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May 02 2006

Jeff Mariotte talks Angel. Quite an extensive and interesting interview with the comic book writer. Criticism of 'Angel: The Curse' gets addressed and as does whether the post Not Fade Away comic books should be considered canon or not.

I'm interested in the new series he mentions in the final paragraph. I hope it is a mini-series focusing on different moments from Angels history which he mentions that he would like to write.
I thought "The Curse" was pretty "meh" and pointless, "Old Friends" was much better but it wasn't great.

I did, however, love the last page of "Old Friends" with Angel back in LA and teamed up with Gunn and Spike ready to take on the evil of the world.

What happened to Illyria, I forgot.
I wondered if moments from Angel's history was what he was referring to as well, derf. Maybe he'll expand on that moment in the episode (sorry, can't remember which one) where Angel intimates a relationship with a famous artist while pretending to be a museum guide.

That did exist, didn't it? Or am I just imagining it? I went searching for it, but couldn't come up with it.
It was in "She", anindoorkitty, and the artist was Monet, I think. He also referenced Baudelaire as well.

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Thank you, Jackal. *off to rewatch "She"*
I have to disagree with Jeff about why people(at least this person) didn't like 'The Curse'. It didn't have anything to do with not seeing the other characters, it had to do with the plot and flow of the story. It just went nowhere, and slowly!
I'm very interested in learning what the secret is hidden within this interview. That really sparked my interest.
Plus, of course, in Vegas in 'The House Always Wins,' Angel mentioned knowing the Rat Pack. (Right? Now I'm beginning to doubt myself...)
"Thank you, Jackal. *off to rewatch "She"*
anindoorkitty | May 03, 00:51 CET"

Brave, brave kitty. Oh, but there is Angel's goofy dance that totally redeems that episode.

Telltale He said he was at Elvis and Prisilla's wedding too. Now *that* I really wanna see. lol.

Does it say when the Doyle one-shot is released? Also, anyone know when the Spike/Angel one is out?
exoticmushroom, if you mean the Spike/Angel mini-series then it's scheduled by IDW for for an October release.
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Heym exoticmushroom! Don't diss "She!" It's one of my favorite episodes, although admittedly I couldn't have told you what happened in it plot-wise until after the third or fourth time I'd seen it - I have a dork fetish, and there's just something about watching Angel's and Wes's dance scenes (as well as Wes's strip tease in "Blood Money") that distracts me from everything else going on around me.

Actually, apart from "there's a bunch of demon chicks who radiate aphrodesiac and cook guys from the inside out, and there are bad men after them" I still couldn't tell you much.
Haven't read the article yet, but had to weigh in with a comment. I totally agree with exoticmushroom--the dancing by Wes and Angel totally makes that episode. Didn't care for it much, otherwise. But I watch the dancing over and over. It gives me a happy. Muchly so.

And I thought The Curse was much better than most of the other books on the 'verse out there. I'm probably prejudiced, of course, because it was pretty much Spike's show. Can never get too much Big Bad!! But I have to confess that I don't remember many details, just the overall impression of it being better than most of the others.
SangChaud Cursed is a book, but what he was talking about was the first 5 issue comic book series called "The Curse".

Angel's dancing is one of THE funniest things I've ever seen. EVER. Wes' is funny, but you can't beat the dark and brooding one stepping out. :0)
OMG! EM I'd forgotten about the dancing! You're right, it's one of my favorite pieces of the Angelverse. DB does dork so deliciously. *watches twice*

Really looking forward to the Spangel mini-series. Is it autumn yet?
Cool interview---
The thing that keeps me away from most Buffy/Angel (or Star Trek or Star Wars for that matter) comics and novels are that the stories aren't canon- but moreso that unless it has great art or has some involvement by one of the tv staff writers or has been stated to belong to canon in some way, it takes a bit to get me to spend the money on them.

Also, I'm a little bugged that the comic art that I've seen in them (and this is just my opinion) looks great but doesn't really seem to fully exploit the comics' medium visually in how it's laid out.

I know I'm pretty opinionated when it comes to the comics. I just wish sometimes that a great comic writer/artist like Frank Miller or Jim Steranko would do a Buffy or Angel story or two, just to push the limits of the imagery that seems a bit flat.

Comics can go anywhere, but for most of the tv-to-comic adaptations I've seen, imagery and artwork seem pretty confined to a tv budget, which seems really confusing to me why they would go that route.
My opinion only.
The reacting to Old Friends has been "overwhelmingly positive"? I haven't read it, but judging from the comments on these boards, I thought that the feedback was mostly pretty sucky.

All I know is The Curse sucked, and sucked hard, so hard that I did not even continue buying it to the end, and Spike: Old Times sucked quite muchly as well. Glad I don't have to consider this canon.

Bring on Joss' Buffy S8 comics!
Sorry, EM, that's what I get for posting before reading the linked article. That and a fuzzy memory will land my foot in my mouth every time. Also, I'm kinda hit or miss on the comics--only recently started reading them at all. I usually don't even like magazines: too much clutter, pictures, etc. and not enough words. So comics are a little difficult for me to deal with. But my desperation resulting from 'verse withdrawal has sent me careening into the arms of graphic novels, etc.
Word Unpluggedcrazy!
Bring on Joss's Buffy.

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