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May 03 2006

Wonderfalls DVD box set is on sale at for on $19.99. The DVD box set is usually priced at $30-35.


Also, Veronica Mars season 1 got slashed 30 bucks. Good time to jump on the bandwagon
Good deal for you guys. Your posting got my hopes up, but it's still $50 on
Wahey! Whipping out the card now! Thank you!
Isn't Canada region 1? You could buy it from the U.S. site.
Any chance this is region free like Veronica Mars?
You're right, eddy. Why didn't I think of that? *smacks forehead* doh!
When are we getting it in the UK?
Thanks for this heads up! I think I have me some buyin' to do. ;-)
I love my Wonderfalls boxset.
What a lovely way to spend money on a Wednesday! I ordered mine this afternoon. Thanks for the link.
I bought it last feburary when it was spanking new and I think I paid $25 for it or some such and it's well worth the money.
Awesome! I wish I had someone to buy this for. It is one heck of a great show! Gone way too soon!
A lot of Sam's Club locations have "Wonderfalls" for $17.88. They also have several other Fox series titles at that price, including "Tru Calling" and a certain Joss Whedon scifi/western show. Stock is hit-or-miss, but it's worth checking out. There are a lot of good titles on this offer.

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