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May 03 2006

"Veronica Mars" Season 2 Coming To DVD (R1). The season that features appearances by Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter, and Joss Whedon himself will be released on DVD on August 22nd.

Hope it's got more features than season 1, read somewhere that they were working on them while making the season to avoid another features-free set.

Wonder if it'd be reading too much into it to think that it coming out before the fall season starts suggests a 3rd season could happen.

Here's to hoping!

I'm aching for the CW fall line-up. Does anyone know when it's going to be announced?

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Mid May from what someone told me the other day.

ETA the 18th to be precise.
What have the ratings been like for VM this season?
It doesn't have quite the grab for me as it did the first season but I am still enjoying it as one of the few decent shows left on TV.
At this rate, I'll need the set to see the last couple of episodes. Stupid UPN network in the NYC area has decided that Nets basketball games are vastly more important.
Simon is correct. I'd said May 5th, with the cast knowing May 4th, but I was wrong - May 18th media knowing, with cast knowing May 17th. Stupid brain.

It has to be said, with the regional UPN stations opting to air basketball and such, I don't know what that says. Because I literally don't know what it means. Is that common?

Edit: Yes, I misused literal Joss. :o(

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I wonder if this set will be R1/R2/R3/R4 coded as well.
This season will definitely require re-watching to unravel the extremely convoluted (but enjoyable) plotlines.

Since no one knows how it will end, at least until next week, would it be acceptable to toss out theories as to who the "big bad" has been all along in Season 2? My guess involves the wicked car rental clerk showing up again to explain how his hatred of any non-compact vehicles on the PCH drove him to blow the bus off the road.
Well, assuming it's being distributed by WB like season one, it probably won't have any region encoding, i.e. can be played on R1/R2/R3/R4, I don't think they ever put regions on their discs...
Gossi, it just means that the UPN stations used to be independent stations with long-standing, lucrative agreements to air local sports that take precedence over network programming. It used to be that way with a lot of Fox stations, too. Though I guess it doesn't say much for UPN's shows that they're not making more of an effort to re-air them.
Are those UPN stations ones that are changing to MY Network TV?

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I still haven't been able to watch Veronica Mars and I really want to.
Oh, I can't wait! I came on to the series late, unfortunatly. But I picked up season one and loved it! Now I'll be able to catch all the season two episodes I've missed.

It's good to have quality television shows again.
My guess involves the wicked car rental clerk showing up again to explain how his hatred of any non-compact vehicles on the PCH drove him to blow the bus off the road.

He did seem kind of shifty MrArg and I heard he had a history of killing beloved characters off with absolutely no warning. Definite possibility I reckon.
I tend to distrust fans of popular rock outfit STAIN on general principle anyway, Saje...we may be onto something!
I sitll haven't got around to seeing Veronica Mars but I will check out the DVD sometime, probably in the summer after my exams so I'll actually have time to watch them. So this is good news, as hopefully I'll enjoy it.
eddy, yes the station here is calling itself "MY9" but if it really was "mine", I would have been able to watch VM last night.

Jason Dohring said that the guilty party wasn't even on his list, so I'm leaning toward the car rental clerk as well.
I'm glad the second season is coming out on DVD, and hopefully it will have more extras then the first season box set did. I'm fairly certain Veronica Mars will be picked up for a third season. It's a shame that as soon as they moved the show to the Tuesday night time-slot, the NBA Playoffs started.
I can understand that the stations that aren't going to be UPN anymore have no reason to be loyal to UPN programming. Sports is a much better use of their time, I'm sure.

The VM season is certainly wrapping up strong -- lots of developments on the ongoing storylines, and even time for some new plots to come up. Can't wait for the finale! :-)
The UPN station here in Los Angeles pre-empts VM every other week for baseball or basketball it seems. However, they always rebroadcast it at 1 am the next morning and usually again the following evening.
faith21, UPN in NY reairs VM on Sundays at 7pm (or just "airs", in the case where they've preempted it).

OK, don't wanna get people's hopes up too far, but I saw this interview with Kristen Bell on yesterday, and she said the following: TV-wise, what's your current gut instinct regarding Veronica Mars getting picked up for a third season by the new CW network?
Bell: I'm not worried about next season at all. We've gotten the phone calls and optimism from the people that we need to get it from. Like, [CW president of entertainment] Dawn Ostroff and [CBS chairman] Les Moonves have been very involved, saying, "Don't worry." You never know until it's down to the wire what it's going to be, but they've never hidden their support as viewers or as executives. I think the show has a lot to offer, and if we're lucky, we'll be back. But I'm really not worried.

Well, those are the people you want supporting you. They could be blowing smoke, but this sure sounds encouraging.
She also had a writeup in this past weekend's Parade Magazine stating "I'm not too worried, I've got a five year contract." Whatever that means.
I think everything does indeed point to a third season. First, nobody involved with the show seems worried at ALL. Second, the DVD will be released in the middle of August, which gives people plenty of time to watch that before they start the new season. I am very hopeful.
I don't think a five-year contract means much if the show gets cancelled. But I'm hoping that it does not. And I'll be there on the 15th to pick up my s2 DVDs. As someone above said, this season has had so many twists that I will need to see it again just to straighten things out. And I think there's some merit in that car-rental guy theory.
Hooray I can make my daughter watch the 2nd season before the 3rd begins! (Shush you doubters; I'm covering my ears 'La la la')I got her hooked with the DVDs but she refuses to jump in the middle of the season. She's the only one who will speculate and analyze stuff to pieces. She loves it because she could" so make those 09er girls cry. My son watches with me, but he's starting to nod and back away when I mention VM. My older daughter started watching midseason, and demands that I bring her the tapes, but she mostly goes for the mushy stuff (we have a saying around our house, "but then again she liked Riley"
So, is that car rental place in line of sight of where the bus crashed? Because Saje and MrArg make a pretty good case for that cranky boss guy.
Edited on account at a glance I thought I'd used a naughty word. And hey, this is Whedonesque, not Veronica Mars.

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I came late to the VM party, but got hooked after hearing it praised so much here. I'm just wondering, though, has anybody checked out the Neptune School basement? Because with everything that goes on in that school and that town, y'know it wouldn't be such a surprise for there to be a hellmouth there. (And Veronica has had those weird dreams, right?)
This news makes up for the fact I've still not seen the new episode. However, I now need to see the new episode...
I read somewhere that the CW was going to announce its Fall line-up on May 18.
Excellent thoughts about Car Rental Guy! He did look highly shifty. His motive? Scaring everyone so much about mass transit that they all rush right out to rent cars. ;-)
So the season finale will air before we know if it's been renewed... just like the Angel Season 4 finale... It's an odd experience because VM 2x22 "Not Pictured" might be the last episode ever.
Jam2, thanks. I'll hopefully be able to see it before then (I won't mention how on here) but the hardest part is avoiding having the episode ruined for me when I read other sites until I actually get to see the ep.

Here's hoping for a season 3 though, thanks for posting that interview. It's nice to see that the network is supportive and it is a good sign.
Awww, how nice, it's being released on my birthday! *beams*
It's an odd experience because VM 2x22 "Not Pictured" might be the last episode ever.

Let's hope not.
Just can't get into this show. It doesn't have the spark or wit of Buffy, which I keep hearing it has. It's ok, but just doesn't scratch that itch.
They'd be shooting themselves in the foot canceling one of their most popular shows when they are trying to the The CW off the ground.
It scratches the itch.

It really does. Give it a proper chance.
I think it rips through the itch and causes severe blood loss - should carry a health warning or something :)
FYI: In NY, the VM episodes are re-aired 7 pm on Sunday nights. Or, in the case of the last few weeks, [annoyed face] AIRED.

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Bivith, I too am still itchy after watching VM. I watch it, and I like it, but I don't love it the way Joss does. (Or the way I love Joss.)
August 15 is a date I will be writing down. Something to look forward to, especially since I've only seen the first half of season two. I can only hope that VM comes to Canada in the third season.

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