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May 03 2006

The Alan & Ron Serenity Talk Show (Dead Men Talking, 28mb mp3). Ron Glass & Alan Tudyk were recently seen at Collectormania 9 in Milton Keynes (UK) and they did a 28 minute talk about life after (screen)death and other things. Want to hear it? Check out the shared link.

Ron and Alan talk about various things and have a laugh with the guys and girls who paid money to see them in a special talk which was followed by a packed screening of Serenity at the Easy-Cinema Milton Keynes. Alan and Ron were there for 4 days signing & posing for photographs and were in really high spirits and proved really popular with the fans.

Oops should mention it`s a 28Meg download, Enjoy!
Zol., don't sign your posts, please.
I'm just mirroring the MP3 for anybody who wants it, since the web interface at filefront drives me insane.. Will be up in a minute.
Excellent link, thanks Zol. They were both great, really funny. It was interesting to hear a bit about the original Inara since i've always been in the dark about why she was replaced. I really respect Joss' professionalism in these matters but sometimes you just want someone to dish a bit of dirt ;).

AT's new job, 'Death at a Funeral' sounds interesting too (IMDB describes it as a comedy drama with "Chaos ensues when a man tries to expose a dark secret regarding a recently deceased patriarch of a dysfunctional British family." and also says its got Ewen Bremner in it who i've liked since seeing him play 'Spud' in Trainspotting) though it's a criminal waste that Ron Glass isn't having roles thrown at him left and right.
Thanks a lot for posting this Zol.
There's much more, er, gossip about Rebecca Gayheart, but I'd so never go there online as I've seen others do.

I'll definitely be in line for "Death At A Funeral", as it's the kind of thing I'd see anyway.

The really funny thing with this is - I was just listening to it, and the first thing Alan does is thank a young lady for his present -- which was my friend Kirsty -- and then I can tell from the voices of the people who asked half the questions who they were. Goners even gets a little mention from StevieB of the Goners site to Alan. I think I've become the fandom companion! Or my lugs have started working.

The funniest thing I found was the question about it being sad shooting Alan's death seen, and he's like "Uhm. Yeah. Uhm. Yeah." Alan! You're supposed to be an actor! Sob at everybody!

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Thanks for the mirror site, gossi -- always a much better choice. And, maybe Alan was being an actor -- he might have been trying to seem all sympathetic & agreeing with the questioner when, from what I've read before, in fact Alan had a lot of laughs filming that scene, not sad at all. ;-)
Oh, yeah billz, I know that - he just didn't seem to know which way to go with the question. On one hand, he could have said "Well, that day was pretty funny!" and everybody be in shock, or on the other pretend to sob loudly.

I quite like Alan. He seems down to earth. Plus, Halo player - bonus points. I once had a discussion with his sister online about his shoe size (no, I'm not making this up), whilst not realising it was his sister. And that was before 2005 started to get really surreal.

Ah, wacky memories.
when my sister and i met alan at a con, we asked him to sign an autograph, "i'm sorry i died." he thought it was funny.
I once had a discussion with his sister online about his shoe size (no, I'm not making this up)

If this is before things got surreal -- *rubs eyes in a "Wha??" gesture*
Any chance there's a transcript available? Having problems making all of it out...
Hopefully the guys at Firefly Talk Podcast Show will have cleaned some of it up and might just be airing some/all of it this sunday or a later episode.
Yep I just uploaded the podcast (#29) with the first half of the recording, I did a lot of work on it to make it an easier listen. The second half will be out next week, also at

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