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May 03 2006

Joss Whedon gives an update on the Wonder Woman script. He tells SciFi Wire that the script has been given to the producers (not to the studio yet) and that he's working on revisions. No news as of yet on the movie's start date or indeed the casting. Update: iFMagazine has news about the movie's villain.

1. This is way new news -- May 2nd (which it almost still is in the U.S. -- OK, it was last night, but only by a few hours). We get the scoops here, folks!

2. Yay Summer! Congratulations on winning a Saturn! :-)
Yeah, good to get some news about WW, although it seems to be quite some time before any detailed news comes out.

Oh, and by the way...
Whedon attended the Saturn Awards to accept a movie best supporting acting award on behalf of Summer Glau, who co-starred in Whedon's SF movie Serenity.

Shiny! Congratulations Summer!
Hmmm, announcement later in the year. I do wonder (uhm, out loud) what the status of Goners is.

Fun fact: see what the #1 link for Goners on Google is now. I'm such a nerd.
We'll do a thread for Summer once the relevant link goes up at the Saturn Awards site.

And knowing SciFi Wire, we'll no doubt see more tidbits from Joss as the week goes on.
1st - Yay, Joss
2nd - Yay, Summer
3rd - Yay, Gossi.

*all yayed out*
I've added this iFMagazine link to the subject line. The villain will not be coming from the Wonder Woman comic books.
Go Summer! *does the Dance of Joy*

But 'supporting'? What's up with that--she was totally lead actress in the film! *grumbles even though he is used to this sort of Hollywood terminology*
We have a lovely new thread about Summer winning the award so let's lets discuss the news there.
Glad to see a bit of Wonder Woman news. I am incredibly curious about the villain though.
Wonder Woman is sounding very long term to me. I want my Goners first!

Also, Joss may have lost the big prize but nice to see 2 of his favorite girls win. Hoorah for Summer and Kristen!
Yeah, i'm thinking summer 2008 for WW. I doubt they'll want to go up against Spider-man 3 next year (though I suppose they might want to try to 'borrow' some of the superhero buzz).

I'm glad it's an original villain since, though I don't read it, people on here have said that historically her opponents haven't been too fantastic in the comics.
Just like Emma I'm curious about the Villain. Personally, I do find some of wondy's rogue gallery interesting, characters like Ares, Circe, Medusa and the White Swan. But hey, I have faith on Joss. So rock on.
Here's a question. If they went for Summer 2008, what is scheduled there? Or what will get released then, do people think? I can't see Spidey 4 going out so soon, nor another X-Men movie. Hellboy 2, maybe.

I suppose the idea situation is for an announcement this year, shooting end of year, release Summer 2007. It'd be a tight schedule, though.
Wouldn't it be cool to see a Buffy Villian play the part?
It would have to be someone who got away on BTVS, which pretty much takes out The Master and the Mayor.
Adam was blown to smitherines, Glory snuffed out with the Death of Ben.
That leaves us Dru, Angelus and Evil Witchy Willow.
There would have to be some extra special "guest appearances" with these bads. Buffy would show up at the end to save Angelus and Willow and Spike might make an appearance for Dru. Wait, would that make it to much about Buffy? *g*

How pathetic is it that I want to impose Buffy into Everything?
Very! but Joss has ruined me. Wouldn't everything look a little better with SMG as Buffy in it?

I'm sure it won't be a Buffy Villian but that would rock so hard.
I can't see Spidey 4 going out so soon

No, I doubt Spider-man 4 could even be made in that time (especially given that I think the main cast only signed for 3 so deals would have to be re-negotiated etc.). Maybe not an X-Men movie but if X3 does well they could go straight into production on the standalone Wolverine film (or maybe the Magneto one if that's still on the cards though it doesn't seem a natural first choice given the hirsute one's greater popularity).

I suppose another Superman sequel isn't out of the question for summer 2008 either. And the evil spectre of Fantastic Four 2 looms somewhere on the horizon ;).
I still think Wonder Woman will come out next year but it will be pushing it.
I read recently that J.J. Abrams is planning to have the new Star Trek movie released in 2008, which could be potential competition if it goes out at the same time as Wonder Woman.

Truthfully, it's way too early to speculate about releases of any movies that are currently still in such early development. Many things could change between now and even the end of this year that could drastically alter current plans.

That said, there is no way that Spidey 4 will be out as soon as that. Wolverine's solo movie is a lot more possible, although still pretty unlikely. The only sequel movie that really falls comfortably into that timeframe is Fantastic Four 2. As for new Marvel movie franchises, I'd assume that Ghost Rider will be released either later this year or certainly 2007.

Apologies to Joss but that is the superhero movie that I'm looking forward to, after X3 obviously. Really wish he had gotten himself involved in a Marvel project, then I could really be looking forward to seeing it rather than the semi-mild interest I have in Wonder Woman, which is still about 100 times the amount of interest I would have had if Joss had not been involved. Ain't no way that you would have got me to see a Wonder Woman flick if the Whedon name wasn't attached.
I read somewhere that WB is only planning to release one major comic book movie every summer and there's no room for Wonder Woman in the summer of 2008 currently, the Batman Begins sequal takes up that spot and in 2009 the Superman Returns sequel is scheduled. Their only opinion would probably be to postpone Batman 'til the winter and take Wonder Woman in the summer or possibly spread them out in May and August, but I don't they'll do neither. So summer of 2007 is when the Wonder Woman release has to happen.

And talking about competition in 2008 there's also Neon Genesis Evangelion, the "ever-developing" Jurassic Park IV and I have the distinct feeling that James Cameron's Avatar will end up there aswell. So 2008 could be rough.

[ edited by Djungelurban on 2006-05-03 13:39 ]
If WB had WW available and looking good for 2008, they'd shoehorn in it.

By the way, Warner's have owned the WW film franchise rights since at least 1998, I found out recently. This movie has been a long time coming.
cabri said:
Wonder Woman is sounding very long term to me. I want my Goners first!
I have to agree there, W W should be good, but "Goners" is Joss's project entirely, so that is what I would hope to see first. If W W does get scheduled for Summer '07 I guess we could have quite a wait to find out what Joss has in mind for Mia.
Aarrgh, can't believe I forgot about 'Batman Begins 2: Batman Keeps Beginning' or 'Hello ? Batman ? Still Here in This Really Sweaty Costume, yo' (or maybe more likely 'Batman Continues' ;). That's one of my more eagerly awaited ones.

I hope that's true Djungleurban and they get WW out in 2007 (provided it's not a rushed messs of course).
When's the next Harry Potter movie out? Next year or 2008?
saje I totally had to look up hirsute in the dictionary. It was an online dictionary though so don't feel too sorry for me.

Oh and if Wonder Woman comes out before Goners it would help with promoting Goners. I mean I can see the trailers now "From the writer & director of Wonder Woman."

[ edited by war_machine on 2006-05-03 14:36 ]
One determining factor could be studio notes/rewrites. Joss has also sold Goners to Universal, and is pending (uhm, I think) rewrites, which was supposed to happen about now I seem to recall reading. So if that goes smooth, it will mean Universal will have signed off (hopefully) the script, like, very shortly - before Wonder Woman has even got to the studio...

Okay, straws. I have them. Whichever goes first, I'm there. But the whole mystery aspect of Goners, I can see being awful fun. That film already has a bit of a following online, which is crazy fun.
Well, so far every new Harry Potter movie has been released with a 1 year margin and I have found no indications that's gonna change anytime soon. This means that yes, there'll be a new Harry Potter in both 2007 (summer) and 2008 (winter).
Simon, HP5 comes out June 2007.
Can't wait for this film, but fter some great initial comic book movies, recently several have seemed rushed and less true to the source material. So, if it takes Joss time to nail this, I'll stay crazy-impatient in hopeful silence :)
If Joss is "surprised" at how well its coming together, you know its going to be awesome.
I have heard that the final Harry Potter novel is actually finished and in the vault, but will not be released until July 2007 because they are waiting until after the next movie. Which makes summer 2007 for the next movie sound right.

And Joss talking about his "incredible incompetence"... Jeez, I dream about being as incompetent as Joss.
Very cool, Mr.Whedon is perfect for the job- but...
...the geek in me that grew up on dc/marvel comics is more than a little disappointed that Joss has said in an interview that she isn't going to be wearing the same costume as in the comics. (*sigh*)

How can one do that? It might be cold to wear, but it's like changing Superman or Batman's costumes!
(Plus anyone remember how great it looked on Lynda Carter?) ;p
I read an interview where the interviewer asked Joss if Wonder Woman's costume would be close to the TV version and he said it would closer to the current costume in the comics.
Here's a question. If they went for Summer 2008, what is scheduled there? Or what will get released then, do people think? I can't see Spidey 4 going out so soon, nor another X-Men movie. Hellboy 2, maybe.

I suppose the idea situation is for an announcement this year, shooting end of year, release Summer 2007. It'd be a tight schedule, though.
gossi | May 03, 12:47 CET

The Batman Begins sequel is scheduled for a summer 2008 release.

I figured Warner Bros.wants a superheroes franchises out each summer.

Summer 2005 had Batman Begins.

This summer has Superman Returns.

I would think they would want another one out for next summer since they already have Batman Begins 2 set for summer 2008.To me,Wonder Woman would seem the logical choice for summer 2007.There is also a movie version of The Flash in development with David Goyer set to write/direct.

They are planning a follow up to Superman for a summer 2009 release.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2006-05-03 16:59 ]
harry potter 5 is endeed scheduled for summer 2007 and his dark materials: the golden compass is scheduled for november and prince caspian in december of that same year, crowding the holiday season with big movies of this nature as well. Also Scott Peterson of Poseidon has indicated the long awaited "Ender's Game" may well be his next project putting him working on that script very soon as well.

[ edited by Rhapsody In Blah on 2006-05-03 17:03 ]
...but it's like changing Superman or Batman's costumes!

Err, they did change Batman's costume (though they kept the distinguishing features) and Superman's is also subtly different to both the previous movies and current comic version (e.g. the shield is slightly different). There's always tweaks to achieve the desired effect on screen.

I think as long as they retain the fundamentals of the Wonder Woman costume some changes are fine (unless this is along the lines of a 're-imagining' in which case we might see her in anything). I see something similar to Xena's outfit but maybe a little bit more ornate (more gold etc.) as befits a princess.
Everyone here talking about release dates seems to have forgotten there are 52 weeks in a year. The absolute biggest blockbusters (Star Wars, Spidey, etc. 100 mil+ opening week) might own the box office for a month, not more. It would not be difficult for them to fit WW in summer 2007 even if we had a new Spiderman, Batman, X-Men, and Passion of the Christ (Passion II: Jesus Reloaded?) to deal with.

Having said that, this script is taking a long time to write. There are feature scripts written in two weeks. Whats it been? Six months? I'm starting to wonder if the lack of a deadline is slowing Joss down. Of course, maybe they're just making sure its the shiniest comic book movie ever. But its taking so long!
Rhapsody: Actually, I believe the latest date for The Golden Compass is September 2007... although I think it's likely it may be postponed.

Now talk about a script that's been in the work for a long time! :/

[ edited by fortunateizzi on 2006-05-03 17:17 ]
Serenity's script was in development for... well, I don't want to speculate as I'm not sure, but I gather a long time.

I don't mind. The reason a lot of films suck might be the 2 week thing.
Darn, a new villian. While I'm sure it would be a good one, I was kind of hoping for Hades. I say when in doubt, get a greek god!
They may be worried about offending the all important Middle Greece demographic (big cinema goers ;).

(I guess it might actually be about steering away from gods as villains, even ones that are no longer in vogue, so as not to turn people off - and also because gods battling isn't exactly easy to identify with. Pity cos Greek mythology has some ripping yarns)
Prediction: Summer '07 ain't happening.

IMHO, there is not time to script, cast, shoot, edit, and do CGI in twelve months and even if there were, the field is way too crowded.

Here is a partial list of movies coming out between May and August of '07.

Spiderman 3, Shrek 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Fantastic Four 2, Harry Potter 5, The Transformers, The Simpsons, Bourne Ultimatum, Ocean's 13, Alien V. Predator 2, Sin City 2. That is only a partial list.

The sequel to Lion, Witch and Wardrobe has been bumped from Christmas '07 to '08. Maybe then. Summer '08 should be the Batman Begins sequel. I don't see WB putting the two in direct competition with each other. If I were Chris Nolan I'd raise holy hell if they tried. Summer '09 should be the next Superman movie.

I see it as going in Christmas '07, or continuing to languish in development hell.
Why does it have to be summer? I know that time period is the traditional action hero blockbuster timeslot but couldn't it be December for example?
So...exactly how much of the WW fanbase is Joss going to piss off by not including a villain from the comics?

Not that I'm complaining. I find Wondy in the comics to be incredibly uninteresting (except when makin' some earth-shaking love to Superman in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Strikes Again), and in my mind, Joss is free to take any liberties that he wants to with her or her history.

But is he going to be alienating the fanbase? I mean, I'm a huge Spider-Man fan, and had they not used Spidey's rogues' gallery for the movie, I would've been going insane. Then again, I can't think of one Wondy villain, whereas Spidey's villains are some of the most celebrated in comics history.

Hm. What do you think?
Agreed, I could not name a WW vilian if you put a gun to my head. Then again, I don't read the comics.
I DO read comics, a lot of them. Mostly JLA, Batman and Superman. And I can tell you I have absolutely no idea of the name of any Wonder Woman villians. I think a gal called Cheetah is one of her rogues, maybe, but I have no idea what she looks like or what she does.
Yeah, Cheetah. Saved me from a bullet. Thanks!
The only other one I know besides Cheetah is Ares and that's about it. I don't really care anyway. A joss villian would be so much cooler than any of the comic ones.
Having never cracked a WW but having watched several hundred hours of Whedon-crafted entertainment, I'll toss my chips in with him to do a better job of villain creation than the source material's done. I may be speaking out of turn here, but being a former comic geek myself, I never got the impression WW had the same kind of die-hard fanbase with extremely specific expectations that all the other major comic book heroes do. Among the many reasons this is a good fit for Joss is the fact that expectations to stick close to any prior story or group of characters shouldn't be particularly weighty.
Agree on the talk about mostly unmemorable villains for Wonder Woman in the comics.

Batman and Spiderman arguably have the best series of villains that generate a lot of excitement- Superman seems to have a lot less by comparison: (off the top, Luthor, Brainiac and the Phantom Zone criminals are the best --- even though Toyman and Mr.Mxpytlyk ((probably spelling it wrong, I know)) are memorable, they don't exactly bring a sense of danger nor anticipation of being a 'perfect nemesis' for Supes.

Wonder Woman, though? The Cheetah is the only one I can really remember- I would think the best villain for her would be a character that would be a dark mirror version of herself of sorts--- someone that she could have become if she chose the 'dark side' so to speak.

(A really evil version of the Black Widow comes to mind as someone who might make a good antagonist- someone as smart and strong as WW but breaks all the rules for her own gain. )

Also, I agree that the plus side to tackling a property like Wonder Woman is that it's a character that everyone loves, but it's a character whose comics were rarely ever that spectacular to begin with (though George Perez had an interesting run and the 60's stuff when she lost her powers to be trained in martial arts had potential and was kinda cool)
So...exactly how much of the WW fanbase is Joss going to piss off by not including a villain from the comics?

I'm sure both of them might be concerned *nods*.
Never underestimate a fan boy's rage. Even a very small fan base like Elektra readers had fits when seeing the changes and casting of their title heroine.
Does Felix Faust count as a WW villain? That's all I could come up with.

I second eddy's suggestion to not underestimate any fanbase. I never thought Hal Jordan was that popular, then came H.E.A.T. *shudder*
How about the whole organic web shooters for Spider-Man in the movies?I think the fan base is still angry especially since they then made them organic in the comics as well.

I read lots of comics although not really Wonder Woman unless there is some type of major crossover such as with Superman and The Omac Project.I'll probably pick up the first issue of the new Wonder Woman monthly though.
Wonder Woman's best villains are all Greek gods and the like. They're great, but if you use them in a film, they're going to swallow up a lot of the story and the budget just by being gods. Joss seems to be focussing on Wondie vs. the modern world rather than Wondie vs. the stuff she brings with her from the island.

And I don't mind Joss leaving Cheetah out of the movie, no I don't. Maybe Joss could go really dark and use Dr. Light. (Lame Identity Crisis in-joke.)

"Never underestimate a fan boy's rage. Even a very small fan base like Elektra readers had fits when seeing the changes and casting of their title heroine. "

I think that may have had more to do with the quality of the movie than anything else. ;-)
Wait a minute, there's a Lame 'Identity Crisis' as well ? When will the Infinite Crisis tie-ins end ? Don't they know we have to eat as well ?

I'm not a huge Spidey comics fan but I always used to wonder why, if he could invent really cool stuff like his web-shooters, he was always poor ? The organic ones just make more sense to me (and allowed for the impotence metaphor in Spider-man 2, worth it for that alone I reckon).

It's true you shouldn't underestimate any fanbase but a small one, no-matter how vocal, will be totally ignored by the majority of the mainstream viewing public so won't have much effect on the bottom line (which is what concerns the studio).
I think we need to keep in mind that the way we got here is Joss turning down X3 because it had an inflexible rushed schedule. He and Joel Silver agreed on him doing WW based on there not being a schedule ("literally"). So I don't think studio politics will force it into summer 2007, especially considering the studio hasn't gotten a script yet, and again that's the situation that made Joss pass on X3 in the first place.

So I don't expect summer 2007. Maybe Christmas 2007 or summer 2008.
Warner Bros have their own fandom forum for Wonder Woman, you know. Clicky.

There is -- apparently -- quite a gay fan following for Wondie.

There's also this forum specifically for the movie at Blue Tights, which is a fanbase website which fans run, but Warner Bros actually pay for.

If anybody wants a laugh (by which I mean bite your internet tongues, and don't read this Joss), check out this topic, which even a site moderator wades into.

There's going to be some fun times ahead.
Interesting thread, gossi . . . may I take this opportunity to remind our members that our policy is not to get into discussions about other boards or their members here. Discussion of the subject matter of those other threads is perfectly fine, but no personal comments, please. Ta.
Ok I need to throw in my 2 cents on the costume debate. I see that some of you are concerned that it will not be the same as what you are picturing....Linda Carter style. Wonder Woman has had many costume incarnations in comic books over the years.

Way back in the 40's, when she was the secretary for the Justice Society of America, she wore more of a skirt looking thing with stars on it. (I still find it amazing that they made her a "secretary" considering she could jugle 3 cars if she wanted to) The more recent WW costumes are much more regal.

Personally, I'm thinking Joss will take the high road and give her a classic (skimpy) outfit that is mostly hidden by her cape.
WW has a cape?
Was Egg Foo a real WW villain, or was that just something they made up on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"?

I don't know about there not being any memorable rogues in Wondie's gallery, though. That time she had to take on the supercomputer was pretty damn memorable...

Oh, crap. I'm thinking of the TV show again.

ETA: Again, don't care about the costume. Just so long as she still has her Golden Lasso of Truth. (That was in the comics, right?)

[ edited by Khan on 2006-05-03 23:57 ]
Yeah its in the comics. I love that in George Perez's book
SoddingNancyTribe, yeah apologies - to clarify, I'm not starting to stir anything up there or start a fandom war. The point I was trying to make, I suppose, is there is a Wonder Woman fan base for the comics -- abeit probably a small one -- and I'm sure it'll trigger mass memories from former fans of the TV series (which had millions of viewers - far more than Buffy/Angel/Firefly I believe). And those people will post online, so it'll be fun, but nothing too exciting.

Me? I'll be sitting on my hands. I literally don't care if it's like the TV series, comics, whatever: I just want an enjoyable, interesting movie. But I'm not the same as everybody. (Can I see Angel's confidence song now? Oh go on..)
Maybe Joss has written himself in as a mysterious cross-dressing used-car salesman who treads - nay, meanders - the line between good and evil. This way, the WW costume actually appears in the film.
As for villains, a new one is fine by me, though I always did kind of like Silver Swan.

I've never really followed any of the WW titles consistently. I found this essay really helpful in understanding more about her different backgrounds. The writer raises some good points and I have a feeling that Joss will be answering some of his pleas for how to treat the character that are made at the end of the essay.
It's cool, gossi. I was just doing my pre-emptive appeal thingy . . . and it may be, happily, completely unwarranted. And it is interesting to see the WW fanbase in action.
his dark materials: the golden compass is scheduled for november

Why is it called "The Golden Compass" in the US? It's UK (and thus original) name is "Northern Lights"! I don't get why they've done that - especially since it's not a compass, it's an altheiometer! They did the same with the first Harry Potter, when they changed it to "The Sorcerer's Stone" from "The Philosopher's Stone", which I thought was equally stupid.
Wow, I totally forgot about Cheetah when I posed that question. I vaguely remember seeing her on a cover of a comic book one time. So, not exactly familiar with her, but I am sort of aware of her.

My father's a die-hard DC fan, and I asked him to name some WW villains: "Um...uh...Cheeta. And Ares. Um..."


And speaking of her magic lasso thingy, did anyone read that Superman/Batman alternate future issue where Superman killed her by strangling her and snapping her neck with the lasso? That was bitchin'.

[ edited by UnpluggedCrazy on 2006-05-04 02:20 ]
Yikes, UnpluggedCrazy! That Supes/WW scene sounds so...Tim Minear! ;-)
I predict filming in early 2007 and in theaters late 2008.
It's going to take them forever to get it "just right".
Not sure why he went with an unknown villian, make it harder, not easier.
I've given up all hope for Joss to ever come back to TV at this point :(
Why is it called "The Golden Compass" in the US?

S'far as I remember, Phillip Pullman originally called the book The Golden Compass, and that was the name it was sold to the American publisher under. Pullman later changed the name to Northern Light before the British publisher bought it.
Yeah, apparently the book was sent to a US publisher as 'The Golden Compass' but it was accepted by a UK publisher before he'd heard back from the US and published under 'Northern Lights'. The US publisher then accepted it under the original title.

( The Golden Compasses was going to be the name for the trilogy as from 'Paradise Lost' where Milton means the ones you draw with)

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