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May 04 2006

Episode 8 of the Signal is Now Available. The newest episode includes: Conversions and Healing; The Two Serenities; Sci-Fi Review (Farscape); Music Section (Reaver) and a brand new regular segment, Tricks from the Training House.

Yay, they are playing our song! Sorry, couldnīt resist, really happy here.
What was the review about Farscape for--seasons, over all, best epsiodes, Pecekeeper War? Thats... the only thing that really interests me about the podcast. And, I don't do podcasts.
The Farscape article was another in our ongoing series of SciFi reviews where we look at other shows and compare them to Firefly...what are the similarities/differences, etc.

You should give podcasts a try. There are several excellent SciFi related podcasts out there that help folks stay in touch with what is happening in the genre and the different fandoms.

Of course I'm a bit biased there. ;)

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