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March 25 2003

WB holds on renewing Angel. TV Guide says that while the WB today officially renewed six other series, Angel is still not yet one of them.

What is wrong with these people? This just can't be the very last season! Kudos to tvguide for supporting the show.
I'll be spitting blood if Angel doesn't get renewed.
Oh, man! We se need to organize some kinda stupid write-in campaign? Maybe we should send in ketchup packets....
No need to send ketchup! Just go here:

for everything you need to know about the campaign to renew Angel.
AtS isn't on the list, but 7th Heaven gets a 2-year green light? Is it possible that the WB doesn't employ any smart people? grr arghs all around.
7th Heaven gets a 2 year green light because it's the highest-rated show on theWB. Angel is up there (for WB standards), but I think the budget is like huge. From a business standpoint it makes more sense to do a crappy reality show that a bunch of people may watch than a fringe favorite such as Angel which cost a bunch and requires actual talent opposed to human/monkeys which dance on command (though much to theWB's credit they haven't taken this low road as often as some ... "cough"FOX"cough"). But this is the current trend, and theWB has to compete.

Don't get me wrong! Angel is fantastic! and far better than anything on television (except Firefly before it went away and sometimes Buffy)... but the numbers don't really reflect that.

to see the ugly details go to

and write your postcards.
An article that I read about the pickups on Zap2it mentioned the fact that because the contract between 20th Century Fox (which produces Angel) and the WB is up after this season, it needs to be renegotiated, which could certainly delay any decision about continuing the show. It's going to be a more complicated process than just deciding to continue the better-performing shows.

Honestly, I can't see them not picking it up for another season. The WB has publicly praised the show's performance (and its creative steps forward) and seems pretty pleased with it.
It's also possible that UPN could pick it up to fill the Jossy hole in their line-up.
I changed your link mgldan cause TV Guide updated the page your previous link pointed too.
That's cool, Simon. Thanks for leaving a note.
yeah, major grrs and arrghs...
i will cry a river of blood if Angel is cancelled, I mean, if they keep 7th Heaven and not Angel? There will be havoc...

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