINSALE, KATE HOLMES (not to be confused with the child Katie) and MICHELLE RODREEEGES.

Now. Send me my cheque.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-05-02 10:32 ]
Ugh. I hate the word 'preggers.'
'The Preggers', good name for an alien race.

Uh, yeah, the kid looks cute as a button.
I'm still waiting for a British sitcom called 'The Preggers'. Set in Liverpool.
A dog and baby buffet? That's just disgusting! lol

Awwww Amy. Now continue the "is this news?" debate...
She looks lovely. I am shocked however that zeitgeist and SNT have sworn allegience to the Dutch crown. Does the US govt. know?
She looks so lovely. Positively glowing.

This whole allegiance thing is only ever going to be an issue if the US invades The Netherlands. Since they haven't actually done anything wrong that'd involve making up some pretext for invasion, possibly making connections that aren't there, falsifying evidence etc. Just never going to happ... err, nevermind.

(and for the record, all the best people are born in September. Fact. ;)
September is definitely the best month ;)
She really does look gorgeous in the photos. Pregnancy really does her justice!
I'll swear allegiance to the Dutch Crown. That Prince of Orange isn't too bad looking. He's no Wills though...

BTW, it seems baby has developed daddy's allergy to smiling...but it's cute on a baby.
AA looks AAmazing!

(p.s. as long as I have Joss' ear, you totally made my 12 year old niece cry last night when Buffy skewered Angel to close the vortex. Her first time seeing season 2 come to a close. She loved it.)
Least this place isn't like who repost pictures every three months just so they can have about 20 pieces a day.

Didn't realise Amy Acker was pregnant again, good for her.
Wow, Amy Acker looks wonderful. She looks so happy and that just makes me feel wonderful!

And Joss, please never stop being you!
mikejer, we all know Joss hit his peak back when he was working on Roseanne, and it's all downhill from that...

(I am joking). (Except lacking the funny). (But it's the trying that counts).
The only thing that could make those pics look any better was if Amy still had her Illyria blue hair. Oh how I love the blue hair.
Aww, Amy, how pretty is she, pregnancy suits her, must admit I hadn't realised she had another baby on the way but hope everything goes well, *sigh* miss seeing her on Angel so much, so talented, although I'm not a fan of Alias I've made a point of catching her on there, she rocks as always.
Damn....they all got the ugly gene.

If only we had our sarcasam purple font. Has that coming, mods?
I'm sure I don't know what you are talking about, Harm.

p.s. - its a blog, Whedon- get with the program already ( is the forum)! :) That or go watch Tony Head in the new ep of Doctor Who.

p.p.s. - re: allegiance to the Dutch crown, monthly contributions to the treasury and the wearing of clogs on our national holidays. Not to mention a love of raw salted herring. Scowls at his moderator clogs while writing out a cheque to the treasury with... A HERRING!!!
But, zeitgeist, I spent so much time getting this shrubbery! ;-)
billz - you will only end up getting him... ANOTHER SHRUBBERY! - not to mention chopping down the tallest tree in the forest with that herring ;)
Monty Python humor! Finally a reference I get!!! ;)

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