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May 03 2006

"The Final Fight" used in One Tree Hill promo. It seems that the WB has excerpted parts from Robert Duncan's "The Final Fight" in the promo for the finale of One Tree Hill.

I heard it last night and was kind of dumbfounded.

In case anybody is confused, this is the music used in the Buffy series finale. Does anybody know if the music was original to Buffy The Vampire Slayer? I presume it was.
Oh, and there's a certain somebody in the Smallville trailer they have on the site.
gossi > it is an original piece composed for the show...I'm not sure how the rights to the music itself work, however.
I think Christophe Beck has talked about the rights to the music he wrote automatically being owned by 20th Century Fox. So from there, they can presumably do what they want with it. Ugh.
They have been running that promo nonstop the past few days, or at least it seems that way, and everytime I catch it it's like pouring salt in an open wound. They cancel a buffyverse show and yet they deem the music good enough to use in a promo.

Yeah, that lacks all logic but since when is rage logical.
It's available for download from composer Robert Duncan's website, under the title Chosen. There is a short version and a long version containing (IIRC) all the music from the fight in the Hellmouth.
I knew I recognized it.
Yep, and I cringe every time it comes on. (It just did, again.)
They've used it for Smallville promos too, and I think some other shows.
So the last episode of One Tree Hill involves an apocalyptic battle with thousands of Turok-Han? Didn't see that coming...
That's pathetic. I've also heard it for a Direct TV ad.
I remember when they used this song on a WWE commercial. I've also heard other Buffy themes used in tv commercials. So Buffy gets to congratulate itself in being one of many projects to have their music recyled over and over(maybe even one of the buffy characters' will have the sound of their scream used over and over?)
Robert Duncan is a god.
Yes. Pathetic. Blasphemous. Sucky. I love that music. *Directs yet another raspberry to the WB.*

And a "Ptui! We shall speak of them no more!"
I wouldn't know about the music they play for promo's. When I said I'd never watch the WB again after they cancelled Angel. I didn't. More of that pettyness coming out I guess.

Exactly Sangchaud. I spit on the WB.
TV and movie themes gets used for other TV/film promos all the time. I remember being surprised when the Stargate theme was used for a movie trailer (whose name I forget - it's 7.20am here). The WB using a Buffy theme is no great shakes in the scheme of things. Kinda cute actually.
So epic battle music played during clips of a wedding...
...How inappropriate.

Oh and thanks for the link Gag Halfrunt :)
*listens to music*
I haven't seen the trailer but actually this discussion made me remember fondly one of the many strengths of Buffy.

The music.

Not just the original score music like The Final Fight but all the great bands, the incredible use of background songs.

I mean really, can anyone listen to the music from the end of The Gift and not get a little teary?

Bush's Out of this World in the door scene in Dead Things was sublime. K's Choice Virgin State of Mind with Vamp Willow slinking around Sunnydale, perfect. I could go on.

I won't even mention the musical.

I LOVED the music on Buffy. It was extremely important and one of the things that brought the show up to another level that I haven't seen on any other show. Sigh.

And though I enjoy a good spit on the WB as well as anyone else once they got rid of the guy responsible for canceling Angel, I pretty much was over my boycott. Although I don't really watch much on the WB. Smallville of course, for James and that's about it. I don't watch anything new because I don't want to get sucked into a show that will ultimately be quickly cancelled.
Yeah, the WB doesn't make the greatest decisions on cancelling shows, but at least they aren't as bad as Fox tends to be.

But to get back on topic...I *knew* that music sounded familiar!
Yep, tracks get reused a lot, especially for trailers when the film score may be incomplete when they're produced. I remember seeing a few trailers with James Horner's excellent 'Aliens' score over them.

I agree about the importance of Buffy's music (Rob Duncan's pieces are excellent - i'll listen to one or other of them most days) and so once again i'll say what a shame it is that Christophe Beck's score isn't available (legally anyway) apart from a few tracks on OMWF (which happily includes the beautifully haunting 'Sacrifice' from the end of 'The Gift'). I reckon there's got to be a fairly large ready market for it meaning it'd sell quite well (especially by instrumental music's standards) so I just don't understand the 'reasoning' behind the decision not to publish it.
I have always loved how much the music added to the show itself. There are certain pivotal moments, like when Buffy runs away at the end of season 2, that would never have had the same effect without it.

If your interested I've found an internet radio station that plays the music from Buffy & Angel. Whenever I need a fix, I just go there. They play everything from the original scores to the backgroung music at the Bronze.
So the last episode of One Tree Hill involves an apocalyptic battle with thousands of Turok-Han? Didn't see that coming...

Wow now that'd be a show I'd watch. ;)
Xane I've been watching Smallville too because of James. Then there was that one episode of The Mountain, again because of James. Are we seeing a trend here, lol. I'll watch that guy in anything, preferably his own show. *nudges casting directors to wake them up* Supernatural is good too.
So I'm not losing my mind! I mentioned to my fiance that it sounded like the music from "Chosen" and he looked at me like I was nuts.

The only WB show I can stomach is Supernatural, and that's because it has Jensen Ackles in it.
"I have always loved how much the music added to the show itself. There are certain pivotal moments, like when Buffy runs away at the end of season 2, that would never have had the same effect without it."

Ah! That's the one I was trying to remember that was such a great example of a song matching what's going on on screen. That was Sarah McLachlan's 'Full of Grace.' Her song 'Prayer of St Francis' was also great at the end of 'Grave.'
Now that the trailer has disappeared off the front page, can some one provide a new link to it on the WB site?
I just makes me want to throw up!! The promo, not the music :)
A few years ago I went to one of those Vegas shows with guys on trapeeze and nearly topless women (the later show IS topless) and drums or something. It was one of those circus-y type things, anyway it was a long time ago.

The point is, I was sitting there and recognized the music to be fighting music they used to use on "Xena."
Link now changed to permanent (well until the CW comes along) URL.
Thank you Simon for posting a current link. Odd thing though - there was so much screaming in the promo, I couldn't hear the music. :P
Thanks, Addicted Eve, for the link. I'm gonna check it out very shortly.

I, too, think all the music on BtVS was extraordinary. I play this piece of Duncan's a lot. And Beck's stuff is wonderful as well. And of course, Sarah McLachlan's "Full of Grace" was the perfect accompaniment to the scenes of Buffy leaving home at the end of Season Two. Many of the individual pieces by the various bands fit so well it almost seems as though they could have been written for the scenes they were linked with. The Bush song "Out of This World" in "Dead Things" is absolutely spang on. The feel of the piece, even without the words, is haunting enough, but when you add the lyrics, it fits to a "T." I could watch/listen to that scene countless times.

So many things set BtVS and AtS far above other shows. And one of those things was the music.

And then there's the musical. . . .
Yep, definate agreement from me on the brilliance of the music from BTVS. The first soundtrack remains one of my favorite cd's of all time.

I loved the creepy music that was always inserted to create more tension and suspense during fight scenes. Great stuff.
I too agree that the music was an integral part of the Buffy experience. I especially remember Michelle Branch's very effective 'Goodbye to You' at the end of "Tabala Rosa" and Aimee Mann's 'Pavlov's Bell' in "Sleeper".

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