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May 03 2006

Summer Glau wins Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Serenity. And as reported elsewhere, Joss picked up the award on her behalf at last night's ceremony.

Congratulations to Summer! I like to think that my vote helped her out!

Pity about Star Wars III beating Serenity in the best Sci-Fi catagory though. I bet the result would have been differnt if everyone who voted were required to have seen all the nominated films.

On a side note, I am pleasantly suprised Kristen Bell won best TV actress for Veronica Mars (another of my votes). In fact, looking down the list, 5 of my 7 choices won in the TV categories, which is cool.
Way to go Summer!
Bah. Episode III was pathetic. Well, at least yay for Summer. And Kristin Bell too. Though am I the only one to be completely indifferent to Lost?
Congratulations to Summer, much deserved recognition. Well done to Kristen too.

But Star Wars III? - I have just one word (all together now) "Noooooooooo"
Yay, Summer. Good on her.

Actually not a bad set of results with the Kirsten Bell and Katee Sackhoff nods (also glad to see James Callis get one for Balthar - easily one of the best supporting characters on TV right now) and not too many going to Revenge of the Sith.

(i'm astonished that it's taken them this long to honour Ray Harryhausen though, he's a true genre legend)
Yay Summer!

Yay Kirsten!

On Ep. 3: "Nooooooo" indeed. At least Lucas didn't win best director.
Way to go Summer! Great for her.

But, Ep III, I can only agree with other comments... Bleh.
shiny, Summer
So how do these awards get decided? Who votes? That is, who chose Star Wars over Serenity? And yes, yah! for Summer but it should have been for best actress not supporting. *grumble grumble grumble*
Veronica Mars is sci-fi and/or fantasy?
Good to see Ms Glau get some recognition, but any Awards ceremony that gives SW III the best Sci-Fi gong has already brought itself into disrepute. Even "War of the Worlds" was marginally better.
Summer! Kristen Bell!

Hey, I enjoyed War of the Worlds. Yes, really.

Congrats to Summer. I wonder if Joss did an acceptance speech?

I'm still grumbling about Nathan getting basically no awards for Serenity. That is my new chip on my shoulder, and I carry it well.
Yay, Summer, but that was no "supporting" role.
Yay, KB.

VM isn't scifi/fantasy, but Saturn Awards say they recognize "genre". I'd say VM qualifies.

Matthew Fox best actor on TV? He's not even the best actor on that show!
Lioness said...

So how do these awards get decided? Who votes? That is, who chose Star Wars over Serenity?

It's made up of invited members (i.e., actors, directors or anyone associated with the genre field really), but they have also recently opened up mebership to the public. If you live in Califronia there are various prices of membership that give you different levels of benefits. Outside of California, you can become a member for $40, that bascially just lets you vote in certain categories (plus you get a few freebies such as mebership card, calender etc...).

I joined last year, but being as I'm just one of 2 members from the UK the guy in charge (Robert Holguin) kindly let me vote in every category. So you can rest assured that Serenity got a least one vote!
Only one award for Serenity? That's ridiculous. Batman Begins, okay, but Episode III?

At least BSG was more successful. I guess the Jury was just stoned out of their minds on the 'Movie selection' day.
I already yayed for Summer on the other thread, but it's not like I mind repeating it: Yay for Summer's wholly deserved award!

I wonder if she's still shooting her new 4400 appearance(s) right now, if she wasn't there to pick up the reward herself.

Slightly relevant, since this is, after all, about Summer--does anyone know anyplace to get good images of the shots of River used in the British advertising campaign? Those huge ones from the subway?
Booo, Joss definitely should have won Best Director over Peter Jackson. King Kong was horrible. (I know I'm probably in the minority on that.) But congrats to Summer and Kristen Bell!
FORT: You are not alone in hating Kong. I laughed out loud at all the wrong moments. The only time I cared was when Adrian Brody was on screen (and that's because he's pretty, mostly), and when Kong and Watts were making sad faces at each other. And, ok, the scenery was gorgeous.

Yay for Summer and Kristen!
Very awesome! I long for the day that Joss Whedon will be picking up awards that are important enough that we'll get to see his acceptance speeches on TV. That'll probably be as or more entertaining than some of his competition!
fortunateizzi - YES! Jackson's King Kong was a piece of average, bloated crap! The Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack 1933 original is so insanely better; that's a true genre classic.

Moving on...

Yay for Summer! Also glad for Kristen.

And am I the only one here who loved Episode III? I mean, it was far from being as great as Serenity, but it did make #10 on my top 10 of '05 list.
And am I the only one here who loved Episode III?

Hmm... 4276 members... incredible diversity... no accounting for taste...

Overall? Probably not. There are probably 1-2 others hiding somewhere. ;-)
I mean, it was far from being as great as Serenity, but it did make #10 on my top 10 of '05 list.

How many films did you see in 2005 UnpluggedCrazy ? Was it 10 by any chance ? ;-)

For what it's worth, I didn't hate RoTS (apart from a few bits, 'Nooooooo' being top of the list), I just thought it fell far, far short of what it could have been.

(and though I thought Kong was OK, I agree that it was overlong and that the '33 original is better)
UnpluggedCrazy, I have to take a step waaaaaay back from our twindom on this one. RotS, well, I believe that the initials sum it up! ;-)

I heard they totally had to fix Kong's performance in the editing room. They even had to CGI some of it. ;-)

Yays to the same people yayed above, same grumbles about omissions, but, at least Summer got some award love. :-)
Re RotS: I have one word. "Younglings". That is all.
I liked King Kong, actually: Naomi Watts was luminous (get it? ha ha) playing opposite the CGI Kong, and at its core, the movie understood the love story that underpinned the original. Am I alone in liking what Jack Black did with Denham? And having watched the original Kong shortly before, I thought the decision to split up the original John Driscoll first mate character into three parts (self-involved actor, actual first mate, and writer/romantic lead) was a thoughtful way of updating the inherently contradictory character original. And let's face it, it was gorgeous. That said--yes, overlong. Very much. And the subplot with Jimmy should have been destroyed at the script level. And of course the original is THE true genre classic. But as a thoughtful expansion on the sparce original, I enjoyed it. (Joss should have gotten best director over Peter Jackson, though, hands down.)

Matthew Fox as best actor did seem pretty odd to me. And I was surprised to see "Corpse Bride" over "Wallace & Gromit".

EDIT: Gossi, I liked "WotW" too. I didn't like the ending, but I didn't really expect a different ending, since that's how the source material ends. (HG was a little overly optimistic sometimes.) Lots of genuine suspense. Spielberg ain't perfect, but he really does know how to make good movie.

[ edited by WilliamTheB on 2006-05-03 21:46 ]
Also enjoyed WotW and agree about the ending to some extent though back when the book was published it was excusable (and fit perfectly with the theme of imperial hubris and the need for humility) whereas now it's a giant plot hole (they've been waiting for millions of years and can travel the vastness of interstellar space but they don't know about bacteria and viruses ? Pull the other one, it plays Jingle Bells ;).

Still, any idea which leads to
By the toll of a billion deaths man has bought his birthright of the earth, and it is his against all comers; it would still be his were the Martians ten times as mighty as they are. For neither do men live nor die in vain.

is fine with me. Poetry, Herbert, pure poetry ;).
Saje...try around 70-80. :-P

And twin, I am sorry. :-(

Well, hey, twins disagree...sometimes...
Yeah!! Congrations to Miss Glau!
I'm so proud!
And I'm glad to see Kristen Bell winning as well.

And for the debate, I loved (totally) War of the Worlds and King Kong.
And Lost, and Matthew Fox :P

[ edited by Angel TheVampire on 2006-05-04 02:28 ]
No worries, UnpluggedCrazy. I agree, what are humans without the occasional difference of opinion? I still totally plan on trading nametags with you at the family reunion, so that none of the cousins can tell which one of us is which. ;-)
Sounds good to me. :-D

And, speaking of which, you are bringing the pound cake, yes? 'Cuz I know I usually do, but I was plannin' something different, and I just wanted to make sure. ;-)
I'll bring the pound cake if you promise to distract the family while I spike the punch bowl. ;-)
Of course! I'll regale them with one of your boring stories that you tell every friggin' year. :-P
Here we go again... ;-)

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