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May 02 2006

(SPOILER) Yet More "Drive" Casting News. Andres Saenz-Hudson and Shahine Ezell have been cast. Spoilery character descriptions below...

Winston Salazar: 23, Hispanic. He's another racer who is participating in the contest, along with his younger brother, Sean. A couple of characters, they are riding in a stolen, pimped out Caddy. Always bickering, the duo wait for instructions on the red cell phone that links them to the contest's organizers. They are determined to win the 32 million dollar purse but they may learn that there's a big downside to this high-stakes competition.

Sean Salazar: 18, Hispanic. He's Winston's younger brother, a character who is a bit of a germo-phobe. He wants to win the big prize money, but he and his brother waste of lot of time in bickering. Sean and Winston give the disgruntled young Violet a ride in their pimped out (and stolen) Caddy.

Bickering characters, much with the snark, are always good TV.
32 million dollar purse? And just who is fronting that? And will it be part of the plot?
Bickering characters, much with the snark, are always good TV.

Especially when written by Tim.

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You know, I want to get excited about "Drive" (Minear, and all), but the more I read about the premise, the characters, and stuff, the less enthused I am about it.

Not that I want FOX not to pick it up for next season (Minear needs the work), or deny anyone else from watching it. I just don't think it's my cup o' noodles.
I had the honor of reading the script, and it was amazing! I am so excited by this show. Of course everything Tim does excites me, but I really think he has a chance to break the Fox curse with this one.
Any bookmakers out there that got odds on which character will be the first to die yet? ;-)
Telltale, I think Tim mentioned there were going to be 16 (?) initial main characters. There will be deaths. Oh yes!
I think we should place bets on how long characters last. I predict the first death in 15 minutes.

Oh Tim. How you have jaded me.
Which reminds me, second repeated episode of The Inside on ITV4 tonight.

Maybe he'll just put two fingers up to the network, assume he'll be canned after 13 eps. and kill one main character per episode with a triple whammy, blood bath extravaganza at the end. Just look at the accident statistics and you'll see driving's a pretty hazardous affair ;).
In episode 13, all the cars finish the race, crashing into Fox Broadcasting Corps office.

Uhm, I made that up before IMDB run it as news.
At least the show isn't just the imaginings of an autistic boy...hopefully.
But will it feature an autistic boy driving to his death? Oh, the complaints await.
How 'bout a beagle driving to his death? ;)

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Beagles are extremely bad drivers. It's to do with the droppings. In fact any small droppinged animal makes a bad driver. Just look at rabbits. Lethal they are.
Yes, the rabbit is in an episode called "Road kill bunny".

Oh, I know. Tim's exact words after revealing how many characters there are going to be were, "I gots me some killing to do."
The characters all watch on as Tim spins a wheel-of-fortune with all their names written on it. The wheel slows, clicking past names, until gradually it settles on one.

"NOOOO!!!" Screams the one whose time has come. But there is nothing he can do as Tim takes up his mighty pen and writes a gorey death scene, cackling insanely.

The others breath a collective sigh of relief. But they all know it will only be short lived. It won't be long before the Tim Reaper strikes again.
Having read the scripts of The Inside that Fox wouldn't show me, I think that merely dying in a car wreck is far too mundane. I believe that someone will be found with an oil filter where their liver should be, and a trunk full of stalker photos of IT personnel servicing computers in compromising positions. ;-)

On the other hand, I have to say I'm a little disappointed to read that two young Hispanic men are driving a "stolen, pimped out Caddy." IMO, wouldn't it be more interesting if they weren't all gangsta-y? Or if people of another ethnic identity were driving the stolen, pimped out car? Or females? I love ya, Tim, but, dude. This bugs me. :-(
Is there some problem with ending a series as the dreams of an autistic boy? I wasn't aware.

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