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May 02 2006

My dream project would be working with Joss Whedon says Steve Rolston. For those not familar with who Steve is, he was the artist on Greg Rucka's superb 'Queen and Country' comic book. Anyhow at the end of the interview, he's says he'd love to do a Spike comic and there's a cute lil sketch of Buffy by him as well.

I seem to recall Joss saying in a Wizard interview that Queen and Country was one of his favourite comic books.

Joss? If ever there was a post for you to read and respond to... then I bet it would have similarities with this one.

That U-Go Girl & Doop drawing is also terrific.

(And for accuracy's sake--Queen & Country has a different arist each story arc. Rolston did the first on, and returned for a single-issue story in #25. And he's worked with Warren Ellis on 'Mek,' and now with Brian K. Vaughan on 'The Escapists'--both writers Joss loves. Comics can be a small world sometimes.)
I do like that dual-stake-wielding pencil. A nice combination of his art style and Joss' world.
I really dig the Doop and the Buffy drawings. I don't knowwhat it is about Doop, he's the kind of character that if someone described him to me I might hate, and yet I always find him to be funny.

The Wolverine and Doop two part noir miniseries was too good.
Very nice interview with a skilled artist, let's make sure Mr. W. sees it. :D
The link's no longer working, Simon.
Link fixed.

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