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May 02 2006

'Cherub' season two coming soon. The success of the first season of the Angel parody series (60,000+ downloads - pretty darn good) has convinced the makers to go for another one.

See I love things like this. It's a success story, it's great to see people from the fandom doing something like this and it's a nice way to pay tribute to Angel the Series.

Cherub really rocks!

Well, some things are still a bit awkward but, in my not-so-humble opinion, the team improved and has the potential to improve again. This is exactly what happened to The Signal, as I was saying on their forums a few days ago.

I know some here (weren't you in, Simon? I can't remember well...) do not like stuff such as Cherub but, personnaly, this is rather stuff like Vangelis (from what I have seen in the trailer) that I don't enjoy much (too serious in my opinion).

Anyhow, I really wish Cherub's team plenty of seasons.
I liked Cherub, it made me laugh. Which is good.
You know what I loved? The Firefly mockudrama, Mosquito. That amused me muchly.

I did kick around (briefly) the idea of doing a mockudrama on Browncoats, but I don't think everybody would see it in the humour it was intended...
Yeah Mosquito was definitely my favourite all and fan project I've ever seen. It was just so damn funny :)
"Cherub" was really good, been downloading each one as soon as I could after it won me over with the hilarious Police Squad! style ending to episode 3. I look forward to season 2.

Hadn't seen the Mosquito thing before, just watched it on YouTube and loved it, really funny.
Does anyone know if Joss has seen any of these? They're great fun!

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