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May 04 2006

A review of the Rocky Horror Tribute - from the Guardian with a brief mention of Anthony Head.

Anthony Head was impressive as a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania disporting himself in heels as if it were second nature.

Sorry, I have to quote that. 'cause.

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There's a quote from him in the Evening Standard.

Frank N Furter is the best role I've ever played. There's a freedom about it. A freedom of self expression.

I would love to see Tony in heels! Heck, I would loved to have just been there. At how many late night, double feature picture shows did I just take a jump to the left? *fondly remembers*
"Rocky Horror" is my favorite musical...EVER!
I've never seen Tony Head in it (except for pictures). No doubts that he's great as Frank, but I still haven't seen anyone matching Tim Curry as the sweet transvestite.
Rocky Horror is not the greatest musical in the world. However, a strong Frank could really pretty much just save the day. The last time I saw the musical, Brad was more charismatic than Frank, which was criminal. I looooove the idea of hearing Mr. Head sing the part. I really enjoyed his album and I can totally imagine his acting chops infusing his singing with real spark. OMWF was proof enough that he's "got it all", as it were.

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